STIHL MS 170 Vs MS 210 : Everything You Must Know

The MS 170 vs MS 210: They are two of the most popular chainsaws that STIHL offers. The MS 210 has been out for a while, while the MS 170 is brand new. So which one should you get? Let’s take a look at the differences between these two models to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 170 MS 210
Displacement ­cm³ 30,1 35,2
Power output ­kW/bhp 1,2/1,6 1,6/2,2
Weight ­kg 4,1 1) 4,4 5)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 3,4 2,8
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 100 2) 100,0 6)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 111 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 5,2/5,5 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P 3/8″ P
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ PMM3 Picco Micro 3 (PM3)
Vibration levels left/right ­m/s² 6,0/7,2 7)


The MS 170 is the perfect lightweight chainsaw for homeowners seeking a great value. Compact, lightweight with just the right amount of power, the MS 170 makes quick work of trimming or cutting small trees, fallen limbs after a storm and other tasks around the yard. And its affordable price makes it hard to ignore.

The MS 170 comes equipped with IntelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor, which maintains optimal engine power while automatically adjusting for air filter blockage and changes in fuel quality. The STIHL Quickstop® inertia chain brake stops the rotation of the chain if activated by the operator’s hand or by inertia if the saw kicks back with sufficient force. The decompression valve allows for easier starting.


The MS 170 has a guide bar length of 14 inches (35 cm), while the MS 210 has a guide bar length of 16 inches (40 cm). The MS 170 weighs 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg), while the MS 210 weighs 10.

The MS 170 and MS 210 both have the same engine displacement, at 30.1 cc. This is a very similar engine to the one used in Stihl’s MS 150. Both of these chainsaws use the same bar and chain as well, so you’ll be able to swap them out if you need to. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of these two chainsaws are almost identical as well: the MS 170 costs $30 less than the MS 210, but since these chainsaws are sold by independent dealers, they may differ slightly in price depending on your location.

MS 170 and MS 210 saws are both popular options on the market, but which one should you choose? They’re both suitable for general cutting tasks around the house or in the garden, but they have some differences that could make one more suitable than the other in certain situations. If you’re doing heavy-duty work like felling trees and cutting firewood, however, it’s best to look at a different chainsaw altogether.

The stihl ms170 has a 30.1cc motor that produces 1.3 kW of power and 4.0 Nm of torque, while the 210’s higher displacement motor at 31.8cc generates 1.5kW and 4.4Nm of torque respectively—so it can comfortably handle more demanding tasks than its smaller brother. Chain Oiler Another difference between these models is how their chain oilers work.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Engine Displacement

MS 170 Vs MS 210

The STIHL MS 170 has an engine displacement of 0.170 cubic inches while the STIHL MS 210 has an engine displacement of 0.210 cubic inches. This means that the STIHL MS 210 has a larger engine than the STIHL MS 170 and can therefore produce more power when compared directly to each other. STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Maximum Torque Another difference between these two models is their maximum torque capacity during operation.

Both feature an engine with a displacement of 170 cc, but there are some differences between them. The STIHL MS 170 is a single-line trimmer while the STIHL MS 210 features two lines.

This might seem like a minor difference at first glance, but it actually makes all the difference when it comes to performance and convenience. The STIHL MS 170 has an engine with a displacement of 170 cc, which is enough for most household tasks such as trimming, edging and clearing small areas of grass or weeds. The engine produces up to 2.8 kW/3HP and provides enough power for efficient grass cutting even if you are cutting thick weeds or tall grasses. It has a cutting width of 32 cm/12 inches and an operating speed of 5500 rpm/min for outstanding cutting performance even on tough terrain.

The larger engine in the MS 210 means that this model can handle more work than its smaller counterpart.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Power output

The biggest differences between these two models are their power output and their weight. The MS 210 has a higher power output than the MS 170, so if you need more power or want to cut bigger trees down faster then it might be worth paying a little extra for this model. However if all you need is something light enough to carry around your yard without getting tired too quickly then go with the cheaper option which will still do everything else just fine!

The STIHL MS 170 features an adjustable oiler that allows you to adjust the oil flow rate according to your needs (some users prefer more frequent lubrication while others might want less). This feature is particularly useful if you want to make sure that your stihl chainsaw is fully lubricated before starting it up again after extended periods of time without use! The MS 170 also has a tool-less tensioning system which means there’s no need to carry around extra tools just so they can adjust the chain tension on their saw.

The MS 170 has an engine that displaces 31 cc, while the MS 210’s engine displaces 38 cc. That means it’s able to cut through larger logs than its little brother without putting extra strain on the engine or bogging down. In addition, it has more power at lower speeds than the MS 170, so you don’t have to rev it up as much to get it to do what you need it to do.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Weight

They both have an air-cooled engine, they are both light weight, and they are both very affordable.

The first thing that you need to know about these two models is their weight. The MS 170 weighs about 11 pounds while the MS 210 weighs about 13 pounds. This may not seem like much of a difference but it is enough so that each model has its own pros and cons.

The next thing that you need to know about these models is their power source. While both models use an air-cooled engine, only one model can be used with gasoline or diesel fuel while the other model can only be used with gasoline fuel. If this sounds like something that would be important for you then keep reading further because we’ll go into detail about it later on in this article. Another difference between these two models is how much power they produce which means how fast they can cut through wood with each pass; as well as how much pressure they put on the blade.

The key difference between these two models is their weight. The STIHL MS 210 weighs about 9 pounds more than the STIHL MS 170, making it more difficult for some people to carry around for long periods of time. However, this extra weight does come with some benefits: The larger saw has a bigger fuel tank and can cut through larger logs without any problems. Both saws have a 24″ bar, which allows you to cut through logs up to 20″ in diameter when they’re on the ground or up to 16″ when standing vertically against a tree trunk or branch.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Power-to-weight ratio

The power-to-weight ratio of these two models is very similar, but the STIHL MS 210 has a slight advantage over the MS 170. Power-to-weight ratio is calculated by dividing the engine power by the weight of the powerhead (without bar or chain). The smaller this number, the easier it will be to control your saw through long periods of use. For example, if you have to hold your chainsaw at shoulder level for an hour to limb a tree, a lower power-to-weight ratio will make it easier on your body.

The power-to-weight ratio is the primary factor to consider when purchasing a new chainsaw. The 170 and 210 are very similar in this regard, with only a slight difference in how much power they can produce from their engines. The 170, which has an engine displacement of 30.1 cc, produces 1.4 hp (horsepower) at 9500 RPMs (revolutions per minute).

The 210, which has an engine displacement of 31.8 cc, produces 1.5 hp at 9500 RPMs. Its power-to-weight ratio is 2.5 lbs/hp. While these numbers might seem insignificant at first glance, they actually indicate that the 170 would have slightly more power than the 210 in most situations and would be able to handle larger trees without bogging.

Power-to-weight ratio: The MS 170 tips the scales at 9.9 lbs, while the MS 210 weighs in at 13 lbs.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Sound pressure level

The sound pressure level of a chainsaw is the amount of sound it produces compared to other tools of the same type. The STIHL MS 170 has a sound pressure level of 92 dBa while the STIHL MS 210 has a sound pressure level of 92 dBa. This means that both chainsaws produce similar amounts of noise when in operation. Weight: The weight of a chainsaw depends on its overall size and design. The STIHL MS 170 weighs 11 lbs while the STIHL MS 210 weighs 12 lbs.

The STIHL MS 170 is a chain saw that is powered by a 4-stroke engine. The engine generates a sound pressure level of 89 dB. The chain speed is 1,800 feet per minute (fpm). The STIHL MS 210 is a chain saw that is powered by a 4-stroke engine. The engine generates a sound pressure level of 100 dB. The chain speed is 2,000 fpm. The MS 170 has an average fuel consumption of 0.33 gallons per hour (gph).

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Sound power level

Sound power level: The most obvious difference between these two chainsaws is their sound power level. The MS 170 has a sound power level of 113 dB(A) while the MS 210 has a sound power level of 116 dB(A). While this doesn’t seem like a huge difference, it’s actually quite large when it comes to sound power levels.

They are similar in weight, engine power, sound power level and cutting capacity, but the MS 170 has a smaller fuel tank than the MS 210. Both models feature an air-cooled 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 30.1 cubic centimeters that delivers 1.3 horsepower at 9,000 revolutions per minute. 

The sound power level is 114 decibels and 115 decibels respectively, while the chain saws weigh 7.7 pounds and 8 pounds respectively without cutting attachments. The oil tank is just over 4 ounces on both models and both can cut through wood with a diameter up to 13 inches when cutting horizontally and 9 inches when cutting diagonally.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Vibration level left/right

One of those differences is what we call “anti-vibration technology.” Anti-vibration technology is used to reduce vibration levels in handheld power equipment like chainsaws, meaning it can be more comfortable to use over longer periods of time.

The MS 170 uses STIHL’s patented anti-vibration system to isolate engine vibrations by using a spring between the engine and handlebar—this spring isolates.

As far as vibration is concerned, each model has an individualized system that minimizes user fatigue by dampening the handle and keeping operators comfortable during long periods of use. Interestingly enough, in tests performed by STIHL engineers, the MS 170 had more vibration than the MS 210 in both left/right and front/back tests.

The vibration levels of the STIHL MS 170 and the STIHL MS 210 are very similar, although the latter has lower vibrations on the left-hand side. The numbers of 2.2 m/s² and 2.6 m/s² for the Stihl MS 170 and Stihl MS 210 respectively. Both chainsaws have an anti-vibration system (AV) to reduce these vibration levels in an effort to provide the operator with more comfort while using the chainsaw.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|Saw chain pitch

MS 170 has a 12″ guide bar and rollomatic chain while the MS 210 has a 14″ bar and rollomatic chain. Both saws come standard with an automatic chain oiler to keep your chain lubricated while operating as well as a front hand guard to protect against contact with moving parts of the saw during operation.

However, only the MS 210 comes standard with an inertia activated chain brake which stops the chain within fractions of a second in case of.

The STIHL MS 170 and MS 210 are two of the most popular chain saws designed and manufactured by Stihl. These chainsaws are considered mid-powered saws and are ideal for the DIY homeowner who needs a lightweight chain saw for residential use around the home. The Stihl MS 170 is the smaller version of the two, weighing in at 9.9 pounds without fuel or bar oil. The larger model, the Stihl MS 210 weighs 11.3 pounds without fuel or bar oil. Both models feature a 2-mix engine that has been optimized to run on unleaded gasoline mixed with 2-cycle engine oil.

The Stihl MS 170 features an automatic bar and chain oiler that ensures continuous lubrication of the saw chain and guide bar during operation. The Stihl MS 210 features a manual oiler that allows you to control how much bar and chain oil is dispensed while cutting.

Saw Chain Pitch: One of the major differences between the MS 170 and the MS 210 is the size of their guide bars. The guide bar is the metal rod that holds the cutting chain. Both saws use STIHL’s Picco Micro 3 (PM3) cutting chain, which has a smaller profile than other chain designs.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 210|which is more better

The STIHL MS 170 is a single-handle chainsaw that weighs 8 pounds, making it light enough for any homeowner to handle. This chainsaw features an 18-inch bar and chain, which can cut through even the thickest of branches and logs with ease. 

The STIHL MS 210 is a single-handle chainsaw that weighs 7 pounds, making it lighter than most other models on the market today. This model has an 18-inch bar and chain, which is perfect for homeowners who need a lightweight tool that can handle all of their cutting needs around the house. Like its counterpart above, the MS 210 features STIHL’s patented Quickstop technology as well as its one-touch automatic oiling system. However, this model also comes with an automatic chain lubrication system that ensures your chain stays sharp at.

Another big difference between them is in their safety systems: The MS 210 comes equipped with an integrated chain brake system that automatically stops the chain if something gets caught in it (such as clothing), while the MS 170 only has manual controls.


We all know that Stihl is a household name when it comes to chainsaws. The company has been around for years, and although they are best known for their industrial grade chainsaws, they have recently ventured into the market of homeowner saws as well. If you’ve ever shopped for a Stihl chainsaw, you know that there are many different models to choose from. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which saw is right for which job. In this article we’re going to take a look at two popular homeowner models, the MS 170 and MS 210.