Stihl 031 Review: Specs, Features and Troubleshooting Tips

The STIHL 031 chain saw is a reliable and powerful tool that many users opt for due to its performance and durability. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of its specifications, features, and troubleshooting tips to help potential buyers make an informed decision.


There were several versions of the STIHL 031 produced during its production run, each with some minor differences and improvements.

  1. STIHL 031AV: This was the initial version of the STIHL 031 and was equipped with a 3.8 horsepower engine. It featured a manual oil pump, chain brake, and a single choke control lever.
  2. STIHL 031AVE: This version of the chainsaw featured an electronic ignition system, which made starting the chainsaw easier and more reliable. It was also equipped with a decompression valve, which reduced the engine’s compression during starting.
  3. STIHL 031AVQ: The AVQ version of the STIHL 031 was designed specifically for quiet operation. It featured a special muffler that reduced noise levels without sacrificing performance. All other specifications remained the same as the base AV model.


  1. Engine Power: The STIHL 031 is powered by a 61cc 2-cycle engine, making it suitable for demanding cutting tasks.
  2. Anti-Vibration System: This chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration system, reducing fatigue and providing a comfortable operation experience.
  3. Chain Brake: The STIHL 031 has a chain brake mechanism that stops the chain from rotating in case of kickback, enhancing safety during use.
  4. Fuel and Oil Tank Capacity: It has a fuel tank capacity of 1.7 L (0.45 gallons) and an oil tank capacity of 0.27 L (0.07 gallons), ensuring sufficient fuel and oil for extended cutting sessions.
  5. Automatic Oiling System: The chainsaw features an automatic oiling system that lubricates the chain and bar to reduce friction and increase the lifespan of the cutting components.
  6. Electronic Ignition Module: The STIHL 031 incorporates an electronic ignition module, providing easy start-up and reliable performance.
  7. Air Filtration System: It is equipped with a heavy-duty air filtration system, preventing dust and debris from entering the engine, thereby ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of the engine.
  8. Guide Bar Length: This chainsaw comes with a guide bar length of 40 cm (16 inches), enabling a wide range of cutting applications.


Engine type 2-stroke
Power output 2.6 horsepower
Displacement 50.2 cc
Fuel tank volume 14.6 fl oz
Oil tank volume 9.5 fl oz
Chain pitch 3/8 inch
Bar length 13 to 20 in.
Chain gauge 0.05 in.
Weight 11.7 lbs


The price of a used STIHL 031 chainsaw can vary depending on its condition, age, and included accessories. On popular online marketplaces, a used STIHL 031 can range anywhere from $150 to $400. However, keep in mind that these prices can fluctuate, and it’s recommended to check local listings and reputable retailers for the most up-to-date pricing.


  • Engine assembly: This includes the cylinder, piston, crankshaft, and other internal components responsible for generating power.
  • Guide bar and chain: The guide bar is the long metal bar onto which the cutting chain is mounted. The chain is responsible for cutting through wood.
  • Ignition system: The ignition system includes the spark plug, ignition coil, and flywheel, which work together to ignite the fuel mixture and power the engine.
  • Starter assembly: The starter assembly consists of a handle, rope, and pulley system that allows the user to start the chainsaw.
  • Fuel system: This includes the fuel tank, fuel filter, carburetor, and fuel lines that ensure proper fuel delivery to the engine.

Customer Review

It’s essential to consider customer reviews when assessing the performance and reliability of a product like the STIHL 031 chainsaw. While specific customer reviews may vary, the overall sentiment regarding the STIHL 031 is positive. Many users appreciate its power, durability, and ease of use.

However, it’s worth noting that since this model has been discontinued for several decades, most reviews are from long-time users and may not reflect the experiences of potential buyers today.

To get a better idea of current customer reviews, it is advisable to visit reputable online retail websites that sell used STIHL 031 chainsaws or check out online forums and communities dedicated to chainsaw enthusiasts.


  1. STIHL MS 261: This is a newer chainsaw from STIHL with improved features and technologies. It boasts higher power, reduced emissions, lower vibration levels, and enhanced ergonomic design.
  2. Husqvarna 455 Rancher: This chainsaw is known for its powerful performance and durability. It features a robust engine, a comfortable ergonomic design, and a range of safety features.
  3. Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf: Another popular alternative, this chainsaw from Echo offers excellent power and performance. It features a professional-grade engine, a large fuel tank, and high-quality construction.

When considering alternatives, it’s important to evaluate your specific needs, such as the intended use, power requirements, desired features, and budget. Additionally, reading customer reviews and seeking professional advice from authorized dealers can help you make an informed decision.


1. Engine won’t start

  1. Check the fuel tank to make sure it has fuel.
  2. Check the spark plug to ensure it is clean and in good condition.
  3. Inspect the air filter to ensure it is not clogged or dirty.
  4. Make sure the ignition switch is in the ON position.
  5. Check the fuel lines for any blockages or leaks.

2. Loss of power or stalling

  1. Clean or replace the air filter if it is clogged.
  2. Check the fuel filter for any debris or blockages.
  3. Inspect the spark plug for wear or damage and replace if necessary.
  4. Adjust the carburetor settings if they are incorrect.
  5. Make sure the fuel being used is fresh and of the correct grade.

3. Excessive vibration or shaking

  1. Inspect the cutting attachment and blade for any damage or imbalance.
  2. Tighten any loose bolts or screws on the unit.
  3. Check the clutch, flywheel, and crankshaft for any damage.
  4. Inspect the anti-vibration mounts to ensure they are in good condition.

4. Unusual noises

  1. Check the cutting attachment for any damage or loose parts.
  2. Inspect the engine casing for any cracks or signs of damage.
  3. Listen for any abnormal sounds coming from the engine.
  4. If the noise persists, it is recommended to take the unit to a professional for further inspection.

5. Difficulty in starting or running at high temperatures

  1. Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or clogged.
  2. Check the fuel system for any blockages or leaks.
  3. Inspect the spark plug and replace if necessary.
  4. Adjust the carburetor settings for optimal performance.
  5. Ensure the cooling system is functioning properly and clean any debris from the cooling fins.

Stihl 031


Is the 031 chainsaw suitable for home use?

The suitability of the STIHL 031 chain saw for home use depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. This particular model is a powerful chainsaw often used by professionals in the forestry industry, but it can also be utilized effectively by homeowners with more demanding tasks.

With a robust engine and a good power-to-weight ratio, the STIHL 031 can handle heavy-duty cutting jobs, making it suitable for cutting firewood, pruning trees, and even small to medium-sized tree felling.

How long does the STIHL 031 chainsaw last?

The lifespan can vary depending on several factors, such as maintenance, frequency of use, and the type of tasks it is utilized for. With proper care, regular servicing, and adherence to usage guidelines, the 031 chainsaw can last for many years. Routine maintenance includes cleaning the air filter, sharpening the chain regularly, and inspecting and replacing worn-out parts.

How much do the 031 chainsaws weigh?

The weight is approximately 6.6 kilograms or 14.5 pounds. While this weight may be considered slightly heavier compared to some other models on the market, it is important to note that this is a result of its robust construction and powerful engine. The weight distribution of the chainsaw is designed to ensure stability and reduce fatigue during operation. 

Is the 031 chainsaw easy to use?

In terms of ease of use, this 031 chainsaw generally receives positive reviews from both professionals and homeowners. While it is a powerful tool, the inclusion of user-friendly features and ergonomic design elements contribute to ease of operation. The chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration system, which reduces the transmission of vibrations to the operator’s hands, minimizing fatigue during extended use.

The starting procedure is straightforward, with a separate choke and throttle lock, and reliable performance once started. The well-balanced design and comfortable grip further enhance the overall user experience.

Can the 031 chainsaws cut through thick logs?

Yes, the STIHL 031 chain saw is capable of cutting through thick logs. With its high horsepower output and a chain speed of around 70 feet per second, the saw exhibits excellent cutting performance. The engine power, coupled with the appropriate chain and guide bar combination, allows for efficient cutting of logs of various diameters.


In conclusion, the STIHL 031 chainsaw is an excellent choice for those seeking a powerful and durable chainsaw. With its suitability for heavy-duty cutting tasks and long lifespan, it can meet the needs of professionals and homeowners alike.