The Best Review Of Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw

The Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC gas chainsaw is a dependable tool that can be used to perform a number of tasks. It works well for people who have never used a chainsaw before because it’s easy to use and get started with.

Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw

The Stihl MS 170 Gas Chainsaw is a perfect tool to have with you when cutting down trees. The blade makes it easy to cut down any tree without much effort, which makes it ideal for people who need the job done quickly. The blade is made from stainless steel, which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. This allows you to use the tool for many years without worrying about the condition of the blade.

It is one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market today. It has been designed in such a way that it can be used for both professional and recreational purposes, making it suitable for everyone from homeowners who want a chainsaw that can cut through wood easily, to professionals who might use this tool on construction sites or even landscaping projects because they rely on its performance so heavily.

The MS 170 Chainsaw has been designed with safety features in mind as well as power, which means there’s no risk of injury if someone accidentally touches something while using this product – like an exposed blade or piece of metal – because they’re covered up under the protective plastic guards!

Stihl MS 170 Review

stihl ms 170 16 in. 30.1 cc gas chainsaw

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Stihl MS 170 Gas Chainsaw is a small, lightweight gas chainsaw that comes with a 16” bar and chain. It’s designed for homeowners who need a powerful saw that’s easy to use and maintain. The Stihl chainsaw is powered by a 2-stroke gasoline engine that produces 1.5 HP at 9,500 rpm. It can cut through small logs and branches up to 12 inches in diameter. The saw has an automatic oiler, an adjustable tensioning wheel, and an air filter that can be removed for cleaning or replaced when worn out.

The gas chainsaw weighs just 13 pounds, so it’s comfortable to carry around while working on projects such as pruning trees or cutting firewood. The chainsaw is equipped with a safety switch on the handle which must be depressed before the saw will start up. This prevents accidental injury if the saw were dropped or bumped into something while not in use. Additionally, if you release the throttle after starting it up but don’t press down on the trigger within two seconds of releasing the throttle then it will immediately shut off again.

The Stihl MS Chiansaw is a powerful chainsaw that can handle anything from heavy-duty logging to simple yard maintenance around your property. The features on this chainsaw make it an ideal choice for both homeowners and professionals who need something reliable and efficient.

It gives you all the power of a big chainsaw in a smaller package. It has a high-powered 30.1 cc engine that is capable of producing 1.7 horsepower at maximum speed, so it’s strong enough to tackle large branches and even fell trees with ease. You’ll find that this chainsaw is easy to use and provides consistent results every time you start it up, whether you’re cutting logs or trimming bushes in your backyard.


With several safety features like a chain brake and anti-vibration system, the stihl ms170 chainsaw is ideal for both novice and experienced users alike. STIHL MS 170 is a lightweight machine that makes it easier to handle than other models in its class. It’s ergonomic design keeps the user comfortable while working on those tough jobs.

Technical data Value
Displacement cc 30.1
Performance kW 1.3
Weight kg 1) 4
Power-to-weight Ratio kg/kW 3.1
Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 100
Sound power level dB(A) 2) 111
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type 3/8 ” P
Standard chain PICCO MINI 61 PMN
Tank volume mL 250.00

Features And Benefits

STIHL anti-vibration system

Intense vibration at the handles of power tools can lead to longer-term effects of blood vessels in the hands and arms. STIHL have therefore developed an effective anti-vibration system where by the oscillations from the machines engine are dampened which significantly reduces vibrations at the handles.


This controller in the carburettor prevents the fuel-air mixture getting richer as the air filter becomes clogged. The correct quantity of fuel is delivered to the carburettor depending on the quantity of air passing through the air filter. This keeps the fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture constant and hence also the engine power. The filter doesn’t need to be cleaned until an appreciable drop in power occurs.

Single-lever master control

All important functions such as start, choke, throttle and stop are operated via a single lever.

STIHL Ematic-System

The Ematic chain lubrication system ensures pinpoint lubrication of the saw chain links and guide bar rails. When used with STIHL OILOMATIC saw chain, it will provide maximum lubrication, longer wear and less oil consumption than conventional methods of chain lubrication. The Ematic system can reduce bar oil consumption up to 50%.


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In terms of price, the Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 cc gas chainsaw is quite affordable when compared with other models of its size and weight class. It comes with a one year warranty and ideal price at most retailers online or in stores.

The Gas Chainsaw is a great choice for homeowners seeking a powerful, yet affordable chainsaw for light cutting tasks around their home.

The Stihl MS 170 comes with some great features, like the time-saving Auto-Tune system. It’s worthy for us to justify the price of $200-$300, after all, it is the most lightweight chainsaw on the market. MS 170 chainsaw provides more value for less money.

This chainsaw offers many of the same features as other models but at a more reasonable price point. The MS 170 16 inch gas chainsaw is great for those who need an economical saw with all the quality features found on larger models.

It features an excellent power-to-weight ratio, delivering great value for your dollar. Compact and affordable, this chainsaw is ideal for light cutting tasks.

Pros and Cons


Easy Maintenance: The Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw has several features that make cleaning and maintenance easy on users, including a side-mounted chain tensioning feature that makes adjusting easier than ever, tool-free fuel caps so you can get rid of gas quickly after use.

Reduce the risk of injury: It has a side access chain tensioner that makes it easy to adjust the saw chain with a bar wrench when necessary. The fuel tank has a translucent design so you can easily check fuel levels before and during operation. A quick-stop inertia chain brake stops the rotation of the chain if kickback occurs, helping to reduce the risk of injury.

Fast start: This Stihl chainsaw has an electronic ignition module which results in fast starts and it comes with an automatic oiler to keep the chain running smoothly. Designed to help you get your work done efficiently, this product also has a side-access chain tensioner that allows for easy adjustments.


The chain needs to be tensioned by hand: There are some downsides associated with the Stihl MS 170, including how the chain needs to be tensioned by hand. This can be a little bit tricky for those who are working with a chainsaw for the first time.

Setup Guide 

The ms 170 chainsaw is a great choice for homeowners who need an efficient and easy-to-use machine to help them with their yard work. It’s smaller than most other Stihl models, which makes it easier to handle and operate. Here’s Stihl ms170 chainsaw setup guide:

  1. Insert battery into handle and tighten screws (not included).
  2. Attach chain guard over blade assembly by pushing it onto teeth at end of blade until it snaps into place securely with both hands using moderate force;
  3. Be sure there are no gaps between guard’s edge where it meets tooth edges when installed correctly so as not to cause injury from breakage if accidentally contacted while operating equipment without proper protection!

FAQs of stihl ms 170 16 in. 30.1 cc gas chainsaw

The Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw is ideal for cutting firewood and trimming small trees around your property! You will be able to trim branches up to 20 ft with ease and precision. It has a powerful engine which provides strong torque at low engine speeds and delivers great cutting performance. Here are some common questions:

Q. Is this product safe?
A. Yes, all our products are completely safe when used properly according to instructions provided on each package or box containing them.

Q. How do I know if my engine is properly broken in?
A. The best way to break-in a new engine is to use it. Begin with light loads and gradually increase the load over time.

Q. How do I adjust the chain tension on my chainsaw?
A. The chainsaw’s tension can be adjusted by turning the tensioning screw in the direction of the arrow on the housing.

Should You Get The Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw?

Most gas chainsaws are subpar in quality and performance, with many suffering from poorly designed engines or poorly designed cutting chains. The Stihl MS 170 Gas Chainsaw is an exception. It’s a professional chainsaw that also happens to be very quiet and easy to use.

And no matter how small its engine may appear, it gets more than enough power for cutting through any tree branch you throw at it. It comes with a 20-inch cutting chain, which is plenty long for most jobs, but you can also use a longer chain if you need it.

The Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw has great overall performance: It’s light enough (only 5 pounds) that you won’t have trouble carrying it up and down stairs, but heavy enough to ensure great cutting power (a powerful 3 HP motor). It turns on easily and runs smoothly every time you pull back the starter handle—all without emitting any of the usual.

It is a well-made, high-quality product, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking for an entry-level saw with plenty of power and safety features. The MS 170 is less expensive than competing models, but it still has all of the latest safety features (like its automatic chain tensioning system), so you’ll feel safe knowing that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The chainsaw also has plenty of cutting power—even in low-light situations, it cuts through the wood with ease and makes quick work of most tasks. It comes with two different bar lengths and a variety of attachment options to suit your needs. The MS 170 is also very easy to handle and is compact enough to fit in most garages—and it has plenty of mounting options, too!

There are many different types of chainsaws, and we’re confident that this Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw is the best one for you. What comes as no surprise to anyone is that we can confidently say it’s the best gas chainsaw ever made. Part of the reason for this is because Stihl has been making chainsaws since 1885, which means its engineers have decades of experience making them. The MS 170 is also the most powerful gas chainsaw in Stihl’s lineup, boasting a maximum horsepower of 175 at 3200 RPM—that’s more than 50 percent more power than any other model.


The Stihl MS 170 16 in. 30.1 CC Gas Chainsaw is a premium quality product for home use. It has a powerful engine with a large air filter and carburetor to provide maximum power and torque at all times. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, while its ergonomic handles make it comfortable to hold even after hours of use!