MS 391 vs MS 311 – STIHL Chainsaw Wonderful Comparison

We have compared the MS 311 and MS 391 chainsaws and explained their pros and cons. The MS 391 and MS 311 chainsaws are part of STIHL’s range of professional, entry-level and expert saws. They are also known as STIHL 031/041 vs. STIHL 021/031 series in different parts of the world.

Which one should you buy based on your budget, if you will be mostly using it at home or for other purposes, will you be carrying it around a lot, what kind of material do you plan to cut with it, etc.? Read our reviews below to find out!

MS 391 VS MS 311: Comparison Chart

Comparison Stihl 311 Stihl 391
Engine power 4.2 bhp 4.4hp
Fuel capacity 20.3oz 20.3oz
Displacement 3.6 cu 3.9 cu
Power source Gas Gas 
Oil chain Three by 8 Three by 8
Bar length 16 inches Is 60 to 38
Weight 14.1lbs 13.01lb

MS 391 VS MS 311: Which is the Better Chainsaw?

The STIHL chainsaw is one of the most powerful and versatile chainsaw in the market. It comes with features that make it a popular choice for both commercial and residential users. STIHL chainsaws are available in different variations to suit your specific needs. In this post, we will compare two outstanding models–the MS 391 and MS 311.

STIHL MS 391 This chainsaw has a displacement of 50.2 cc, which gives it enough power to cut through medium-size logs. It is equipped with an anti-vibration system designed to reduce fatigue over extended periods of use. The STIHL MS 391 uses a 2-mix engine with a fuel tank capacity of 16.91 fl oz, which means you can work for longer without refilling the tank.

STIHL MS 311 Also, a powerful outdoor tool, the STIHL MS 311 has a displacement of 59 cc and a fuel tank capacity of 18 fl oz, which makes it slightly better than the MS 391 in terms of runtime and power output. Although it weighs 3 pounds more than the former model, it comes with an adjustable oil pump that allows you to control oil flow based on your cutting needs. 


MS 311 MS 391


Black, Grey, Orange Black, Grey, Orange

Fuel Tank

0.13 gal 0.13 gal
Chain Pitch N/A

3.0 in

Fuel Tank Capacity N/A

0.01 gal



13.67 lb 13.67 lb

Oil Tank

0.08 gal

0.08 gal

Bar Lenght N/A



Power 3100.0 W

3281.0 W

Power Source Petrol Driven

Petrol Driven

Difference 1: MS 311 vs MS 391 Engines

MS 391

The 2 STIHL Chainsaws Are Available here.

For the most part, these chainsaws are similar. The biggest difference between the MS 311 and the MS 391 is their engines.

The MS 311 comes with a 2.8 bhp engine, running a 50.2 cc engine. The MS 391 is slightly more powerful, with 3.1 bhp and a 55.5 cc engine. Both of these chainsaws can handle similar wood sizes, with a 20″ bar on the MS 311 and a 25″ bar on the MS 391. They both weigh about the same as well, at 12 lbs for the MS 311 and 11 lbs for the MS 391.

In terms of performance, both of these chainsaws can handle most woodcutting tasks around a residential home or farmstead. They’re not going to be able to tackle logging-scale projects or large commercial jobs, but they’ll certainly be able to get through anything you need around your property or in your workshop or garage.

Difference 2: MS 311 vs MS 391 Weight

The weight difference is not that significant, but the difference you are going to feel is significant. The Stihl MS 391 weighs in at 11.3 lbs. and the Stihl MS 311 is only 10.8 lbs.

While the half a pound might not seem like much, when you are swinging an 11.3 lb saw around for 8 hours a day it can really wear out your arms and hands. The 10.8 lb saw is definitely going to be easier on your arms and hands over time and help you stay productive throughout the day.

If you’re planning to use your chainsaw for long periods of time, the lighter weight of the MS 311 also means less fatigue and greater comfort for extended tasks like clearing heavy brush or cutting down trees.

Difference 3: MS 311 vs 391 Power Rating

There are a number of things to consider when comparing STIHL chainsaws. The two most important factors are the intended use of the saw, and the level of experience of the operator.

The MS 311 is a powerful, mid-range chainsaw for cutting firewood and felling trees. At 11.4 lbs., this machine is a lightweight performer that’s well-balanced across the board. It features an advanced anti-vibration system, and has a stratified scavenging engine with an advanced pre-separation air filtration system that allows it to run up to five times longer than conventional models before needing to be serviced. This can be a tremendous benefit when you’re out in the field cutting down trees all day long.

The Stihl MS 391 is a more powerful machine, yet it’s still light enough to wield easily on a wide range of jobs around your property. At 13.2 lbs., this saw has been expertly engineered to increase performance while reducing emissions as much as 50% over previous models. This saw also features our exclusive stratified scavenging technology – which means that fuel is burned more efficiently, requiring less fuel for optimum operation, and reducing harmful exhaust emissions. 

Difference 4: MS 311 vs 391 Bar Length

MS 391 vs MS 311

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The STIHL MS 311 and MS 391 are both powerful chainsaws that can handle almost any job you throw at them. But there are differences between the two models, as well as differences in how they are powered. The differences between the two chainsaws are outlined below.

Difference 1: MS 311 vs 391 Weight The STIHL MS 311 weighs 12 pounds, which is 2 pounds lighter than the STIHL MS 391.

Difference 2: MS 311 vs 391 Fuel Capacity The fuel capacity of the STIHL MS 311 is 1.9 pints, which is 0.6 pint less than the STIHL MS 391 fuel capacity of 2.5 pints.

Difference 3: MS 311 vs 391 Engine Power The engine power of the STIHL MS 311 is 3 horsepower, which is slightly less powerful than the 3.2 horsepower engine on the STIHL MS 391.

Difference 4: MS 311 vs 391 Bar Length The bar length on the STIHL MS 311 ranges from 16 to 20 inches, while the bar length on the STIHL MS 391 ranges from 18 to 24 inches.

Difference 5: MS 311 vs 391 Anti-Vibration System

The STIHL MS 311 and MS 391 are similar in many ways, but there are a few key differences that make one of these chainsaws better for your needs.

The STIHL MS 311 is a high-tech workhorse made for the professional arborist or serious landowner. At the same time, it’s also lightweight enough to be used by the casual chainsaw owner who wants power and reliability.

The STIHL MS 391 is a step up from the 311, with more power and torque to take on bigger jobs. It’s designed with professionals in mind, but like the MS 311, it can be used by anyone who needs a heavy-duty chainsaw.

Anti-Vibration System Both the STIHL MS 311 and 391 are equipped with an anti-vibration system (AV). This is an important feature because it reduces stress on your hands and arms when you’re cutting for long periods of time. The AV system on both saws has special springs that absorb vibration from the engine and minimize shaking.

Difference 6: MS 311 vs 391 Maintenance Options and Pricing

MS 391 review

The MS 311 has a 2,000-hour engine maintenance interval, while the MS 391 has a 1,000-hour interval. This doesn’t mean you can’t run the MS 391 for 2,000 hours or that the MS 311 will last longer than the MS 391 — it simply means that it is recommended that you perform routine maintenance more frequently with the MS 391 chainsaw.

Both models require that you use STIHL Ultra oil and STIHL HP Ultra oil to get this extended service life. This is because STIHL Ultra oil is specially formulated to keep your engine running in top condition longer by reducing the carbon buildup in your engine. When it comes to pricing, both models are priced very closely together. The only variation between them is if you purchase one without a bar and chain.

In this case, the MS 311 chainsaw is slightly less expensive than the MS 391 chainsaw.

Similarity 1: Emission Level & Fuel Efficiency of Stihl MS 391 Chainsaws

STIHL MS 311 and MS 391 chainsaws have a lot of similar features.

They are both mid-range saws with good power, low emissions and fuel efficiency. The main difference is that the MS 391 has more power than the MS 311, which can make it a better choice for heavy-duty work. Similarities of STIHL Chainsaws Both the STIHL MS 311 and STIHL MS 391 chainsaws are mid-range saws that sit between the lightweight consumer models and the larger professional saws.

They offer excellent power for their size, low emissions and great fuel efficiency. Emissions Level & Fuel Efficiency These STIHL chainsaws meet all emission regulations in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

They also have an extremely high fuel efficiency rating, which means they use very little gas to operate effectively. This helps you save money on gas while also minimizing your environmental impact.

Similarity 2: Chain Lubrication of STIHL Chainsaws

STIHL chainsaws, like all other chainsaws, need to be properly lubricated while in use. The best way to do this is by having an automatic chain lubrication system in place. Both of these models, the MS 311 and the MS 391, have a similar chain lubrication system. Both feature a flow rate that can be adjusted from 0 to 100%.

The MS 311 flows at about three-quarters of an ounce per minute, and the MS 391 flows at about one ounce per minute. They both also feature a side-mounted chain tensioning system for easy adjustments.

Similarity 3: Chain Brake & Safety Features of STIHL Chainsaws

Chainsaw safety is a major consideration when looking at different chainsaws. It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident with the safety features on your new chainsaw. This is true whether you are looking to compare electric chainsaws or petrol chainsaws, like the STIHL MS 311 vs MS 391.

Both of these powerful STIHL Chainsaws come with several different safety features. These features make them safe for professional arborists and landscapers to use as well as for weekend warriors and DIYers who want to do some light limb cutting in their own backyard.

Both the STIHL MS 311 and the STIHL MS 391 are equipped with a chain brake that can stop the saw blade from spinning in a matter of seconds if you suffer kickback or have a jolt in your arm or wrist while using it. The chain brake also stops the saw blade within seconds if you release the trigger accidentally.

Even though both of these chainsaws are safe for professionals to use, they also both have anti-vibration features that minimize the effects of fatigue and help reduce risk of injury during long days working on multiple jobsites or projects.


In the end, the choice between the MS 391 and the MS 311 depends on what you need a chainsaw for, and how much weight you want to put on each of our criteria.

The MS 391 is an excellent tool for anyone who does a lot of husking or bucking (that is, cutting trees down), while the MS 311 may be a better fit for those who mostly use their chainsaw to cut firewood and kindling. But there’s one big factor that goes into this decision: price. While both models have similar features and are comparable in performance, the MS 311 is a fair bit cheaper than its bigger brother.

So if budget is a major concern, we’d recommend checking out our STIHL Chainsaw Comparison: MS 391 vs MS 311 evaluation to see which chainsaw might work best for you.