The Specifacitons of stihl ms 362 and stihl ms 362 c-m

The Specifacitons of stihl ms 362 and stihl ms 362 c-m are here. Stihl ms 362 is a two cycle gas powered chainsaw that has been designed for light to medium work. This model chainsaw is a well known chainsaw, and it is said to be perfect for trimming and pruning jobs in addition to cutting firewood. Stihl MS 362 CM is the best selling chainsaw from Stihl. The 2016 version has a 380 cc engine and comes in both 18 inch bar and 20 inch bar size variants. This review will discuss the specification of this model with particular focus on the US version of this chainsaw.

Specifacitons of stihl ms 362

The STIHL MS 362 is a gasoline-powered, portable chainsaw. It has an automatic oiler for easy cutting and reduced maintenance time. The MS 362 also features an anti-vibration system for greater user comfort. It is a powerful, easy-to-use chainsaw that’s ideal for professionals, homeowners and anyone who wants to make jobs easier.

Engine displacement 3.62 cu. inch (59.0 cm³)

The Specifacitons of stihl ms 362 and stihl ms 362 c-m:
Engine displacement 3.62 cu.

The MS 362 C-M is a powerful consumer saw for trimming, pruning and felling trees. Its engine performance and light weight make it the perfect choice for homeowners who want to do all the work themselves. The MS 362 C-M features an ergonomic handle design with an integrated trigger lock, which makes starting easier and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. The quick stop function provides additional safety when releasing the start switch. The MS 362 C-M is equipped with a low vibration system that reduces vibration in your hands by up to 50% compared to previous models.

Bar length 24″ to 40″ (60 to 100 cm)

Specifacitons of stihl ms 362

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The Stihl MS 362 and MS 362 C-M are chainsaws that are both powerful and lightweight. They are made for cutting wood, especially hardwood and pine. The MS 362 has a bar length of 24″ to 40″, while the MS 362 C-M has a bar length of 30″ to 42″. This means that the C-M is slightly longer than the regular MS 362, but both have enough power to handle any job.

The MS 362 and MS 362 C-M are two professional chainsaws that come from the same manufacturer, but have different features. Both have a 24″ (60 cm) bar length with a chain speed of 2,600 cuts per minute. They both have an engine capacity of 3.2 cc. The MS 362 has an air purge system and can be used with a 16″ (40 cm) bar, while the MS 362 C-M can only be used with a 20″ (50 cm) bar.

Weight (without bar and chain)12.79 lbs. (5.80 kg)

The Stihl MS 362 C-M is a chainsaw that has been designed to be light, powerful and easy to use. The Stihl MS 362 C-M weighs 12.79 lbs. (5.80 kg) and has a cutting capacity of up to 18 inches (45 cm). This makes it very suitable for cutting down trees and branches of up to 6 inches in diameter.

The Stihl MS 362 C-M features a low weight design with an efficient one-piece engine casing which allows the machine to cut easily through hardwood trees without breaking down or requiring too much effort from the user. The Stihl MS 362 C-M is powered by a 2 stroke engine which runs on unleaded gasoline and produces high performance power output of 1 kW/7500 rpm.

MS 362 C-M chainsaw is a professional chainsaw for big trees, high performance and easy to use. The weight of the saw is 12.79 lbs without bar and chain. This saw comes with a magnesium crankcase, magnesium bar and shaft, aluminum clutch cover and trigger guard.

The handle is made from fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). This makes the saw very durable and lightweight. This is a dual-speed model with an automatic oil pump that ensures proper lubrication of all moving parts during operation. It has a low-emission engine that meets EPA emissions standards for lower emissions.

Power 2.8 kW (3.75 bhp)

The MS 362 C-M is a powerful two-stroke chainsaw for professional use. It comes equipped with a 2.8 kW (3.75 bhp) engine and has a cutting speed of 8,000 rpm.

It features an automatic bar oiler that ensures uninterrupted cutting performance even under extreme conditions. The saw also features electronic ignition, which is easy to start even when the bar oil level is low, as well as an automatic chain oiler that ensures optimal lubrication of the chain during operation.

The MS 362 is a versatile chainsaw. The MS 362 C-M, with its reduced weight and ergonomic design, is the perfect tool for tree surgeons, gardeners and landscapers alike. The MS 362 C-M features: Power 2.8 kW (3.75 bhp) Engine type: 2-stroke air-cooled engine with auto decompression system.

Fuel capacity 530 cc (18 oz.)

Fuel capacity 530 cc (18 oz.). The MS 362 C-M is a powerful, compact and efficient chainsaw that offers you the best of both worlds. Its 18 oz. fuel tank provides an extended runtime of up to 195 chainsaw cuts, which is excellent for demanding professional use.

The MS 362 C-M delivers outstanding performance thanks to its powerful engine and its new gearbox design with increased rigidity. Furthermore, its low weight of just 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) makes this best Stihl ms chainsaw easy to handle and maneuver around trees or logs. The MS 362 C-M offers great value for money and is perfectly suited for professional use in forest management and silviculture.

Chain pitch 3/8″ (.325″)

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The MS 362 has a 3/8-inch (0.325″) chain pitch, which means that it uses larger barbs than other chainsaws. This makes the chainsaw more durable and able to cut through bigger trees without breaking or slowing down. The Stihl MS 362 C-M is similar to the regular MS 362 model, but it can also be used with a compressed air fuel mix (CAM).

The Stihl MS 362 is a gas-powered chainsaw designed for people who have a lot of work to do. The machine’s power and durability make it ideal for cutting firewood and clearing land.

Oil tank capacity 220 cc (7.4 oz.)

The MS362 has an oil tank capacity of 220 cc (7.4 oz.) and an air filter that can be cleaned easily with the press of a lever. The MS362 also has an automatic chain oiler that will lubricate the chain while you are working to prevent excessive wear on the bar and chain.

It also has an automatic chain lubrication system with 2 oil pumps and 2 oil reservoirs, one for each cylinder. The MS 362 C-M is equipped with an inertia activated chain brake that stops the chain after it strikes an object, preventing it from bouncing back into the operator’s face or chest.

The Stihl MS362 is a small, lightweight chainsaw that is powered by a two-stroke engine. This chainsaw can be used for cutting small logs and branches, but it is not designed for heavy duty cutting.

Specifications of Stihl Ms 362-cm

The Stihl MS 362 C-M is a brush cutter with a powerful, high-speed engine. It’s built to handle extreme conditions. High-Speed Motor The MS 362 C-M features a high-performance, four-stroke engine that delivers cutting power and torque. The engine produces an output of 1.6 kW (2.2 hp). This gives you the power you need to tackle tough jobs quickly, even when cutting thick foliage at full throttle.

The 362 C-M is equipped with an electronic ignition system for easy starting and reliable operation in all conditions. Powerful Cutting Head The MS 362 C-M has a durable head made from impact resistant plastic that’s designed to cut through thick brush with ease. The head has a diameter of 320 mm (12.5″).

It also has a chain brake system that stops the chain instantly when you release the throttle or pull back on the bar for safety if your hands slip off the handles during operation. The MS 362 C-M features an easy starting system that helps minimize downtime by making it easier than ever before to start this brush cutter cold or warm, right out of the box!


  • Engine Type: 2-cylinder, 4-cycle,
  • Displacement: 36.5 cc
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.9 liters (0.6 imp gal)
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 0.3 liter (0.1 imp gal)
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.9 l/h at 30% load (0.4 gal/h at 25% load)
  • Ignition: Electronic ignition system with integrated ignition timing adjustment with automatic decompression stop for easier starting and reduced wear;
  • Flywheel magneto with centrifugal switch (MS 362 C-M only)
  • Starting System: Electric starter with centrifugal switch; manual pull start (MS 362 C-M only).

Summary of Specifications of Stihl ms 362

The Stihl MS 362 and MS 362 C-M are chain saws that have been manufactured by the German company Stihl. The chain saw is a useful tool for cutting trees and branches. It can be used for cutting down trees in order to make room for a new home or business, or it can be used to cut down smaller trees in order to make firewood or lumber.