STIHL MS 170 Vs MS 230 C-BE : How They Are Different?

MS 170 Vs MS 230 C-BE: Both these saws are designed to be used on an occasional basis—for trimming tree branches, cutting firewood, and doing other light work around the yard—but there are some important differences between the two chainsaws.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 170 MS 230 C-BE
Displacement ­cm³ 30,1 45,4
Power output ­kW/bhp 1,2/1,6 2/2,7
Weight ­kg 4,1 1) 4,9 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 3,4 2,5
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 100 2) 101 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 111 3) 111 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 5,2/5,5 4) 5/6 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P 3/8″P
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ PMM3 Picco Micro 3 (PM3)


The STIHL MS 170 is part of STIHL’s lightweight family of chainsaws. It has a 12-inch bar and weighs about 9 pounds. The MS 170 is a great starting point for new chainsaw owners and homeowners who want to do some light cutting around their property. 

The MS 170 has slightly less power than the MS 230 C-BE, but it’s also smaller and lighter than its counterpart. That can make it easier to carry and more manageable when cutting in cramped spaces or at awkward angles. It’s also built with fewer parts, which makes it simpler to maintain over time. Its fuel capacity is smaller as well, so you’ll need to refuel more often if you’re using the saw for long periods of time.

The STIHL MS 170 is the perfect chainsaw for homeowners seeking great value. MS 170 makes quick work of trimming or cutting small trees, fallen limbs after a storm, and other tasks around the yard. And it includes many features from our professional line.

MS 170 Vs MS 230 C-BE


The MS 230 C-BE is a powerful chainsaw with a 13-inch bar that’s designed for occasional use by landowners. It features an easy-start engine, easy access air filter, and optional side-mounted chain tensioning system.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE With the same power and features as the MS 230, this model also includes STIHL Easy2Start™ technology to make starting your saw even easier. In addition, this chainsaw has a Chain Quick Tensioning (B) feature for quick and easy chain adjustment.

The MS 230 C-BE from STIHL is an easy-to-use, powerful chain saw with a 16″ bar and chain. Featuring a low exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, this saw will help get the job done around your property. With the Easy2Start™ system, starting the engine is especially convenient – no strong pulling required. And the STIHL Quick Chain Adjuster allows you to easily adjust the chain tensioning without any special tools.

The STIHL MS 230 C-BE is an advanced version of the 230 model. The 230 C-BE has an advanced fuel delivery system that eliminates the need for a primer. It also features a tool-less fuel and oil caps for easy access, as well as a semi-automatic choke lever for easier starting. The saw takes the same bar and chain sizes as the MS 230 and weighs in at exactly 11 pounds with a 16 inch bar and chain. Like all STIHL chainsaws, it comes equipped with anti-vibration technology, which allows you to work longer without fatigue.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE|Engine Displacement

Engine Displacement: Both models feature a 1.7 kW engine, but the MS 170 has a displacement of 3.0 cubic inches (cm³), while the MS 230 C-BE has a displacement of 4.4 cm³—nearly 50% larger!

In addition to having a greater engine displacement (45.6 cc versus 30.1 cc), the MS 230 C-BE has an additional feature: its Easy2Start system. This unique starting system requires just a gentle pull on the cord—no need to use your full body weight! It’s also equipped with an STIHL Quickstop chain braking system that reduces kickback and allows for safer operation, making it a better option for inexperienced users.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE|Power output

One of the most important differences between the two chainsaws is their power output. The MS 170 has been rated with 1.1kW (1.5hp) of power output at maximum speed, which allows it to easily cut through 14-inch wood logs that are not too dense in about five seconds per log. The MS 230 C-BE has been rated with 1.4kW (2hp) of power output at maximum speed, which allows it to cut through similarly sized logs in only three seconds per log while still producing less noise than its competitor model and producing no emissions whatsoever when being used indoors due to its Clean Burning Engine technology.

The STIHL MS 170 is a small, affordable chainsaw that can be used for all home projects and even professional jobs around the house. The STIHL MS 230 C-BE is an upgraded version of the 170 that comes with an additional feature and greater power output.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE|Weight

The MS 170 weighs in at 8.8 pounds while the MS 230 C-BE weighs in at 10.3 pounds. This is an important feature to take into consideration when purchasing a chainsaw because it will determine how easy and comfortable it is to use.

When looking at the weight of these two chainsaws, you can see that the STIHL MS 170 is lighter than the MS 230 C-BE. If you are planning on using a chainsaw for long periods of time, a lighter model may be ideal so you can use your chainsaw without putting too much strain on your body.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE|Power-to-weight ratio

The MS 170 has a power-to-weight ratio of 1.4 kilowatts per kilogram, meaning that for every kilogram of machine weight, you get 1.4 kW of power output from the engine. In comparison, the MS 230 C-BE offers 2.3 kW per kilo, providing over 60% more power for each kilogram of weight compared to the MS 170. This increased output allows for a longer bar with a larger cutting capacity on the MS 230 CBE than on the MS 170; additionally, it can handle cutting through thicker wood than the 170 can handle without straining or stalling out while doing so.

The Stihl MS 230 C-BE is a more powerful chainsaw designed for professionals. Both machines are designed with similar features, but the 230 C-BE is aimed at professionals and has higher power-to-weight ratio as well as an improved bar and chain design. The 230 C-BE also includes additional features that make it easier to start and use than the MS 170. Power-to-weight ratio is one of the most important differences between the two saws. 

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE|Vibration level left/right

The two chainsaws also have different vibration levels. The vibration level of a chainsaw refers to how much movement it has when running at full speed. High vibration levels can cause damage to your hands or arms, so if you will be using the chainsaw for long periods, this may be an important factor for you to consider. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the position held while operating a chainsaw greatly affects how much vibration is absorbed by your body.

The EPA notes that it is better to hold the chainsaw with both hands in front of your body than holding it up at arm’s length away from your body. Stihl recommends using anti-vibration gloves while using its products to reduce hand fatigue, especially if you will be using a chainsaw for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Like most STIHL chainsaws, these also feature anti-vibration technology so you can use them for hours without tiring your hands and arms.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE|Saw chain pitch

STIHL guide bars have a variety of lengths, pitches and gauges to suit the job at hand. The table below provides an overview of STIHL guide bar types and the saw chains that fit them. When selecting a guide bar for your saw, choose a bar that has at least as many drive links as your old chain.

The two chainsaws are built for different purposes. The MS 170 is a lightweight and compact chainsaw. It’s an effective tool for light-duty home and garden projects. The MS 230 C-BE is more powerful than the MS 170, which makes it better suited to heavier-duty cutting jobs.

The C-BE stands for “comfort, bar and easy” (C-B-E). This model has a larger fuel tank and is equipped with some useful features, such as the quick chain adjuster and side chain tensioning system that make it easier to operate than the MS 170. The STIHL MS 170 uses a 3/8″ low profile saw chain. This type of saw chain has reduced kickback tendencies compared to other pitches of saw chain.

The small pitch reduces cutting speed but increases the number of teeth in contact with wood at any given time, resulting in strong shearing action that cuts cleanly through both hard and soft wood (which is why you’ll see this type of saw chain used on carving saws). If you need a fast cut, then a 3/8″ PMM3 saw chain (which is the same as the Picco Microm® 3) is available as an optional feature on this model.

STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE|which is more better

The differences between the STIHL MS 170 vs MS 230 C-BE can be fairly subtle, as they’re both designed for much of the same work. However, there are some key differences to consider. Both models use a bar length of 16 inches and a powerhead design that’s lightweight and easy to handle.

They also use similar engines, with the biggest difference being that the MS 230 engine is slightly larger at 2.3 hp. Both chainsaws are designed for homeowners who need a straight-forward model for occasional use around their property. This could mean cutting firewood or trimming branches from fallen trees. The more powerful engine in the MS 230 C-BE allows it to perform these tasks more quickly than the MS 170, which makes it ideal if you have a larger job to do or plan on using your chainsaw often.


Stihl MS 170 and Stihl MS 230 C-BE are two chainsaws from the same brand, but they have some differences. The Stihl MS 170 is a reliable chainsaw that is ideal for occasional use around your home. The saw has a simple design and offers easy handling, as well as a number of other useful features. The Stihl MS 230 C-BE is a powerful cutting machine that delivers great performance. With its advanced engine technology, this saw can handle more demanding jobs than the Stihl MS 170 and has a number of convenient features that make it one of the best chainsaws on the market today.