Stihl 070 Review: Feature, Specs And Best Deal

When it comes to heavy-duty outdoor equipment, Stihl is a brand that needs no introduction. With decades of experience in the industry, Stihl products are renowned for their durability, reliability, and superior performance. Among its many offerings, the Stihl 070 chainsaw is a well-known and widely used tool that has become a household name for professionals and homeowners alike. In this article, we will delve into the features, specifications, and best deals for the Stihl 070 chainsaw.

Stihl 070 Chainsaw Review

What was the 070 used for?

The Stihl 070 chainsaw was originally designed for professional use, such as logging and tree felling. However, due to its high power and durability, it has become a popular tool for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who demand superior performance from their equipment.


  1. Professional grade 105cc engine with a maximum power output of 7.3 HP
  2. Durable construction with high-quality materials and a magnesium alloy crankcase for longevity
  3. Automatic oiling system to lubricate the chainsaw bar and chain
  4. Advanced anti-vibration technology to reduce operator fatigue and improve control
  5. Large air filter for improved air intake and longer engine life
  6. Easy-to-access spark plug and starter rope for quick maintenance
  7. Decompression valve for easier starting
  8. Optional muffler with spark arrestor for increased safety in fire-prone areas.


Technical data Value
Displacement 105,7 cm³
Performance 4,8 kW
Weight 10,8 kg
Power-to-weight ratio 2,2 kg/kW
Chain pitch .404″
Oil tank volume 530 cm3

Pros and cons


  1. Powerful engine capable of handling heavy-duty cutting tasks
  2. Large chain capacity for extended cutting time
  3. Durable and long-lasting construction
  4. Easy to maintain and repair
  5. Versatile and can be used for a variety of cutting applications


  1. Heavier than some other chainsaws in its class
  2. Can be more expensive than other models
  3. Can be difficult to start for beginners

Customer Reviews

  • “I’m a professional logger and have been using this 070 chainsaw for over 10 years. It’s one of the most reliable and durable chainsaws I’ve owned.”

  •  “I bought the Stihl MS 070 chainsaw for personal use on my ranch and it’s been a great investment. It’s powerful enough to handle even the toughest jobs and has saved me a lot of time and effort.”

  • “I found this chainsaw to be a bit heavy for my liking but it’s definitely a high-quality chainsaw. The engine runs smoothly and I haven’t had any issues with it.”


The price of the Stihl 070 chainsaw varies depending on the retailer and location. On average, it can range from $800 to $1,200. However, it’s important to remember that the Stihl 070 is a high-end and durable tool that can last for many years with proper maintenance, making it a worthwhile investment for professionals and homeowners alike.

Best deal

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Stihl 070 Alternatives

Although the Stihl 070 chainsaw was once a popular model, it has been discontinued. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives available in the market that offer comparable features and performance.

  1. The Stihl MS 660 is an improved successor to the 070 model, boasting a larger engine, improved air filtration, and lighter weight.
  2. The Husqvarna 395XP is a powerful and heavy-duty chainsaw with a large engine, ideal for challenging tasks like felling large trees. It includes a decompression valve for easy starting and a centrifugal air cleaning system for prolonged engine life.
  3. The Echo CS-800P is a high-performance chainsaw designed for professional use, featuring a decompression valve for easy starting and an air filter system that ensures smooth engine operation.
  4. The Jonsered CS 2188 is a durable and heavy-duty chainsaw intended for professional use. It has a large engine capable of tackling demanding tasks like felling large trees and includes a vibration damping system to minimize operator fatigue. Its centrifugal air cleaning system ensures extended engine life.
  5. The Makita EA7900PRZ1 is a powerful chainsaw suitable for demanding tasks like felling large trees. It has a large engine and an air filter system that keeps the engine running smoothly. Additionally, it offers a vibration-damping system to reduce operator fatigue.

Stihl 070


Stihl 070 clone, should you buy one?

Whether or not to buy a Stihl 070 clone depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Clone models are often cheaper than the original and can offer similar performance, but they may not be as reliable or long-lasting. Additionally, clone models may not have the same level of warranty or customer support as the original Stihl product.

What is the difference between the Stihl 070 and 090 chainsaws?

  • Engine Size: One of the most significant differences between the two models is their engine size. The Stihl 070 comes with an engine displacement of 105cc, while the Stihl 090 has a larger engine size of 137cc. This makes the 090 more powerful than the 070 and able to handle tougher jobs.
  • Weight: Another notable difference between the two models is their weight. The Stihl 070 weighs around 20 pounds, while the Stihl 090 weighs around 28 pounds. This makes the 090 comparatively heavier and more challenging to work with for extended periods.
  • Fuel Capacity: The Stihl 090 also comes with a larger fuel capacity than the 070. The 090 can hold around 4.7 pints of fuel, while the 070 can hold only around 3.1 pints.
  • Additional Features: The Stihl 090 also has more advanced features than the 070. For example, the 090 comes with a decompression valve feature, which makes starting the engine a lot easier, as the operator doesn’t have to pull with as much force. The 090 also has an oil pump system that can be adjusted to control the amount of oil that is supplied to the bar and chain, depending on the cutting conditions.

Is the Stihl 070 still available?

The Stihl 070 chainsaw is no longer in production and is therefore not available through Stihl dealers. However, it is still possible to find used models or aftermarket parts and accessories for the 070.

What is the recommended bar length for the Stihl 070 chainsaw?

The recommended bar length for the Stihl 070 chainsaw depends on the application and the user’s skill level. A shorter bar (around 16-20 inches) is better for pruning and smaller cutting tasks, while a longer bar (up to 36 inches) can handle larger logs and felling trees.

What is the fuel mixture for the Stihl 070 chainsaw?

The fuel mixture for the Stihl 070 chainsaw is a 50:1 ratio of unleaded gasoline and high-quality two-stroke engine oil.

What kind of warranty did the Stihl 070 chainsaw have?

The Stihl 070 chainsaw came with a standard 2-year limited warranty, which covered defects in materials and workmanship. Additional warranty coverage, such as an extended warranty or a purchaser protection plan, may have been available for an additional fee.


In conclusion, the Stihl 070 chainsaw is a high-quality and durable tool that has stood the test of time. With its powerful engine, large chain capacity, and easy maintenance, it is the perfect tool for heavy-duty applications in the toughest conditions. Whether you are a professional logger or a homeowner looking for a reliable chainsaw, the Stihl 070 is worth considering. So why wait? Grab one today and experience the power and performance that only Stihl can offer!