Who’s The Better Saw? Ms 291 vs Husqvarna 455

Stihl MS 291 and Husqvarna 455 are both of good chainsaws. But, which one is better? These professional saws are used by professional woodworkers and homeowners, so they ensure that you’re getting premium quality products. These saws are top-of-the-line, modern models that have everything you need to get the job done without worry. These saws can handle all types of projects, from basic tasks to more advanced work. Best of all, these saws are a terrific value for the money! We’d recommend these saws for anyone who’s looking for a nice, modern circular saw to use on home projects or larger projects at your workplace.

Introduction of MS 291

ms 291

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The MS 291 is a high-powered saw that can handle everything from precision trimming to felling trees. With a 3.4 HP engine, the MS 291 is a great choice for farmers, ranchers, and landscapers. If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty chainsaw, you should definitely consider the MS 291. The MS 291 has many features that make it an excellent choice for heavy work: It comes standard with the STIHL Quickstop® inertia chain brake. This technology stops the rotation of the chain if kickback occurs while using your chainsaw.

This Stihl MS 291 uses a side access chain tensioner to make adjusting the chain easier. You don’t have to flip over your chainsaw to adjust it! This model comes with an anti-vibration system to help reduce user fatigue and increase comfort when operating your saw. It also comes with a decompression valve which makes it easier to start your saw by reducing compression pressure during starting. The choke and purge are conveniently located on the housing; eliminating inconvenient trips back and forth from the controls on top of the saw’s engine casing.

MS 291 Chiansaw replaces the mighty MS 290 Farm Boss. The MS 290 was Stihl’s largest selling saw ever, so it must have been pretty good. With the introduction of the MS 291, Stihl has decided to make some changes and improvements to this already successful design. The new saw is 4.2 pounds lighter than the old one. That may not seem like a lot but when you realize that this is about 10% of its total weight, the difference becomes noticeable. It has also been improved with a larger fuel tank, a better chain tensioner, and a more efficient engine with lower emissions. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain some basic concepts: The chainsaw is an internal combustion engine powered by gasoline that uses a metal chain as its cutting tool. This chain moves at high speed around a guide bar which gives it support and direction while cutting through wood or other materials.

MS 291 is a mid-sized saw that can be used for a wide range of cutting jobs. It’s powerful, fuel efficient and easy to start. This saw is ideal for demanding cutting in all conditions. The Stihl chainsaw is equipped with the stratified scavenging engine technology which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and fullfils the exhaust emission regulations for all known exhaust emission standards. The X-Torq® engine means lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels. Air Injection™ centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust particles before reaching the air filter, reducing air filter cleanings and improved engine life. The MS 291 comes standard with an advanced anti-vibration system that uses a spring mounted top handle to absorb vibration, resulting in less stress on the user’s arms and body.

Introduction of Husqvarna 455

Take A Close Look At The Features And Benefits Of Husqvarna 455 chainsaw

The Husqvarna 455 chainsaw is a high-powered saw with a 55cc engine and an advanced anti-vibration system. A number of safety features are built into the saw, including a chain brake and an inertia-activated chain catcher. The saw’s ergonomic design makes it well suited for professional tree workers and advanced hobbyists who need to cut large limbs or fell trees.

The machine is shipped with a 20-inch bar and weighs 13 pounds. The Husqvarna 455 is powered by a two-stroke gasoline engine that produces 2 horsepower, with a maximum engine speed of 9,000 rpm. The engine is started using the recoil starter mechanism, which also has an auto-return stop for easy starting.

The M series has a 3/8″ PM3 saw chain and is designed for more demanding cutting jobs. The M series saws have the same engine displacement, the same guide bar length, and the same power output, so the differences between them are in weight and features. The number after the letters represents the guide bar size of each model.

The Husqvarna 455 is a lightweight and efficient all-round saw, ideal for those who want a chainsaw for harvesting wood. It is ideal for cutting firewood and felling trees. Equipped with an X-Torq engine with high torque over a wide rpm range. The saw combines low weight and ease of use with professional durability, making it ideal for homeowners and part-time users. The Husqvarna 455 is a lightweight and efficient all-round saw, ideal for those who want a chainsaw for harvesting wood.

What are the differences in features for each saw?

Stihl MS 291 Husqvarna 455
Features 20% more fuel-efficient and 50% less polluting than previous chainsaws Cuts fuel consumption by 20% and emissions by 75%. CARB compliant. 40% less starter-cord resistance.
Engine 2-Mix. 55.5 cm3 / 3.76 HP gas X-Torq. 55.5 cm3 / 3.49 HP 2-stroke gas motor
Power output 2.8 kW / 3.8 HP 2.6kW / 3.5 HP
Weight empty 12.35 lbs / 5.6kg 13.2 lbs/6 kg
Bars 16 to 20 inches 18 to 20 inches
Fuel capacity 16.9 oz (0.5 l) 10.8 oz (0.32 l)
Operation Four overflow channels that mix fuel with air to improve combustion and efficiency. Compensator Smart Start. Combined choke/stop control, prevents flooding
Air filter Air routing with pre-separation. Optional HD2-Filter. Centrifugal air filter system. Quick-release system
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Ms 291: Briggs & Stratton® Engine – The MS 291 features a new generation of fuel efficient, low emission 2-stroke engine technology. The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. With a high torque over a very wide rpm range you can get the job done easier and quicker in all applications while saving gas at the same time! Air Injection™ Centrifugal Air Cleaning.

Husqvarna 455: Chrome-plated cylinder bore, forged steel connecting rod, and two-piece crankshaft for optimal power transfer and longer engine life. Durable magnesium crankcase and ergonomic design. Improved air filtration system. Two bar mounting studs; first stud is adjustable. Side-mounted chain tensioner. Standard Smart Start® air purge system. Easily accessible carburetor with snap lock cylinder cover. Ergonomic forester trigger handle with interlocking grip safety switch, integrated choke control and throttle lockout. X-Torq® engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 percent and emissions by up to 75 percent.

The MS 291 is a great middleweight saw and the Husqvarna 455 is a chainsaw that can do light-duty work but is better suited for heavy-duty jobs. Each one will be discussed in more detail below.  The MS 291 starts up quickly with a purge bulb and has an easy to use front hand guard. It also has a good ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and carry around. The MS291 also has a fuel pump, choke control and a decompression valve which are all features that make using this tool easier. The Stihl MS291 is also equipped with air injection which helps the saw run cleaner and longer by removing dirt particles from the air filter before they can get into the engine. The chainsaw also has an automatic oiler that keeps the chain lubricated. This ensures that it runs smoothly. The MS291 is also equipped with tool-less fuel caps which help make filling the saw with oil easier than ever before!

Who should go with the Husqvarna 455?

This is a question I often get from my customers, and it’s one that I’ve given a lot of thought to. In fact, the two saws are very similar in many ways. I’ve owned both saws for several years now and I use them regularly for all sorts of cutting tasks around my place. They’re really great tools for felling trees, firewood production and general maintenance work. But that is where their similarities end. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is an excellent chainsaw at any price point, but it is especially good value in the lower price range. It’s got a lot of power and it’s just as comfortable in the hands of a beginner as it is in the hands of a professional lumberjack.

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is a larger saw, with a 20″ bar and 50.2cc engine. The MS 291 has an 18″ bar and 50.2cc engine, so the two are quite similar in size, but the MS 291 is more powerful than the 455 Rancher. Husqvarna 455 Rancher has a centrifugal air cleaning system that reduces the amount of sawdust entering into the engine, so this may be better for dusty environments. It also has an inertia chain brake that immediately stops the chain when it detects dangerous kickback or other dangerous situations that could harm you or someone nearby. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is better if you want less vibration or an inertia chain brake.

Another thing that makes the 455 stand out is its easy start technology. Many chainsaws require two hands to start but this one requires just one hand to start up which is particularly nice when your hands are full. The quick stop chain brake system also adds another layer of safety to the saw while providing great stopping power as well as other benefits that we’ll discuss later on in this article.

One of its biggest benefits is its performance. It has a 55.5cc engine and 20-inch bar, so it can handle most of your cutting needs. Like other saws in this series, it has an X-Torq engine which runs cleaner and uses less fuel than other similar models. Husqvarna 455 Rancher is also comfortable to use. It has a vibration dampening system and an adjustable oil pump for safety as well as comfort. When it comes to maintenance, you don’t have to worry too much about this chainsaw because it is easy to start, service and maintain.

Who should buy the MS 291?

Stihl MS 291 does have some benefits that make it easier to work with for smaller jobs like felling small trees or cutting firewood. The main difference between the two saws comes down to the design of their respective engines. The Stihl MS 290 has an incredibly lightweight engine which makes it easy to handle while still being able to pack enough power when you need it most.

This MS 291 has an anti-vibration system that makes it feel less like you’re holding onto a chainsaw, which means you can use it for longer periods of time without getting tired. It also has a side-mounted chain tensioner for easy access to the chain when you want to adjust its tension.

The Stihl MS 291 is more powerful, more eco-friendly and less expensive to run than most other models on the market today. It’s also built to last with its sturdy construction and high quality materials like stainless steel blades that won’t rust over time or bend when they hit something hard like concrete or asphalt pavement while cutting through tough brush like thick grasses or trees branches up high in tall trees. And because this saw has an ergonomic design, you’ll be able to use it comfortably.

MS 291 is better if you want more power or easy access to the chain tensioner for quick adjustments.

The End

Husqvarna’s 455 is a good competitor, and professionals will choose the saw that suits their needs. Of course, both Stihl MS 291 and Husqvarna 455 have their strengths—and some very key design differences. These various features may help you shop.