How to solve all the stihl ms 362 c m problems and issues?

With its flawless history, excellent customer support and great response to how to solve all the stihl ms 362 c m problems, it has set a standard by which other manufacturers are measured. Stihl is a brand that needs no introduction in the power equipment industry. However, if you are new to this brand or if you have had some challenges, following the tips we’ve enlisted below should help you get going without your worries and concerns.

All the stihl ms 362 c m problems

Stihl MS 362 C M is a chain saw that has been designed to deliver high performance. It comes with a powerful motor and other features that enable you to cut through different types of woods and even through small trees. However, it is not a perfect machine and there are some issues that you might be experiencing with it.

How to adjust the carburetor on a stihl ms 362 c?

stihl ms 362 c

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A carburetor is an important part of any engine. It is responsible for mixing fuel and air, which leads to combustion. The mixture of these two components is what produces power in your engine.

The following steps will help you adjust your carburetor:

  • The first step is to make sure that your engine is off and cool. You should also make sure that the chain saw is properly adjusted, so that there is no slack in it. If you have not done this already, read our guide on how to adjust a chain saw chain.
  • The second step is to loosen the screws holding the cover on by turning them counter-clockwise until they stop.
  • The third step is to remove the screw holding the choke lever onto the carburetor, by turning it counter-clockwise until it stops.
  • The fourth step is to remove the choke lever from the carburetors by pulling it up and off of them.
  • The fifth step is to pull out your float bowl drain plug with a flathead screwdriver (or similar tool) so that any fuel left in your float bowl can drain out into a container below it. After this has been done, replace your drain plug back into its original position.
  • The sixth step is to unscrew your main jet needle (which should be located at the top of your float bowl) by turning it counter.

How to replace bar oil pump for stihl ms 362 c-m?

The bar oil pump is a small pump that is used to pressurize the bar so that it can cut through wood. It is mounted on top of the engine and connected to the clutch. The pump consists of a piston, cylinder, connecting rod and crankshaft. The piston rod connects to the crankshaft with a set screw connection while the connecting rod connects to the clutch with a ball-and-socket joint.

Remove Bar Oil Pump:

  1. The first step in replacing this part is to remove it from your saw. To do this, you will need to remove four screws that secure it onto the engine housing.
  2. There are two screws on each side of the housing near where it meets up with the crankcase cover – one on each side of each cylinder head (you may also have one screw at each end of the crankcase cover).
  3. You can use either a phillips head screwdriver or an adjustable wrench depending on how much room you have between your hands and where these screws are located on your saw model in particular.

The best way to prevent a problem is to take care of your tools. Stihl recommends changing the bar oil every 25 hours, but you should do it more often if you use your best stihl chainsaw often.

How to adjust the chain tensioner on Stihl Ms 362c?

Chain tensioners are used to adjust the chain tension on chainsaws. They can be adjusted in many different ways, depending on the model of the saw. The chain tensioner is located under this handle and can be adjusted to change how much pressure is applied to the bar when cutting wood.

The first step in adjusting your chain tensioner is to wear safety glasses, ear protection, gloves and long pants. This will protect you from any debris that might fly off of your chain or bar while you are adjusting it. Next, put your safety glasses on and turn off your chainsaw by pulling back on your throttle trigger until it clicks off completely (do not touch any part of the engine).

Then let go of the trigger and wait for several seconds for all of the fuel to run out of your carburetor before moving on. After waiting several seconds for all of the fuel to run out of your carburetor, pull back on your throttle trigger until it clicks off completely again.

After you have adjusted your chain properly, you need to make sure that it stays in place. If you are using a Stihl model MS 362 C-M, the chain tensioner is the perfect tool for your needs. This is because it will help you keep track of the chain tension.

Make sure that your saw is off and cool before you start working on it. You should also ensure that there is no oil or fuel in it, as this can cause serious damage to the machine.

How to change the spark plug on a stihl ms 362 c m?

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To change the spark plug on your stihl ms 362 c m, you will first need to unscrew the screw from the bottom of the seat. Then remove the screw from the back side of the housing cover plate with a T20 Torx wrench.

Next, remove all four screws from around the carburetor housing cover plate and carefully lift off the plastic cover plate by prying up at both ends with a flathead screwdriver.

Now you will be able to see the carburetor and its internals, as well as access to your spark plug. Use a 10mm socket wrench to unscrew your old spark plug and replace it with a new one if needed. Re-tighten everything back into place and reattach your seat.

Changing the spark plug on a Stihl MS 362 C M is not a difficult task. It will only take you minutes to complete and you don’t need any special tools or equipment.

Prepare your work area Choose an area that is well-lit, clean and free from debris. If possible, place your bike on a stand or jackstands so that it is elevated above the ground. This will allow you to easily access all areas of the engine. Cover your bike with a tarp or blanket to protect it from dirt and debris while you work on it.

What fuel mix do I use for the stihl ms 362 c?

We recommend using 10% 2-stroke oil in a 50:1 ratio with gasoline for optimum performance. You can also use a 100% gasoline or a 50:1 mix without any oil.

Keep in mind that when using 100% gasoline, the engine will produce more smoke and fumes. The chain keeps coming off my stihl ms 362 c m. This is often caused by incorrect tensioning of the chain. Check your owners manual for proper chain tension measurements, then follow these steps:

  • Remove the spark plug to prevent starting up while doing adjustments (it’s best to have it on hand though). If you have not already done so, remove the air filter cover to access the engine side of the clutch cover.
  • Loosen all four nuts that hold the clutch cover in place (two on each side). These are located under where your hands rest when operating the trimmer but only one nut on each side requires removal.

The Stihl MS 362 C is a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer that can use up to 30% ethanol fuel. However, it’s important to note that the manufacturer only recommends using E10 fuel in the machine because it is mixed at 10% ethanol with 90% gasoline.

Does my Stihl MS362 C-M come with a case?

Stihl MS362 C-M comes with a hard plastic carrying case. This allows you to store and transport your chainsaw safely and with ease. It’s a hard plastic case that has foam inside to protect your chainsaw.

The recommended cutting attachment is 25 cm. Can I use a larger one?

The manual recommends using a 25 cm cutting attachment, but I see that the larger cutting attachments are available for my model of the saw. You can use it with good success. It is just a matter of finding the correct size of chain and sprocket for your specific application.

You can use a larger cutting attachment with the MS 362 C. However, it is not recommended as the engine may struggle to provide enough power to operate the trimmer at full capacity.

For example, you could use a cutting attachment that is much wider than 25 cm. However, this will cause problems with the chain tensioning system. In this case, you will have to adjust the chain tension manually. In addition to that, if you use a larger cutting attachment, you may also have issues with the drive shaft. This is because it may not be able to rotate freely due to the extra weight of the bigger blade or other attachments. In this case again, you will have to adjust the drive shaft manually.

How frequently should I replace the air filter on my stihl ms 362 c m?

The air filter on a Stihl chainsaw is one of the most important parts of the machine. It helps to ensure that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently, while also preventing dirt and debris from entering the engine.

The air filter on a Stihl chainsaw should be changed every 30 hours of use or every 3 months (whichever comes first), according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will help keep dirt and debris from entering your engine and causing problems down the line.

When you start to notice a decrease in performance, or when the engine becomes hard to start, this is usually a good indication that it’s time to replace your air filter.

How tight should the chain be on my stihl ms 362 c m?

The chain should be tight enough to prevent the chain from slipping, but not so tight as to cause damage. If too loose, the chain can move up and down and rub against itself or other parts of the saw. If too tight, there is a risk that the chain will stretch and break.

The chain of your machine should not be too loose or too tight. It should be kept in between these two extremes so that it works properly. If it is too loose, then it will not cut anything properly and if it is too tight, then you may face problems like pulling out of the guide bar or even breakage of the chain links while cutting something hard like wood or metal.

The chains on a Stihl MS 362 C M can be tightened to a different specification than the manuals recommend. The manual says that the chain should be tight enough so that it does not move when you grab it with your hand. This is good advice for most chainsaws, but the Stihl MS 362 C M has a very wide bar and a long bar, which means that it has a tendency to flex when you are cutting.

If you tighten the chain too much, you will find that it bends as well as flexes, which results in poor performance and increased wear on the saw. If you have a new chain on your saw and you want to make sure that it doesn’t bend while cutting, just tighten it until it is snug against the sprocket nose and then give it one more full turn with your wrench.

What is the purpose of decompression valve on my stihl ms 362 c-m?

The purpose of the decompression valve on my stihl ms 362 c-m is to release built up pressure in the carburetor when the engine is idling. If your engine has a problem running, it may be that there is too much pressure in the gas tank or fuel line. You can alleviate this problem by adjusting your decompression valve.

Turn off your chainsaw and allow it to cool down for at least five minutes before attempting to adjust the decompression valve. Remove the spark plug wire and place it in a safe place where it cannot come into contact with any metal parts. Remove the air filter housing from your chainsaw by loosening its mounting screws with a screwdriver.

Pull out the foam filter cartridge and set it aside for later use. Locate the decompression valve on your chainsaw by looking at its side under where it says “carburetor” or “fuel cock.” Turn this knob counterclockwise one full turn until there is no more resistance felt while turning it with your hand.

The purpose of the decompression valve is to allow trapped fuel to evacuate the carburetor in the event that it becomes flooded. This prevents flooding or “coking” and keeps the engine running efficiently. The decompression valve is located on top of your carburetor and allows fuel to flow through it when you depress it. This will allow you to get fuel into your carburetor if it becomes flooded with old gas or other contaminants.

To use your decompression valve, simply pull it out from its housing and press down firmly until you hear a hissing sound from inside your engine as air escapes from around your spark plugs. Once this happens, remove the cord from its housing and reinsert it into its proper position. You should not have any more issues starting up your Stihl chainsaw after doing this procedure!


Cleaning your Stihl MS 362 C M is very simple, but you must be sure you are doing this right. First, the fuel filter must be in good condition and changed every 50 hours of use. Never skip the first step of the pre-operation checklist.

If it is not done regularly, it may lead to dirt getting in the carburetor or unbalanced fuel pressure inside the carburetor which will cause a lot of issues with the engine performance and/or even damage to your chainsaw as well. Always turn off the engine first and make sure that it stops before its components are detached from the machine.