New to 2N7002L: What Is It and Where to Buy?

In this article, we will delve into the fundamentals of the 2N7002L, its key specifications, and explore its numerous applications. So, let’s embark on this knowledge journey and unlock the potential of the 2N7002L transistor.

What Is 2N7002L?

The 2N7002L MOSFET is a highly versatile and efficient electronic component that has gained significant popularity in various applications due to its exceptional performance. This power MOSFET is designed to operate at low voltages, making it an ideal choice for numerous electronics projects.

Key specifications

Product Attribute Attribute Value
Product Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
1 Channel
60 V
115 mA
7.5 Ohms
– 20 V, + 20 V
1.81 V
– 55 C
+ 150 C
200 mW
Cut Tape
Brand Onsemi
Configuration Single
Forward Transconductance 80 mS
Height 1.2 mm
Length 2.9 mm
Product Type MOSFET
Subcategory MOSFETs
Transistor Type 1 N-Channel
Width 1.3 mm
Unit Weight 0.000282 oz

PCB Symbol and Footprint

pcb symbol and footprint

Features and Benefits of 2N7002L

  1. 1. Low voltage operation and power dissipation
  2. 2. High switching speed and low on-resistance
  3. 3. ESD protection and robustness
  4. 4. Other notable features and advantages

Applications of 2N7002L

  • LED Drivers

LED drivers are essential for controlling the brightness of LEDs in lighting systems. The 2N7002L can be used as a switch to control the current flowing through the LEDs. By adjusting the gate voltage, the 2N7002L can regulate the LED brightness effectively.

  • Motor Control

The 2N7002L can also be utilized in motor control systems, such as robotic vehicles or small appliances. By acting as a switch, it can control the speed and direction of DC motors. The transistor’s fast switching capability allows for efficient motor control, making it a popular choice in this application.

  • Battery Management Systems

In battery management systems, the 2N7002L can be used to protect batteries from overcharging or discharging. It acts as a switch to enable or disable the charging or discharging process based on voltage levels. By incorporating the 2N7002L, battery life can be significantly improved, and the risk of damage to the battery reduced.

Circuit Design Considerations with 2N7002L

Voltage and current considerations 

To operate safely, the voltage and current ratings of the 2N7002L should be within the specified limits. Exceeding these limits can lead to device failure or damage. It is crucial to carefully analyze the requirements of the circuit and choose the appropriate transistor to handle the expected voltages and currents.

Proper gate driving techniques 

Proper gate driving techniques are essential to achieve optimal performance with the 2N7002L. The gate voltage should be sufficient to fully turn on the transistor, ensuring low resistance and minimal power dissipation. Moreover, gate voltage transitions should be quick and well-controlled to avoid any switching losses.

Heat dissipation and thermal considerations

Heat dissipation is an important aspect to consider when using the 2N7002L in high-power applications to prevent thermal damage. Adequate thermal management through heat sinks or proper PCB layout can help dissipate the heat generated during operation. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the transistor.

Troubleshooting techniques and solutions

Here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you:

  1. Double-check circuit connections: Verify the proper connection of the 2N7002L, paying attention to the pin configuration and ensuring it matches the circuit requirements.
  2. Adjust gate voltage: If the transistor is not functioning as expected, adjust the gate voltage to the appropriate levels based on the datasheet specifications.
  3. Improve heat dissipation: Enhance heat dissipation by incorporating heat sinks, optimizing PCB layout for better thermal conduction, or reducing the overall power dissipation in the circuit.

By following these practical tips and troubleshooting techniques, users can make the most of the 2N7002L and overcome any challenges that may arise during its applications.


From simple switching circuits to complex motor control systems, the 2N7002L offers a cost-effective and reliable solution. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the 2N7002L and its applications.