Stihl Farm Boss 291 – The Ultimate Farming Machine

The ultimate farm machine is the Stihl Farm Boss 291. After years of waiting, we finally have the brand new Farm Boss® 291 — fantastic! I’ve blogged a lot in the past, but since I first saw pictures of it, nothing has captured my attention more than this machine.

Let me show you the features that make it stand out from other machines to make your job easier. Read on to find out what makes the Farm Boss® 291 so unique among all the other tractors we’ve discussed recently.

There’s a reason people choose Farm Boss over other similar products. There’s a reason Steele is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and is among the best in its class. The reason is the quality, performance, and durability associated with this particular product.

The Stihl Farm Boss 291 chainsaw is an amazing saw

I have used many brands of chainsaws and have had everything from low-end saws to high-end, expensive saws. What I have found is that most cheap saws are exactly that….cheap. I had almost given up on any saw under $400 or so until my father bought a Stihl Farm Boss 291. It is worth every penny of the $350 he paid for it.

When my father bought this saw, he had a few trees that needed to be cut down and removed from the property. He had used a Stihl pole pruner in the past and was very happy with it so he decided to purchase another Stihl product. The Farm Boss 291 is perfect for cutting firewood as well as clearing brush and small trees on large properties.

It also has a large enough engine to handle occasional tree removal jobs that are beyond the capacity of smaller saws. The first thing I noticed about the Farm Boss 291 was its weight. It’s not that heavy compared to some of the other saws I have used but it is noticeably heavier than some other brands and models of chainsaws. Since this is going to be used primarily for cutting firewood and clearing brush, this isn’t really a problem for my father.

Stihl Farm Boss 291

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The Stihl Farm Boss 291 chainsaw is an amazing saw for money. I have dealt with many saws in my lifetime and this is the best all-around at any price. I use mine for everything from cutting firewood to taking down pine trees. It has great power and cuts like a hot knife through butter. I would recommend this saw to anyone who needs a bar length of 18″ or under. The only drawback is that it does not come with a scabbard which makes transporting it a bit difficult.

The Stihl Farm Boss 291 Best Price

The best price to purchase Stihl Farm Boss 291 is when you find a deal on craigslist. If you are lucky, you will stumble across someone that has a Stihl Chainsaw they need to sell but they don’t know what it’s worth. So they will post it on craigslist for -$400.00 and you can swoop in there and get it for $200.

That is the best price I have ever found for a Stihl Chainsaw and I have been collecting them for over 20 years! When purchasing a new chainsaw, always make sure you do your homework and research what the chainsaw is selling for online because the prices can vary greatly from one location to another.

The Stihl Farm Boss 291 is a powerful saw that can handle any project. Stihl is known for making high-quality chainsaws and the 291 Farm Boss is no exception. The price of the saw is $459.95, which may seem like a lot of money, but it’s well worth it. This saw will be able to handle any job you throw at it, whether it’s cutting down trees or cutting up firewood. It’s a great investment if you need a powerful saw that will last a long time.

How to Start a Stihl Farm Boss 291

Starting the Stihl chainsaw is easy. Put the chain brake on before you start it—it’s off by default, and it needs to be on in order to start the saw. You can tell it’s engaged when you can’t pull the throttle trigger.

The choke is also off by default, so you need to turn it on with a lever located right next to the throttle trigger. Push it down until it clicks into position and leaves a little red bit showing. Then, to prime the system, press that little red button three times while pulling on the starter cord until you feel resistance (depressions of the button will move the fuel pump piston). Now, push that red bit back flush with the lever (the choke is now off).

Pull out on the decompression valve (located just above where your thumb rests) and hold it out while pulling on the cord. After two pulls, let go of the decompression valve and finish pulling until it turns over. It should take no more than five pulls to start this monster up. Once it starts, let it warm up for a minute or so before letting go of the chainsaw brake—you’ll know it’s idle when you can hear a faint ticking sound from inside the engine case.

Stihl Farm Boss 291 review

The Stihl Farm Boss 291 is one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market today. It is equipped with a 2-cycle engine that can produce 3.8 horsepower at maximum power. This makes it a very useful tool for people who have to cut down large trees or shrubs in their backyard.

Stihl Farm Boss 291 Specification

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This chainsaw is the best for those who work in forestry, firewood cutting, or for professional use. It is about 48 pounds. It weighs about 36% more than the average chainsaw. It has an engine that is two-stroke and has a displacement of 50.2 cubic centimeters. It has a maximum engine speed of 13,500 RPM and horsepower of 3.62 HP (horsepower). The tank capacity is around 15.2 fl oz (fluid ounces). The length of the bar is 18 inches, while the chain pitch is 0.325 inches.

The Farm Boss 291 offers a great balance between power and weight to handle all kinds of heavy jobs around the farm or ranch, including cutting firewood with the 18” bar length. It’s made with a 2-mix engine that uses less fuel while providing increased torque at low engine speeds and reduced emissions compared to standard engines. This model features STIHL’s pre-separation air filtration system that provides greater time between filter cleanings than conventional systems, saving time and money on maintenance costs. This model also features toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers for fast and easy access, plus an adjustable automatic oiler for minimal bar oil.

Some chainsaws are meant for light-duty use around your home or farm. But if you need more power and durability, you’ll want to look at the Stihl Farm Boss. This saw is built to last for years of hard work. The Stihl brand name is synonymous with reliability and quality, and this saw will not disappoint you. The Stihl Farm Boss has a 16-inch bar length with its 18-inch bar, which makes it perfect for cutting firewood or trimming trees. The weight of this saw is only 20 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around all day long. The ergonomic design of this saw allows you to work for hours without feeling tired or sore after working all day long. We recommend using only premium grade fuel when using this saw, as low-grade fuel can clog up your engine and cause your saw to stop working properly. Also, always wear safety equipment when using this saw, including gloves and eye protection. 

Stihl Farm Boss 291 Problems

I have a Stihl Farm Boss 291. It’s the best chainsaw I’ve ever used. I use it all the time for cutting firewood and you can’t kill it. I bought it new, and despite me abusing it, running it with no oil, flooding it constantly, etc., it still runs and starts on the first pull. In fact, I’ve only sharpened the original chain once in three years of heavy use. The only downside is that sometimes when cutting, the chain will come off rather easily if the saw contacts a root or something similar. That is because it doesn’t have a chain tensioner like my other saws do. The chains are also more expensive for this saw than my other Stihl models.

The Stihl Farm Boss 291 has been around for a long time as an extremely reliable machine that can hold its own against professional lumberjacks and woodcutters alike. It is one of the most popular chainsaws of all time because of its quality, power, and durability. It is designed to be used in a wide variety of settings from cutting firewood in your backyard to clearing large amounts of land for construction or farming purposes. 

Review And Rating Of Stihl Farm Boss 291

Stihl Farm Boss 291 guide

The Stihl Farm Boss 291 is considered to be one of the most powerful chainsaws today. It is suitable for dealing with heavy tasks, such as cutting large trees and clearing storm-damaged areas. The Stihl Farm Boss 291 comes with a number of features that make it stand out from the other chainsaws on the market.

Just like all Stihl products, the Farm Boss 291 has a sturdy build. It has a front handle made from metal so that you can have a firm grip when using it. This model is also designed to be more efficient in terms of fuel use, which means that you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling your tank when using this saw.

The Stihl Farm Boss 291 is the perfect tool for any farmer or lumberjack who needs a powerful and reliable chainsaw that can handle any job. The Stihl Farm Boss 291 is powered by a 2-stroke engine that produces 3 horsepower and can reach speeds of up to 8500 RPMs. The engine on this chainsaw is also designed to be easy to start and maintain. The Stihl Farm Boss 291 comes with a chain brake, which will stop the chain if it gets caught on something while you are working. This feature helps prevent injuries and damage to your property while you are working. 


Some of these traditional combine the farm boss 291 replaces are simply too big to fit on many smaller farms. This is why we’ve seen the growth of “doubleheader” forage wagons and now a smaller swath width. The Farm Boss is going to appeal to farmers who want a high-quality machine that is fully featured, powerful, and also has the agility required to operate in tighter spaces.

I think the folks at Stihl are doing a good job of making the Farm Boss appeal to the needs of both larger operators and smaller ones. It seems like they have their market pretty well defined. Anytime you can broaden your target audience an extra 20% or so, you’re going to do pretty well for yourself.