How many cc is a stihl ms362 and is Stihl 362 for sale craigslist?

The Stihl MS362 is a powerful and fast 2-cycle brushcutter. This powerful cutting machine is fitted with a 42.9 cc engine that can handle branches of up to 15 mm in diameter. At only 3.84 lbs in weight, the engine powers the blade at speeds of up to 5,800 rpm for clean and precise cuts. This machine’s lightweight design and great power so makes it perfect for clearing paths along the sides of your house, removing dead limbs from trees, or trimming back wild bushes in your yard.

What is CC and why is it important?

The Stihl MS362 is a powerful, easy-to-use, and lightweight chainsaw that is perfect for any homeowner. It has a 16 inch bar (40 cm) with automatic oiler and anti-vibration system which allows you to use it for longer periods of time without feeling tired or sore. The MS362 weighs only 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg), so you can easily carry it around the yard or job site. The best Stihl chainsaw has a high performance 4-stroke engine that produces enough torque to cut through the toughest hardwoods and large branches up to 20 inches long. This chainsaw also features an extra large air filter screen which keeps dust out of your face while you are cutting wood.

This gas powered chainsaw also has front hand guards that protect your hands from flying debris while you are working in the yard or on a job site. The Stihl 362 is available online at Amazon, Home Depot and Lowes for around $300-$350 dollars depending on where you shop for it.

How many cc is a stihl ms362?

stihl ms362 cc

The Stihl MS362 has a displacement of 36 cc. The term “cc” refers to the engine’s displacement volume and is used as an indicator of the engine’s power output. This means that for every liter of fuel, the engine can produce 36 liters (or cubic decimeters) of air-fuel mixture, which is then combusted. 

The term “cc” refers to the engine’s displacement volume and is used as an indicator of the engine’s power output. This means that for every liter of fuel, the engine can produce 36 liters (or cubic decimeters) of air-fuel mixture, which is then combusted.

The Stihl MS362 is a 21.1 cc (0.955 cu in) gas engine, which means it produces 21.1 cubic centimetres of displacement per cylinder. The engine’s bore and stroke both measure 0.591 in (15 mm), making its displacement 0.591 cu. The Stihl MS362 has a 2-cycle, 2-cylinder, single overhead camshaft (SOHC) design and power output of 2 hp at 5200 rpm and torque of 1.3 ft-lbs at 4800 rpm.

Is Stihl 362 for sale craigslist?

Stihl MS362 is an excellent chainsaw and has been selling like hot cakes. It does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner, this chainsaw will do the job for you. This is why most people have rated it highly. This chainsaw is perfect for cutting firewood, pruning trees, and clearing brush from your land. It has many features that make it easy to use and gives you a superb cutting experience.

The Stihl MS362 will give you a powerful performance with its 85cc engine that delivers 4.8 ft/lbs of maximum torque. The chain tensioning system allows you to adjust the chain without having to stop working while the automatic oiler ensures that your chain is always oiled properly no matter what type of wood you are cutting.

This saw features an automatic oiling system that ensures that your chain stays lubricated at all times. The Stihl MS362 also has a wrap-around hand guard which makes it more comfortable and safe to use. It has an ergonomic design that gives you more control over the saw while cutting branches or logs. The handle is designed with comfort in mind so that you can use it for long periods of time without feeling fatigued or sore.

This saw has an 18” bar and chain combination which makes it ideal for cutting through large trees or logs quickly and efficiently. It also has a low kickback chain which reduces the risk of getting injured while cutting logs or branches with this chainsaw.

stihl ms362 cc review

The Stihl MS362 is a powerful gasoline-powered chainsaw that weighs just over 10 pounds. It has an 18-inch bar and chain, which means it is capable of cutting through smaller trees and branches with ease. The MS362 is also great for pruning work, as it can handle larger branches with ease. The MS362 has a 16.5 cc engine that produces enough power to cut through wood quickly. The engine is designed to be efficient and powerful at the same time, which means you get a lot of cutting power without worrying about running out of fuel too quickly.

This model uses regular unleaded gasoline to operate the engine, so you don’t need to worry about mixing gas or adding oil during use. This model also comes equipped with an electric start feature that makes starting up your chainsaw easy every time you want to use it. You simply pull back on the starter rope until it clicks into place and then press down on the button located on top of the handle. The engine will start up immediately after pressing this button down once or twice depending on how much fuel is in your tank at any given time.

The Stihl MS362 is designed for homeowners who want to cut grass at home or maintain their property with ease. It has a fuel capacity of 1.8 gallons, which means you can mow for more than an hour before refueling it again. The blade is made of steel, so it will last longer than other models’ blades.

Fuel Consumption Rate

The Stihl MS362 has a fuel consumption rate of 2.2/hr, which is average compared to other gas saws in the class. As you can see, this saw has a very high horse power rating of 5.5HP, which makes it one of the most powerful saws in its class. It also has a very low weight of only 8 pounds and its size (length) is 20 inches long.

The Stihl MS362 is also very easy to start since it comes with an auto-choke system that automatically adjusts for cold weather conditions and pre-mixes fuel and oil for easier starting. Additionally, this saw comes with a safety clutch that will prevent kickback from occurring if your chain gets stuck while cutting through wood or branches.

Another feature is its anti-kickback system that prevents kickback from occurring if your chain gets stuck while cutting through wood or branches.

This chainsaw also has an automatic chain brake that stops the chain when it gets too hot, preventing damage to the saw itself. This saw has an anti-vibration system that helps reduce user fatigue when using it over long periods of time. In addition, it features a low kickback bar design that reduces kickback risk while cutting, which makes it safer than other models on the market today.

Noise Level stihl ms362 cc

The MS362 is a 2-cycle gas chainsaw with a 36.2 cc engine and an automatic oiler. It is 24 inches long, weighs 7 pounds and has an Oregon bar and chain. The MS362 comes with a 12-inch Oregon bar and chain, which means it can cut through wood up to 12 inches in diameter. The MS362 has a low noise level of 81 dBa.

It also has an air purge system that helps keep the carburetor clean by blowing out any dirt or debris that might have accumulated inside it. Stihl MS362 for Sale on Craigslist The MS362 is sold in two different versions: one with an 18-inch bar and chain and one with a 24-inch bar and chain. The 24-inch version costs more than the 18-inch version because it can handle larger logs, but it doesn’t come with a case or fuel tank cover like the 18-inch version does.

Power-To-Weight Ratio stihl ms362 cc

The Stihl MS362 is a powerful machine with a power-to-weight ratio of 3.2 HP/kg. This makes it one of the most powerful machines in its class, but also makes it heavier than some other models. The MS362 is designed for professional use and can handle any task you throw at it. You won’t find yourself struggling with this machine or having to take multiple passes to get the job done.

The engine has a displacement of 362 cc and produces 3.2 HP at 7000 rpm, making it one of the most powerful saws in its class. It also weighs in at 13 kg which means that its power-to-weight ratio is 3.2 HP/kg – one of the highest in its class by far! The MS362 has a bar length of 33 cm (13″) which makes it perfect for cutting large trees and branches as well as clearing brush and undergrowth from land areas such as parks or gardens.

Carrying System And Features

The Stihl MS362 is a mid-range model that has been designed with a powerful engine. The trimmer comes with an electric clutch, which can be adjusted to control the speed of the engine. It also has an automatic return stop switch that allows the trimmer to turn off automatically after it has completed its task. The Stihl MS362 has a carrying system that makes it easy to transport around your property.

You can use it on hills and slopes without any problems or issues because the machine has been designed with an ergonomic handle that allows you to operate it easily even when you are working in difficult terrain. The Stihl MS362 is a 36 cc straight shaft string trimmer that comes with a variety of features that make it stand out from other similar models.

The Stihl MS362 features an automatic oil pump that keeps the bar and chain lubricated during operation, eliminating the need for manual oiling. The 362 comes standard with a quick-stop brake lever which allows you to stop the chain quickly without having to release the throttle trigger.

Clutch & Ignition System

The Stihl MS362 is a gas consumer-grade chainsaw that is sold by the manufacturer in the United States and Canada. The MS362 has a 3.6 horsepower motor and can cut up to 20 inches at a time. The MS362 features a two-stroke engine, which means there are fewer parts than a four-stroke engine and less maintenance is required. The Stihl MS362 uses an automatic oil pump, which helps deliver fuel to the engine without any user intervention.

There are two settings for oil priming: automatic and manual. Automatic priming adds oil to the air filter housing before starting or restarting the saw, while manual priming adds oil directly into the air filter housing when it’s needed.

The clutch lever on this saw only has two positions: on or off, with no gear shifting capability. The ignition system uses an electronic switch that turns on when you pull back on the throttle trigger, then turns off automatically when you release it again so you don’t have to hold down your finger on it while cutting wood or doing other tasks around your yard or house.

Ease Of Starting

The ease of starting is a fairly important feature to consider when buying a chainsaw. It may not be a deal-breaker when you are buying a chainsaw, but it will certainly make your life easier. The MS362 is easy to start because it has an automatic kickback brake system. This means that it will prevent kickbacks and other types of accidents that can occur while using this chainsaw.

The brake system also allows you to easily restart the saw after it has stopped running for some reason. One thing that makes an electric saw more difficult to start than a gas-powered one is a fact that you need an extension cord and power source before you can use it.

With gas-powered tools, all you need is gasoline and oil, and they are ready for use immediately after starting them up.


Stihl MS 362 is a Light Weight but Powerful Chainsaw. It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from 132 reviews and the price of the chainsaw on Amazon purchased by customers is 1699.00. The cc for Stihl MS 362 states that the chainsaw has a 32 cc engine. The product dimension of this chainsaw states that it has 22 x 15 x 9 inches and weighs only 8 pounds.

It has an automatic oiler to keep your chain lubricated while you are doing your job. It has great power with the type of performance that you need in a good chainsaw to get the job done – especially when faced with larger jobs like trees or logs.