Stihl Chainsaw Review 2023: All You Need To Know

Best Stihl Chainsaws are world-renowned for their reliability and power. The Stihl brand is one of the most trusted in the industry and has a long history of being a leader in the market. For all these reasons, Stihl chainsaw is easily considered to be the best choice for homeowners and professionals.

There was a time when even the most basic of chainsaws were just too expensive for the ordinary person to purchase. Now that has all changed and today you can find a great chainsaw at an affordable price. There are far too many to choose from, so which one is right for you? Stihl chainsaws!!!

It is one of the world’s leading chainsaw brands and is renowned for its high-performance chainsaws. If you have been looking for a chainsaw, you may have heard about the Stihl chainsaws as well.

So, what is so special about them? Well, these are professional-grade chainsaws that are designed to work on all kinds of cutting tasks. These come with a lot of features that make your job easier and efficient. If you are new to chainsaws, then it can be difficult for you to find the best Stihl chainsaw for yourself.

Don’t worry, I will help you with that today. In this article, I will talk about Stihl Chainsaws, their different models and their features and benefits. I will also help you choose the right model for yourself after reviewing different models in detail.

Where Are They Made?

Stihl is a German-based manufacturer of chainsaws and other handheld equipment for the agricultural, construction, and forestry industries. Stihl chainsaws are made in America at plants located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Stihl Inc. is a privately held company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company produces a broad range of handheld outdoor power equipment, including chainsaws and trimmers. Stihl also produces attachments for its equipment, including blades for trimmers and saws for chainsaws. The company sells its products through independent dealers and does not sell them through big box stores or online.

The company manufactures most of its equipment in the United States at plants in Virginia Beach, Virginia; West Bend, Wisconsin; Jackson, Tennessee; and Adelanto, California. In addition to manufacturing equipment in the U.S., Stihl has plants overseas in China and Brazil. A German subsidiary of Stihl also manufactures some products in Germany to serve the European market.

Innovation, dependability and determination – these are qualities you’ll find in every STIHL chainsaw. In the forest, and on every job site, professionals trust the unique features that make STIHL outstanding in the worldwide market.

How Does A Stihl Chainsaw Work?

A Stihl chainsaw uses a two-stroke engine. The engine requires a 50 to 1 mixture of gasoline and oil. This means that you put 50 parts gasoline into the tank and one part two-stroke air cooled engine oil. The two stroke engine uses the crankcase as the pressurized fuel reservoir. There is a small hole in the side of the piston that allows fuel to enter the cylinder while it travels down. As the piston moves up, it compresses the fuel and air mixture, then on it’s way down, a spark plug ignites the mixture, causing an explosion that powers the saw.

The Stihl chainsaw uses an internal combustion engine that is designed to run on gas and oil. The gas is mixed with a two cycle engine oil that is supplied in the gas tank. When the chainsaw is started, it takes fuel from the carburetor and mixes it with air. This combustible mixture is taken into the cylinder where it is ignited by a sparkplug. The resulting explosion moves the piston which provides power to the gearbox.

Stihl chainsaws use a centrifugal clutch to engage the chain. This type of clutch has friction pads that are attached to the crankshaft. When the saw is idling, these pads do not touch the clutch drum because they are pushed out by centrifugal force. When the throttle is engaged, the saw increases in RPM and the centrifugal force pushes the friction pads into contact with the clutch drum. The result is a smooth engagement of the chain without any jerkiness or binding.

In most Stihl chainsaws, a flywheel magneto coil generates electrical energy to power the ignition system as well as provide power for accessories such as lights or cut-off saws. The coil spins at high speed within a permanent magnet, and this induces an electrical current in the coil’s windings. There are two types of magneto coils: one-piece and two-piece. The one-piece is more common and can be found on most Stihl chainsaw models. However, newer models such as MS271 & MS291 have a two-piece magneto coil.

Best Stihl Chainsaws

All Types of Chainsaws

There are many different types and models of Stihl chainsaws available in the market today. You need to decide which one is right for your particular needs before you run out and buy one. The following list will give you a general idea of what type of Stihl chainsaw may be best suited for a specific project.

Electric Powered Chainsaws – Electric powered Stihl chainsaws are the lightest and most versatile option available. They are also the fastest growing segment in terms of sales, and for good reason. They are portable, powerful and easy to maintain. These chainsaws do not require oil or gas to operate, which makes them an ideal choice for indoor projects. All you need is a long extension cord and you’re good to go with these chainsaws!

Gas Powered Chainsaws – Gas powered chainsaws are ideal for heavy duty jobs due to their strength and power. They’re also great if you don’t have access to a nearby power source. Gas powered chainsaws come in a variety of sizes and can be used for all kinds of tasks from felling trees, to trimming branches and cutting through thicker wood.

Small Chainsaws – Small Stihl chainsaws are perfect for cutting firewood, pruning trees and removing storm damage from your yard. The MS 170 model is the most popular small Stihl chainsaw available because it is lightweight (11 lbs.) and powerful (1400 watt engine). It also has an anti-vibration system to reduce fatigue when using it for extended periods of time. While it is not meant to be used on larger or tougher jobs like cutting down trees or clearing brush, it can handle smaller tree limbs with ease.

Mid-Size Chainsaws – Mid-sized Stihl chainsaws are perfect for more frequent use around the home, farm or in the woods. These saws are designed for everyday tasks such as cutting firewood, pruning trees and clearing brush. The MS170 is an example of a mid-size Stihl chainsaw that weighs only 8 pounds, but provides adequate power for most jobs around the home.

Large Chainsaws – Large Stihl chainsaws are designed for heavy-duty tasks like felling trees and cutting firewood. They have a range of 16″ – 24″ bar lengths and are powered by 50cc – 70cc engines.

Extra Large Chainsaws – Extra large Stihl chainsaws have a bar length of 26″ or more, making them ideal for cutting large trees. These saws are typically used by professionals who need to bring down large trees or perform deep cuts. They’re incredibly powerful and should be handled with care.

Farm & Ranch Saws: These are lightweight saws for cutting firewood and felling small trees. Stihl offers farm & ranch saws in two-stroke and four-stroke models. The two-stroke models are more powerful, but the four-stroke models have lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

Cordless Electric Saws: These are lightweight saws designed for occasional use around the yard. They don’t produce any exhaust emissions, and they’re quiet enough to use without ear protection. However, they don’t have much power, so they’re not suitable for felling large trees or cutting firewood. Cordless electric saws run on rechargeable batteries that aren’t compatible with other tools in Stihl’s cordless range.

Professional Saws: These are robust saws designed for frequent heavy use by contractors and tree surgeons. They feature significantly more power than other saws in their class, larger fuel tanks, and have a greater focus on operator comfort. These saws also have the longest warranty period of five years.

Homeowner Saws: This is the lowest class of Stihl chainsaw. It offers more power than most electric chainsaws, but does not have the same level of durability offered in higher end models. The warranty period is two years on these units.

The Best Features We Look For

Every Stihl chainsaw is packed with innovative technology and features so you can work at your best. But which one is right for you? We’ve put together a list of the must-have features to look for when buying a new STIHL chain saw.

Anti-vibration system

STIHL anti-vibration technology helps reduce operator fatigue and provides a more comfortable working experience.

Toolless fuel caps with retaining straps

These toolless fuel caps are designed to prevent fuel spills while refueling your chain saw and feature a retaining strap that remain attached to the cap and the fill port, so you don’t lose or lay them down in the dirt and debris.

Toolless oil caps with retaining straps

Similar to the fuel caps, these toolless oil caps make it easy to maintain your chain saw and feature a strap that keeps it secured while refueling.

Toolless bar nuts

These handy bar nuts make it easy to change out your guide bar when needed.

Why Choose To Buy Stihl Chainsaws?

If you need to cut down a tree, trim a hedge or do any other type of yard work that requires the use of a chainsaw, you’re going to want to invest in the best piece of equipment possible. Stihl chainsaws are some of the most reliable, powerful saws available on the market today. They’re built to last and designed with top performance in mind.

When it comes to choosing a chainsaw, there are many different brands and models available for you to pick from. But when you choose Stihl, you can rest assured that you’re getting a piece of equipment that’s designed for your specific needs. You can also feel confident knowing that your Stihl chainsaw is built with top-of-the-line technology and only the most durable parts available.

For decades, Stihl has been manufacturing high-quality chainsaws that are used all over the world. They’ve perfected the design and built their reputation on providing reliable pieces of equipment year after year. If you need a dependable chainsaw, we recommend choosing one from this trusted brand.

Stihl’s reputation for building tough, reliable and safe chain saws is unmatched in the industry. To maintain that reputation, Stihl relies on a network of independent servicing dealers who provide expert service and help to ensure your satisfaction. Not every dealer carries every model in the Stihl line, but there’s likely one near you who can meet your needs.

Today, Stihl is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of handheld outdoor power equipment for both homeowners and professional users.

Chainsaws Eveluation Methods

The basic evaluation method of the Still Chainsaw is to evaluate its function. First, check whether this is a new chain. The chain is not hard and can be bent by hand. It is not allowed to have any large deformation on the surface and in the middle of the chain. It should not be allowed to have any cracks and broken links; then check whether each accessory of the chainsaw matches, whether there is sufficient fuel, whether there is sufficient engine oil, whether there are other tools for cutting woodworking machinery, such as saws and knives for cleaning sawdust, etc. Finally, check if it can be started normally. Whether it can work smoothly at idling speed and normal speed, whether it jumps at high speed; pay attention to see if the saw blade rotates in the correct direction; finally start the machine to measure its power and noise level.

The following factors should be considered when evaluating a chainsaw:

  • Ergonomics
  • Engine Features
  • Weight and Balance
  • Safety Features
  • Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Cutting Performance

Best Stihl Chainsaw Review

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Stihl Chainsaw?

Choosing the best Stihl chainsaw isn’t easy, though. There are dozens of models, each with different specs, features and capabilities. Here’s what you need to know before buying a Stihl chainsaw.

1. Consider your needs

The first thing you should do is take a hard look at what you plan to use your chainsaw for. If you just need a reliable tool for occasional yard clean-up, it doesn’t make sense to spend $1,000 on a powerful machine that’s designed for professional logging.

2. Consider the size of your work area

Chainsaws come in several different sizes — from small “occasional” models to massive commercial-grade saws that can power through the toughest jobs imaginable. Generally speaking, smaller chainsaws are better suited for home use while larger saws are best left to professionals and dedicated hobbyists.

3. Assess the type of tasks you’ll be performing with the chainsaw

Do you plan on pruning a few branches or cutting down an entire tree? Do you need a chainsaw that is easy to start and use? Do you want a saw that requires little maintenance? The answers to these questions will help you determine which type of chainsaw is right for you.

4. Consider your experience level

Chainsaws aren’t toys. Even if you have experience working with power tools, operating a chainsaw can be dangerous if you’re not careful. This is why it’s important that you consider your experience level when purchasing a chainsaw. If you’re new to the world of chainsaws, start off with something small and easy to manage. Generally speaking, the smaller the saw, the easier it is to handle. Electric saws are also easier to handle than gas-powered models. You can always upgrade to a bigger saw when you gain more experience.

5. Consider Weight of the saw itself

When choosing between different models, keep in mind how much they weigh. Because most people use chainsaws overhead, lighter units are easier on your arms when making long cuts or holding them aloft while trimming tree limbs and other heavy material.

How We Test the Chainsaws?

Testing chainsaws is an involved process, but it’s always fun. Once we’ve landed on a set of models to review, we place orders online and test products in our lab. Usually, we run them through a series of tests that includes cutting through a variety of materials:

  • Thin wood board
  • Thick wood board
  • Tree branches
  • Large tree trunk

We also evaluate how easy it is to get the chainsaw started and to change out the blade. We want to make sure that each model is easy enough for a novice user to operate right out of the box.

How Much Does A Stihl Farm Boss Chainsaw Cost?

On average, the most basic Stihl farm boss chainsaws will cost around $200. This is for a small gas-powered chainsaw that is good for cutting firewood and small projects around the yard. A mid-sized chainsaw can range from $300 to $500. These are more powerful saws that can be used for felling trees, cutting larger firewood, and other projects. Professional grade chainsaws can cost between $500 and $900 and even more for specialty models. These saws are made to be used every day by tree care professionals or those who need to use a chainsaw often for work or business purposes.

While most people think of Stihl as a company that makes chainsaws, they also have a line of trimmers, blowers, and edgers. The company also offers a wide range of accessories and parts for their products.

Stihl is known for making quality equipment that is durable and reliable. They are one of the top manufacturers in this business and are very popular in Europe and North America. Stihl chainsaws are not cheap; however, they do come with an impressive warranty that is unmatched by any other manufacturer on the market today. The warranty covers all parts except for wear items such as bars or chains for two years from date of purchase or 250 hours whichever comes first (three years if purchased through an authorized dealer).

How to maintain your Chainsaws?

So how do you make sure your Stihl chainsaw is always in good working order? By maintaining it! Here are three tips to help you maintain your Stihl chainsaw.

1. Sharpen Your Chainsaw Chain Regularly

You should sharpen your chainsaw chain regularly so that the engine doesn’t have to work as hard when you use the tool. This will make cutting through trees and branches much easier, which will improve the longevity of the chainsaw engine. As a rule of thumb, you should sharpen your chainsaw chain after you have used it for about 10 hours or so.

2. Keep It Clean

After you use your Stihl chainsaw, take a few minutes to clean it up. Don’t leave any sawdust or tree sap on your tool as this can cause wear and tear over time. You don’t need anything fancy — just wipe down the saw with an old rag to remove any residue.

3. Keep It Sharp

It’s important to sharpen your chain often so that it doesn’t get worn down and break unexpectedly while you’re working. We recommend sharpening after every 5 hours of use or when the cut isn’t as smooth as it once was.

4. Check The Chain Brake

The chain brake is an important safety mechanism that protects you from potential kickback that would otherwise force the saw back into your face. You can verify whether or not your chainsaw’s chain brake is working by checking the tip guard. If the tip guard moves outwards when you activate the brake, then it is working properly; if it stays in place, then you will need to replace the brake components.

What Makes A good Stihl Chainsaw?

It would be easy to say that the best Stihl chainsaw is the one with the highest power or cutting speed. However, there are other factors that should be considered when choosing a saw. A good all-round chainsaw should have:

  • A robust power system
  • A comfortable handle
  • A long reach chain
  • A strong cutting action (the more teeth on the chain, the better)

The best way to find out if your chainsaw is right for you is to try it out yourself. Test it on some logs before buying it so that you know how well it works and whether or not you will be happy with the tool.

Do We Need A Stihl Chainsaw Sharpener?

Chainsaws are designed to cut wood and not metal. When you use a chainsaw, it will typically carve away at the wood as it cuts through it, leaving behind chunks of wood that can become lodged in your saw teeth. The more teeth you have on your saw, the more likely this is to happen. These chunks can easily dull your saw over time, which means that you need a way to get rid of them before they cause damage to your saw. The best way to do this is with a chainsaw sharpener.

There are many reasons why you should use a Stihl chainsaw sharpener such as the Stihl 2 in 1 Easy File Chainsaw Sharpener instead of just filing down your chain by hand.

1) A high quality saw will have a cutter that is between .03” and .05” thick. The correct file size for these cutters is 3/16” or 4mm. If you try to file your chain by hand you will quickly discover that it’s almost impossible to hold this small of a file at the proper angle (30 degrees for the top plate and 50 degrees for the depth gauge).

2) In order to keep your chain in good working condition you need to sharpen each cutter at least once per tank of gas (if you run ethanol free gas). This means that if you want to keep your chain in tip-top shape you will be spending an hour every day getting it ready for use.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Stihl Chainsaws: Stihl chainsaws are lightweight compared with other brands. This makes them easier to carry, especially if you’re using them for long periods of time. Stihl chainsaw engines also have great torque and power, so you can cut through large pieces of wood easily. They also start up quickly so that you don’t have to waste time or energy getting them going.

Stihl chainsaws are so popular because of their performance and reliability. Chainsaw users have come to rely on Stihl to provide a saw that will start when needed and provide years of service. The Stihl design has been around for many years and is well proven. Stihl offers a wide variety of models designed to meet any user’s needs and budget. Stihl’s are sold at a wide variety of dealerships, including many hardware stores, so finding replacement parts is easy.

Disadvantages of Stihl Chainsaws: One disadvantage to Stihl chainsaws is their price. They are generally more expensive than other brands because they are made in Germany, not China. There is also a problem with the gas tanks leaking on some models, which can be dangerous because it creates a fire hazard and may cause damage to your home or property. Finally, the plastic handles can crack and break over time if they aren’t properly cared for or maintained regularly.

Stihl Chainsaw Top Picks 2023

BEST OVERALL-Stihl MS 250 Gas Chainsaw

Stihl MS 250 Gas Chainsaw

Stihl has been a trusted name in power equipment for decades. The MS 250 chainsaw is a small, but powerful model that weighs just over 9 pounds. This makes it the perfect tool for light to moderate applications, including yard projects and light firewood cutting. It has a 2-stroke engine with a 1.8 horsepower rating and uses a 50:1 ratio of gas to oil. The guide bar measures 16 inches in length, and the carburetor is adjustable to help you work efficiently in any conditions.

One of the best features of this saw is its anti-vibration system, which reduces fatigue while working. The handle is ergonomically designed with plenty of room for your hands and includes a rubber coating that helps keep your hands comfortable during operation. This model also offers an easy-access air filter, so you can easily clean it out between uses to improve performance and prolong engine life.

Additional features include a side-mounted chain tensioner, an easy-to-read fuel gauge and an automatic oiler that keeps the blade properly lubricated at all times. The slim body design makes it easy to handle as well as store when not in use.

BEST PRO-Stihl 170 Farm Boss Chainsaw

Stihl 170 Farm Boss Chainsaw

The Stihl 170 Farm Boss Chainsaw is the best pro Stihl chainsaw. Its powerful engine, delivering 2.2kW of power and a 4.0kW power output gives it a massive advantage over the competition.

Its automatic chain lubrication system means that you don’t have to constantly monitor and maintain the chain, helping you get on with your work. The anti-vibration system helps keep you comfortable for longer when you’re working, reducing fatigue and allowing you to work more productively for longer.

The Stihl 170 Farm Boss Chainsaw can handle up to a 28″ bar length, which is perfect for cutting through large logs. This makes it ideal for forestry work or cutting firewood, but also makes it great for cutting down trees or clearing brush around your property.

It’s also very easy to start, and has a hand guard to protect you from kickback in case the chain gets stuck in the wood. It also has an electronic ignition system that makes starting the chainsaw easier than ever before and ensures that it starts quickly every time.


Stihl Gas Chainsaw MS 180 C-BE

This Stihl chainsaw is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a reliable and powerful tool. The 16-inch bar provides enough power to cut through branches and medium-sized trees with ease. It has a lightweight design that makes it easy to use for extended periods of time. It also comes equipped with anti-vibration technology that provides better control and less hand fatigue.

The chainsaw has a side access chain tensioner and a quick stop chain brake that gives you greater control over your work. This is one of the best Stihl chainsaws for home use, because it combines quality and convenience in a single package.


Stihl Farm Boss MS 271

The Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss is a 20-inch chain saw that many users say is powerful enough to handle most of the tasks they need to tackle around their property, including cutting down small trees.

It is a medium-duty model that falls between Stihl’s homeowner and professional lines. It’s not quite as sturdy or as powerful as the MS 311 and MS 391 models, but it costs less than those saws. But it’s still more than a step up from homeowner models like the MS 251, which is about $70 cheaper.

The Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss has an anti-vibration system that helps minimize fatigue, especially when you’re cutting for extended periods. Its spring-loaded air filter cover makes changing the air filter easier, but some users say even after cleaning it, the filter tends to clog quickly.

Most owners rate the Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss well. They say it is relatively light and easy to maneuver, and they appreciate its quick acceleration and good power output. Some reviewers buy this model specifically because it uses a fuel mixture rather than straight gas; however, one complaint about this model is that it burns through fuel very quickly.


Stihl MSA 220 C-B

The Stihl MSA 220 C-B is the best battery-powered chainsaw, period. It has a 16-inch guide bar, weighs just over 14 pounds and is backed by a five year warranty.

It comes with a brushless motor that delivers an impressive amount of power for such a small chainsaw. The chain rotates at 16 m/s, which is the equivalent of 3,900 RPMs — more than fast enough for most projects.

In addition to having a powerful engine, the MSA 220 C-B is designed for operator comfort. It’s well-balanced and has comfortable rubber grips on its handlebars. The tool has an ergonomic design with low vibration levels that make it easy to use for extended periods of time.

As you’d expect from an electronic tool like this one, the Stihl MSA 220 C-B has safety features to prevent accidental damage or injury should something unexpected happen while the chainsaw is operating.

If you’re looking for a versatile cutting tool that can take care of big jobs without being too heavy or loud, the Stihl MSA 220 C-B is an excellent choice.

Stihl Alternatives

Stihl chainsaws, while they are some of the most reliable and powerful in the industry, can be on the expensive side. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best chainsaws from other manufacturers that match Stihl’s quality and reliability.


Husqvarna offers one of the largest lineups of chainsaws in their class. As a brand, Husqvarna is considered by many to be a direct competitor to Stihl. The Husqvarna 450 series has become especially popular among homeowners who need a dependable chainsaw at a good price. These saws typically retail between $200 – $300 depending on features and bar length.


Jonsered is another great alternative to the Stihl brand. This Swedish company has been making chainsaws since the 1950s, which means they have a lot of experience behind them. Their saws are robust and ready for work, and like Husqvarna, you will find a wide range of models to choose from. They even offer battery-powered electric chainsaws!


Makita is well known for their power tools, including professional-grade chainsaws. Like Husqvarna and Jonsered, Makita uses quality materials to craft their products while keeping prices affordable. They offer a nice selection of saws ranging from small homeowner models up to large gas-powered machines capable of handling demanding cutting tasks.

Husqvarna vs Stihl

Husqvarna Chainsaw


Husqvarna has been a name in chainsaws for decades. The company, which is based in Sweden, has been in business since the 1600s but only started selling lawnmowers in 1918. It began making chainsaws in 1959 and entered the U.S. market 10 years later.

Stihl is also a German manufacturer (the company was founded in 1926) that didn’t enter the U.S. market until 1974 — eight years after Husqvarna — but it quickly became the number one name in chainsaws. Today, both companies make many different saws, including electric and battery-powered models.


Both Husqvarna and Stihl make professional grade chainsaws that are designed for extremely heavy duty cutting jobs. From a performance standpoint, these products have a lot in common: They’re both powerful and durable enough to handle any job you’d be willing to tackle with a chainsaw.

In fact, the main difference between them is that Husqvarna makes larger saws than Stihl.


When looking at quality of these two brands, it’s difficult to distinguish between them because they’re pretty much on par with each other across the board. Both companies have a reputation for producing high-quality chainsaws that are durable, powerful, and reliable. They also have a reputation for making many of their parts interchangeable, so you can easily find replacement parts. Furthermore, both companies produce excellent electric chainsaws that are great for residential use.

So how do you choose between these two brands? It really depends on what features you need in your chainsaw and how much money you want to spend. For example, if you’re looking for a lightweight electric chainsaw with a 16-inch bar or less, then Stihl is probably your best bet because Husqvarna only makes one 16-inch model and it’s gas powered. However, if you need an 18-inch bar or larger, Husqvarna has more options available.

Price Range

Another important factor when choosing between these two brands is price range. In general, Husqvarna chainsaws cost less than Stihl chainsaws across the board. For example, they offer several models with 14-, 16-, and 18-inch bars that all cost less than $200. On the other hand, Stihl offers only one saw at each bar length for less than $200; other models cost anywhere from $30 to $60 more.

Echo Vs. Stihl

Echo Chainsaw


Echo was founded in 1972, making them a relative newcomer in the chainsaw industry compared to Stihl. The company began as a small chain saw distributor in Northbrook, IL, but quickly found success by developing a reputation for high-quality products and great customer service. The company has expanded into other areas of outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers and trimmers but still continues to offer high-quality products at an affordable price point.

Stihl was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, making them one of the oldest manufacturers of chainsaws in the world. The company started off with just three employees and today they have multiple factories throughout Germany that employ nearly 6,000 people worldwide. They also have manufacturing facilities around the world such as Brazil, China and Canada. In addition to making chainsaws, they also manufacture blowers, trimmers, hedge trimmers and edgers amongst other products.