Stihl MS 170 Vs MS 194 C-E : How Do They Compare?

MS 170 Vs MS 194 C-E: These two saws are nearly identical, with one major exception: the C-E version has a “comfort” handle, which makes it easier to hold the saw for long periods of time. Additionally, the C-E version comes with a tool-less quick chain tensioning system, which allows you to adjust your chain without using tools. You can check out our comparison of these two chainsaws here. Both of these are light weight chainsaws that are ideally suited for a homeowner who is looking for an affordable saw to use around the yard and garden. They will do well for small cutting jobs like pruning and limbing, but they will struggle with large trees (like those over 12” in diameter). The MS 170 is usually cheaper than the MS 194 C-E.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 170 MS 194 C-E
Displacement ­cm³ 30,1 31,8
Power output ­kW/bhp 1,2/1,6 1,4/1,9
Weight ­kg 4,1 1) 3,6 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 3,4 2,6
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 100 2) 101 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 111 3) 114 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 5,2/5,5 4) 3,6/3,6 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P 3/8″P
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ PMM3


The STIHL MS 170 is designed for homeowners who need a chainsaw for light work around their home or property. It has a handlebar throttle control that allows you to adjust the RPMs from 1,300 to 2,400 per minute with just one finger.

The MS 170 is a gasoline-powered chainsaw made for light to medium duty cutting tasks. It is powered by a 32.2cc engine that can run on regular unleaded gas or 2-cycle oil. The MS 170 has a 16-inch bar and chain and an automatic oiler that keeps the bar and chain lubricated.

The STIHL MS 170 is a small engine with an air cooling system. It has a power output of 5.0 hp at 3400 rpm, and it is designed to run on unleaded gasoline. The MS 170 has a 2-cycle engine, which means that it requires oil mixed with the gas.

The MS 170 weighs only 10 pounds, which makes it perfect for use around the home or farm. In addition, it comes with an auto-choke feature that automatically adjusts the air/fuel mixture depending on operating conditions. 


MS 170 Vs MS 194 C-E

The STIHL MS 194 C-E is a lightweight, low vibration chainsaw that’s ideal for pruning, thinning and cutting small trees.

Whether you’re cutting firewood or removing tree limbs from storm damage, this chainsaw has the power and features to help get the job done. However, this Stihl chainsaw isn’t just good at working on trees: it can easily be converted into an edger to clear out vegetation around your home’s yard. This chainsaw is ideal for homeowners who prefer to take care of their own landscaping and other outdoor tasks.

This premium engine oil provides superior lubrication and helps protect against wear and deposits, while maintaining excellent engine cleanliness. It’s made in the USA! The STIHL MS 194 C-E is a lightweight gas powered chainsaw that still packs a punch. Weighing in at just 7 lbs., it’s more than 2 lbs. lighter than its.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 194 C-E|Engine Displacement

The STIHL MS 194 C-E is an upgrade from the MS 170—it has a larger engine displacement (1.6 kW/2.0 bhp) and is more powerful than its predecessor.

MS 170 has a 2-mix engine and the MS 194 C-E has a 4-mix engine. Most people prefer the 2-mix, but if you want to give your engine a boost, the 4-mix might be for you. The MS 170 is powered by a 2-mix engine, which means it runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil.

The MS 194 C-E has a 4-mix engine, which means it runs on gasoline, oil and four different stroke phases. The four phases are intake, compression, power, and exhaust—each one is designed to deliver optimal power and maximum efficiency to your engine.

The engine displacement measures how much air and fuel a chainsaw’s engine can move during one cycle. The bigger the engine, the more powerful it is. The Stihl MS 170 has a 30.1 cc engine, while the MS 194 C-E runs on a slightly larger 31.4 cc engine. 

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 194 C-E|Power output

Both of these chainsaws are lightweight and highly portable, but there are a few significant differences between them. The MS 170 is ideal for homeowners with small jobs to do around the house, such as cutting firewood or trimming trees. It’s powerful enough to handle light-duty tasks, but it still has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around and store.

The MS 194 C-E has a higher power output and more convenient features, like a side chain tensioner that makes it easier to adjust the chain. This chainsaw is perfect for people who work in landscaping or tree care and need to use a chainsaw all day long.

Lower power output means you’ll have to put in more work if you’re using this chainsaw for heavy-duty tasks such as clearing large branches from fallen trees. If most of your projects involve cutting up branches that are too big for your trash can or trimming back overgrown shrubs in your yard.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 194 C-E|Weight

Weight: The STHIL MS 170 has a weight of 8.8 lbs., while the STIHL MS 194 C-E weighs 9.3 lbs. In both cases, this does not include cutting equipment. This means that the MS 170 is about 1/2 a pound lighter than the MS 194 C-E, which may make it easier to maneuver and use for longer periods of time.

Weight is a crucial factor to consider when choosing any chainsaw. A lighter chainsaw will be easier to handle, but it may not have the power you need for heavier jobs. The MS 170 weighs in at 9.3 lbs., while the MS 194 C-E is slightly heavier at 9.7 lbs. If you do a lot of heavy work, you might be better off with the MS 170, since it has fewer components to weigh it down. If you work with smaller trees or branches, however, the lighter weight of the MS 194 C-E will make your job easier and faster.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 194 C-E|Power-to-weight ratio

A high power-to-weight ratio means that you don’t have to push very hard against your tool when using it, which makes it easier for you to work with your tool for longer periods of time without getting tired out easily by pushing too hard against it all day long!

The MS 170 weighs 11 pounds while the MS 194 C-E weighs 8 pounds. This makes the MS 170 a much more powerful chainsaw than the MS 194 C-E because it has less weight to carry around when using it. The final difference between these two chainsaws is their power-to-weight ratio.

The difference between them lies in their power-to-weight ratio, which means how much power each saw has for every pound of weight it has (or vice versa). The MS 193 C-E has a better power-to-weight ratio than the MS 170 because.

Both of these chainsaws offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio, which means that they can cut through large pieces of wood in a short amount of time. The STIHL MS 170 has an 18″ bar and chain, which makes it ideal for cutting firewood or small trees.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 194 C-E|Vibration level left/right

Both have anti-vibration systems to help reduce the amount of vibration felt by the user while operating them. The main differences between these models are in their features, weight, engine power and price. The Stihl MS 170 is a basic chainsaw suitable for light work such as pruning and cutting firewood.

It also has an anti-vibration system which reduces shock and vibration when using this chainsaw which helps to reduce fatigue on your hands, arms and shoulders when using this product. STIHL MS 194 C-E Features The STIHL MS 194 C-E has an AutoTune oil pump which allows you to start it easily without having to mess around with adjusting the oil mixture yourself. It also has a recoil start system along with an inertia activated chain brake which means that your hands.

The STIHL MS 170 is part of a new generation of light weight, low-emission chain saws. This entry-level model is the perfect saw for homeowners seeking a great value. STIHL reduced-emission engine technology provides exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, while reducing exhaust emissions. The MS 170 also features our pre-separation air filtration system—extending the cleaning life of the air filter so you have less maintenance. With excellent handling and lightweight design, this tool is an ideal choice for pruning and trimming trees or cutting firewood around the home.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 194 C-E|Saw chain pitch

The saw chain pitch refers to the size of the drive link section of the chain that engages with the sprocket inside your chainsaw. The drive link is a triangular shaped protrusion that moves around within your chainsaw’s guide bar groove when you pull on your starter cord. A number of different saw chain pitches exist, including 3/8″.

When selecting a new saw chain, it’s important to make sure that you get one in the correct pitch for your chainsaw as using one with an incorrect.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 194 C-E|which is more better

The MS 194 C-E is a mid-range machine that can handle most jobs around the house or in the garden. STIHL MS 170 features an AutoTune oil pump which makes it easy to start. The machine also comes with an inertia activated chain brake and an exhaust air filter which helps to keep dirt out of your engine so that it runs smoothly for longer periods of time.

MS 170 and MS 194 C-E are both powerful chainsaws. Both are great for cutting wood and are easy to use, but there are a few differences between them that you should consider before deciding which one is right for you. The first thing to note is that both of these models come with a 20-inch bar, so they have the same cutting capacity. The MS 170 weighs 10.8 pounds and the MS 194 weighs 11.5 pounds.

MS 170 has a semi-automatic oiling system (SAS) that allows users to adjust how much lubricant is applied during operation. This can help prevent over or under lubrication issues by making it easier for users to control how much oil gets applied to their chain at any given time during use. This model also has an automatic chain tensioner (ACT) that will automatically adjust for wear on your chain as it continues to get used over time so that you don’t have to mess with it manually every time you want to start using your chainsaw again after it goes.


The STIHL MS 170 is a light, powerful chainsaw for homeowner use. This chainsaw features a 30.1cc 2-cycle engine that delivers plenty of power to handle your yard projects. It has a 12 inch guide bar and a high-powered engine that makes it the ideal first chainsaw for homeowners, especially those who need to cut trees or firewood. The MS 170 is part of STIHL’s small homeowner saw series, which also includes the MS 180 C-BE for $299.99. Compared to the STIHL MS 180 C-BE, this model has a smaller engine and is slightly lighter weight at 11.