The Best Stihl 24 Inch Chainsaw Review In 2024

When it comes to finding the best chainsaw for your cutting needs, it can be a tough decision with so many options available on the market. However, if you’re specifically looking for a 24-inch chainsaw, the Stihl brand is worth considering. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Stihl 24 inch chainsaw.

Overview of Stihl 24 Inch Chainsaw

The Stihl 24-inch chainsaw is a powerful cutting tool designed for both professional and personal use. With its impressive 24-inch bar length, this chainsaw is capable of tackling even the toughest cutting tasks with ease. It features a high-performance engine that delivers exceptional power and torque, allowing it to cut through thick tree trunks and branches effortlessly.

The ergonomic design of the Stihl 24-inch chainsaw ensures comfortable handling and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. Equipped with advanced safety features, this chainsaw prioritizes user protection. The chain brake system quickly stops the chain’s movement in the event of a kickback, preventing accidents and injuries. Additionally, the anti-vibration system minimizes hand and arm fatigue, providing a smoother cutting experience.

Top Stihl 24-Inch Chainsaw in the Market

Stihl MS 391

Stihl 391

The Stihl 391 is a high-performance chainsaw specifically designed for agricultural and horticultural applications. With its powerful 64cc, 4.4hp engine, this non-professional saw delivers exceptional performance and smooth operation. It can accommodate bar lengths ranging from 16 to 25 inches.

The MS 391 is equipped with advanced engine technology that not only improves fuel efficiency but also reduces emissions compared to other models. Its impressive power-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks on fields, farms, and ranches, including tree felling, firewood cutting, and storm cleanup.


  • The Stihl 391 chainsaw delivers powerful cutting performance with its 64.1 cc displacement.
  • It has a generous fuel capacity, allowing for longer operation without frequent refueling.
  • The chainsaw is versatile, and compatible with 20-inch guide bars for various cutting tasks.
  • Starting is effortless as it is gas-powered, eliminating the need for manual cord pulling.
  • The Stihl 391 features a reduced-emission engine, minimizing harmful exhaust emissions for an eco-friendly operation.


  • The chainsaw’s heavy weight may cause fatigue or discomfort during extended periods of use.
  • Users have reported that the brake handle of the chainsaw can become hot, potentially causing discomfort or safety concerns.

Stihl MS 462 C-M

Stihl MS 462 C-M

The Stihl MS 462 C-M is a highly powerful chainsaw that caters to both professional users and homeowners alike. With its long bar length and impressive horsepower rating, this chainsaw is a top-notch choice for cutting through various materials, including wood. What sets the Stihl 462 apart is its Choke-A-Way compliance, allowing for effortless chain tension adjustment without the need to remove the bar or change the chain. This convenient feature ensures easy maintenance, enabling users to keep their chainsaws in optimal running condition smoothly and efficiently.


  • The new chain tensioner design simplifies setup and adjustment, making it easier to use than traditional chainsaws.
  • The innovative chain brake system enables quick stopping of the chain in case of emergencies, enhancing safety.
  • Built-in ergonomics ensure a comfortable user experience, reducing fatigue during extended use.
  • With a large fuel tank, the Stihl MS 462 C-M allows for longer working periods without frequent refueling.
  • The high-quality chain materials contribute to its durability, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional chainsaws.


  • The gas-powered Stihl MS 462 C-M can be quite loud, making it less suitable for early morning or evening cutting sessions.
  • It is relatively heavy, which may not be ideal for users with arm or wrist issues.
  • The Stihl MS 462 C-M is not the most budget-friendly option available, so it may not be suitable for those on a tight budget.

Key Features of the Stihl 24 inch Chainsaw

  1. Powerful Engine: The Stihl 24-inch chainsaw is equipped with a high-performance engine that delivers impressive cutting power. This enables efficient and smooth cutting through even the toughest wood.
  2. Large Cutting Capacity: With its 24-inch bar length, this chainsaw offers a substantial cutting capacity. It allows you to tackle larger logs and handle more demanding cutting tasks with ease.
  3. Advanced Anti-Vibration System: The Stihl 24-inch chainsaw features an advanced anti-vibration system that reduces vibrations during operation. This not only enhances user comfort but also improves control and reduces fatigue during extended use.
  4. Easy Start System: This chainsaw is designed with an easy start system, which simplifies the starting process. It reduces the effort required to start the engine, ensuring quick and hassle-free operation.
  5. Safety Features: The Stihl 24-inch chainsaw prioritizes safety with features such as a chain brake and a low kickback chain. These mechanisms provide added protection to the user, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring safe operation.

Benefits of the Stihl 24 inch Chainsaw

1. Versatility

The Stihl 24-inch chainsaw offers versatility in tackling a wide range of cutting tasks. Whether you need to fell trees, trim branches, or cut firewood, this chainsaw is up to the challenge. Its 24-inch bar length provides the necessary reach and cutting capacity to handle various projects effectively.

2. Durability and Reliability

Stihl is renowned for producing high-quality and durable chainsaws, and the 24-inch model is no exception. Built with robust materials and engineered to withstand demanding use, this chainsaw offers long-lasting performance. Its reliable engine ensures consistent power delivery, allowing you to work with confidence and efficiency.

3. Professional-Level Performance

While suitable for homeowners, the Stihl 24-inch chainsaw is also a popular choice among professionals. Its powerful engine, large cutting capacity, and advanced features make it capable of handling heavy-duty tasks encountered in professional settings. From forestry work to commercial landscaping, this chainsaw delivers professional-level performance, enabling users to achieve exceptional results.

Where to Purchase the Stihl 24-Inch Chainsaw and Pricing Information?

The Stihl 24-inch chainsaw can be purchased from authorized Stihl dealerships and retailers. These include specialized outdoor power equipment stores and hardware stores that carry Stihl products. It is recommended to purchase from authorized dealers to ensure you are getting a genuine Stihl product and to take advantage of any warranties or customer support services they may offer.

As for pricing information, the cost of the Stihl 24-inch chainsaw may vary depending on the specific model, features, and any additional accessories included. It is best to check with local dealers or visit their websites to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Maintenance Tips for the Stihl-24 inch Chainsaw

  • Keep the chain sharp by regularly filing or replacing it.
  • Clean the air filter regularly to ensure optimal engine performance.
  • Check and tighten all nuts, bolts, and screws to prevent accidents caused by loose parts.
  • Lubricate the chain regularly to reduce friction and extend its lifespan.
  • Inspect and clean the spark plug periodically to ensure proper ignition.
  • Store the chainsaw in a dry and secure place to protect it from damage and theft.


What is the largest STIHL chainsaw?

The largest STIHL chainsaw is the STIHL MS 881, which has a bar length of up to 41 inches.

Why Husqvarna is better than STIHL?

The claim that Husqvarna is better than STIHL is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs. Both brands offer high-quality chainsaws with their unique features and advantages.

How big of a bar can I put on an STIHL 462?

The STIHL MS 462 C-M can accommodate bar lengths ranging from 20 to 30 inches. However, the recommended bar length for optimal performance is 20 to 25 inches.

Is the STIHL 391 a good saw?

The STIHL 391 is generally considered a good chainsaw. It offers a powerful performance, ample fuel capacity, and compatibility with various guide bar sizes.


The Stihl 24 inch chainsaw is a powerful and reliable tool that can handle a variety of cutting tasks. Whether you’re a professional logger or a homeowner looking to manage your property, the Stihl brand has a reputation for producing high-quality chainsaws that are built to last. With its advanced features and durable construction, the Stihl 24 inch chainsaw is a solid investment for anyone in need of a reliable cutting tool.