Is The Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw The Best For Homeowners?

One of the best chainsaws on the market today is the Stihl MS 170 chainsaw. A few years ago, I bought a large chainsaw – the kind that requires professional training to operate. That’s a lot of money and I think it’s a handy thing to have in my garage. It’s great, but it’s not very useful at home due to its size and weight. I use it occasionally, but when I need to do something faster I use my little Husqvarna. While I never regret buying my big saw, the saws that work in most of my yard aren’t small enough, which cost me more money while driving, which led me to buy one that I can use at home Chainsaws actually used.

The Stihl MS 170 is a lightweight, high-performance chainsaw for homeowners. It’s very easy to use, just pull the cord to start the unit, then just turn on the chain oiler. The device is equipped with a shock-resistant handle for user safety and comfort. This chainsaw means you can achieve fast cutting speeds without even breaking a sweat. With great features and durable construction, this unit is sure to be loved by many homeowners near you.

The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is a small but powerful saw

The STIHL MS 170 is a small lightweight chainsaw ideal for general use around the home and farm. It has enough power to handle felling and pruning small trees, chopping firewood, and clearing limbs and logs. This is a great saw for homeowners who don’t have a lot of heavy-duty cutting work. It’s priced right so it’s affordable for the average homeowner. This saw weighs only 10 pounds, so it’s easy to carry and use all day. Over 4 HP it has enough power.

The engine is designed to run with minimal vibration, making it easier to use your hands and arms while you work. It also has an anti-vibration system that reduces fatigue so you can work longer without getting tired as quickly as with other saws. The STIHL MS170 also has a reduced kickback bar, which reduces the risk of using this saw. It comes with a carrying case for easy transport from one job site to another or for storage when not in use. If all you need is a light saw for small jobs, the STIHL MS 170 chainsaw may be just what you need.

The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is a lightweight, efficient and powerful saw for homeowners and tree enthusiasts. The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is not a beginner’s tool. It is powerful enough to cause serious damage to your body or property, so you must know how to use it properly before starting the engine. If you have no experience with a chainsaw, consult a professional before using this saw. The MS170 features a 30.1 cc 2-stroke engine that produces 1.5 horsepower (HP). This is enough for most jobs in your home or property, such as chopping firewood or cutting down small trees (up to 10 inches in diameter).

For example, you can use this saw to cut a 6×6 post in about 20 seconds which is pretty impressive for a saw this small. This is also a saw that is easy to start and use. STIHL’s anti-shock system reduces strain on your hands and arms, allowing you to work longer without feeling tired. Quick-stop chain brakes allow you to quickly stop the chain if something goes wrong with the cut.

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The biggest advantage of the STIHL MS 170 chainsaw is its size. At just over 10 pounds, it’s one of the lightest chainsaws on the market. This makes it easier to maneuver and handle than other models that are twice as heavy. The Stihl MS 170 also has a smaller engine than most chainsaws, which means it can run on less fuel. Fuel consumption is another key factor that determines the ease of use of a chainsaw. Less fuel consumption means fewer trips to the gas station when working outdoors, which saves time and money.

What You Get With The Stihl MS170

The Stihl MS 170 is an excellent chainsaw for light cutting tasks at home. It won’t replace your full-size chainsaw, but it’s great for small cutting jobs around the property.

This Stihl Ms Chainsaw is compact, lightweight, and ergonomic. This makes it easy to handle and control, which is important when you use a power tool like this. The saw is quiet, doesn’t vibrate excessively, and runs smoothly at idle. The MS 170 has a built-in fuel pump for a quick start without manually pumping fuel into the carburetor before starting. Pull the power cord with just one tug – no choking or starting! Additionally, this saw has a purge bulb that purges air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

The Stihl MS 170 is the best chainsaw for most homeowners who only need occasional small to medium cutting jobs. In fact, it is one of the most popular chainsaws in the country. The Stihl MS170 is a professional-quality tool, but it’s designed for homeowners who want to chop wood, trim trees, and perform general yard maintenance. It is not designed for heavy professional use. If you’re paying someone to do your yard work for you, this saw isn’t for you. It is also not designed for heavy industrial use or commercial forestry work.

The MS 170 is a lightweight and compact chainsaw with proven STIHL quality. Just perfect for chopping firewood or cutting down small trees. Ideal for residential use. This model has a redesigned ignition system that makes it easier to start and reduces the chance of flooding (when liquid fuel flows into the carburetor). The chain brake consists of an inertia-activated spring-loaded system designed to stop the chain in fractions of a second, reducing the risk of injury from kickback.

Cutting Power Of The Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw

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The MS 170 is one of the smallest models in the range, but it still packs impressive cutting power thanks to its 30.1cc engine and 12″ guide. The small size and weight make it easy to carry around in your yard or The work Stihl MS 170 also has a number of features designed to make it easier for new users to operate safely and efficiently, including an automatic lubricator that helps keep the chain lubricated while you work, and an anti-vibration system to help reduce damage from prolonged use. fatigue.

The MS 170 is a small, lightweight chainsaw that offers amazing cutting power. This chainsaw is for homeowners and part-time users who want to do some light woodcutting, trimming, pruning, and cleanup work around the garden. It’s a step up from cheaper electric chainsaws and does offer more power to help get the job done. For reference, it has about twice the power of a 12 amp electric chainsaw (it has a 30 cc motor). Used with a 16″ rod and chain, this Stihl saw can cut logs up to 18″ in diameter. Of course, if you want thinner logs, or have no experience with an air chainsaw at all, you’ll want to reduce the size of the cut as needed. I found the Stihl MS 170 to be well balanced and easy to control even though it weighs 11 pounds. The anti-vibration system is also effective so there won’t be any nasty vibrations running on your arm while you work. You can hold this saw in your hand for an hour or so without any pain or pain.

How Easy Is The Stihl MS 170 To Use?

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The Stihl MS 170 is a small, handy model that is perfect for light pruning and cutting, bucking, orchard work, and storm cleanup. It’s not quite as powerful as the Stihl MS 180, but it comes at a lower price point, which makes it more accessible to casual users.

The Stihl MS 170 has a 2-cycle engine with 1 horsepower and weighs 8.8 pounds. It’s a little heavier than other models in the same class, but it’s still very easy to handle. The saw has a side-mounted chain tensioner that makes it easy to tighten or loosen the chain without tools. You can also adjust the chain manually by turning the screw on the side of the housing cover until it’s at the correct tension. The MS 170 uses an automatic oiler system that lubricates the guide bar and chain as you use it. This can make for some messy cuts if you’re not careful about how much oil you’re using (you should use a ratio of 50 parts fuel to 1 part oil), but it ensures that the chain is always properly lubricated when you need it. 

Vibration Levels Of The Stihl MS 170

The Stihl MS 170 is a light, compact chainsaw with enhanced ergonomics and Stihl’s Easy2Start system for nearly effortless starting. It weighs just 9.3 pounds without fuel or bar and chain oil.
The MS 170 is designed for cutting firewood and felling small trees up to 8 inches in diameter. It has a 30% reduction in start-up effort compared to other chainsaws, making it more convenient to use and less likely to cause arm fatigue. It uses the same engine as the larger Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. This engine features a stratified scavenging system that reduces fuel consumption while lowering emissions by 50%. The MS 170 also features an anti-vibration system, which reduces operator fatigue and allows you to use the saw for longer periods of time with less discomfort.

If you want a chainsaw that is a notch above an electric but is still light and easy to maneuver, the Stihl MS 170 could be for you. This compact tool is powerful enough to take down small trees, cut firewood or clear up after a storm. It has features that help make it easy to use, and it has enough power for most homeowners’ needs.

The Stihl MS 170 is one of the smallest gas-powered tools in the company’s lineup. It weighs only 6.3 lbs. without bar and chain oil, so it is easy to maneuver when you need to make cuts at different angles. The saw has a 14″ guide bar, which provides plenty of reach for cutting limbs and small trees up to 12″ in diameter. The saw can cut as fast as 1,200 times per minute thanks to its high-speed clutch engagement.

Fuel Consumption Of The Stihl MS 170

Stihl MS 170 is one of the most popular chainsaws for home use. It’s an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking for a high-quality chainsaw that can easily be used around their home or farm. Stihl MS 170 is also a great choice for those who need to cut down small trees, prune tree limbs, or remove fallen branches from their yard.

Stihl MS 170 has many features that make it ideal for homeowners. This saw has an automatic oiler so you never have to worry about running out of fuel while cutting. You will also find that this saw is lightweight and easy to carry around your property if needed. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use, even over long periods of time without tiring your hands or arms out quickly. This saw also comes with a scrench tool which allows you to easily change blades without having to worry about using any other tools at all. Stihl MS 170 Benefits There are many benefits of using Stihl MS 170 as your primary chainsaw around your home or farm! It has a compact design that makes it easy to store in small spaces such as garage closets and sheds without taking up too much space. 

The saw runs on unleaded fuel mixed with two-stroke oil at a 50:1 ratio. There’s a fuel gauge on the side of the fuel tank so you can check how much gas you have left. It has an automatic oiler that keeps the bar and chain lubricated while you’re working, but you can turn it off if you want to conserve oil. The manufacturer recommends replacing the air filter every two years or after 300 hours of use, whichever comes first. It also recommends changing the spark plug annually, but ours was still working after three years!

Noise Levels Of The Stihl MS 170

The Stihl MS 170 boasts many positive qualities that make it one of the most popular chainsaws in its class. It has a powerful engine with excellent torque and plenty of power to handle small jobs around your house. It also has an automatic chain oiler so you don’t have to remember to keep the chain lubricated when using it. Its body is designed with comfort in mind so even women can use it easily without getting tired. This is a great chainsaw for just about anyone who needs to cut wood occasionally around their home or property. One of the biggest complaints people have about the Stihl MS 170 is the noise level when running it. This chainsaw does produce quite a bit of noise when compared to other brands.

The controls on the Stihl MS 170 are very basic, making it easy for users to use right out of the box. There is a gas control knob, choke control, throttle control, and an on/off switch. This makes it easy to operate, even if you have never operated a chainsaw before. There are two ways to start the Stihl MS 170 – using the pull cord or electric starter. The pull cord works well when the chainsaw is cold, but you may have trouble with it when the saw is hot and the motor is warm. The electric starter does not require you to use any force at all for the chainsaw to start. This makes it easy for users who do not want to deal with pulling a heavy cord to get their saw going. The Stihl MS 170 is designed to be as quiet as possible when in use so that you do not disturb your neighbors or family members while you’re cutting down trees or trimming branches from your yard.

Starting Difficulty Of The Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw

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The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is part of the occasional use category, where this device is ideal for cutting firewood, trimming small trees, and pruning. It comes with a very small engine that has enough power to cut through smaller pieces of wood in a fast and efficient way.

You can see that it has a handheld form factor, which means that you’ll be able to carry it around with you wherever you go. This gives you a lot of versatility when you have to cut different kinds of wood. We’re going to take a look at the features of this chainsaw and what makes it so great for homeowners. Let’s start off with the main specifications first and then we’ll go into more detail. The Main Specifications Of The Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw It has a 30cc engine, which is relatively small compared to other chainsaws on the market today. However, it does produce 2 horsepower and can reach up to 9000 rpm. This allows you to cut through wood very quickly when cutting smaller logs and branches in your home or yard. The Stihl MS 170 also has an electronic ignition feature, which makes starting up this chainsaw very easy. 

One of the most common complaints about the Stihl MS 170 is starting difficulty. Some users are unable to start this chainsaw at all after a brand-new purchase; others report that the chainsaw has a tendency to stall out often, which can be frustrating for homeowners who are trying to accomplish a project quickly and efficiently.

Stihl does offer some tips in its instruction manual for reducing starting problems with this model. You should make sure that the chain brake is not engaged, as many users mistakenly believe that it prevents the chainsaw from starting when all it really does is stop the chain from moving while you hold down the throttle. You should also make sure that you are using fresh fuel, as older fuel in your tank can cause problems with starting.

It’s Good to Buy A Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw

As a tightly focused arborist, I’m a bit biased with my recommendations for outdoor power equipment. This article gathers five of the most common questions asked by potential buyers of Stihl’s MS 170 chainsaw and outlines some of the pros and cons that I’ve experienced. The Stihl MS 170 is a small chainsaw that is easy to use and handle. It is designed primarily for homeowners who have light-duty, occasional use tasks like cutting firewood or climbing trees. It’s also good for beginners because it has a low kickback and is relatively lightweight (9 lbs.).

You can find this model at your local Stihl dealer, but if you don’t have one near you, you can also order it online. Keep in mind that this model will require assembly and fuel mixture at home before you can use it. Is the Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw Good For Homeowners? The MS 170 is a good choice for homeowners looking for an affordable chainsaw with a higher quality build than many other brands available in big-box stores. The features on this saw are aimed at making it easy to use and maintain, so it is great for beginners or people who simply want to get the job done.

The Stihl MS 170 is a small, gas-powered chainsaw that is popular with homeowners. This small chainsaw is suitable for light pruning around the home, such as cutting branches off trees or removing low-hanging branches. It is also suitable for cutting up firewood.

It has many features that make it an ideal chainsaw for homeowners. These include a compact design, an anti-vibration system, and a side-access chain tensioning system. The Stihl MS 170 has two handles to provide better balance and control when using the saw. It has a lightweight design so that it can be used for long periods of time without feeling unwieldy. The handle grips are designed to reduce vibrations from the saw, making it easier to hold and use the saw for longer periods of time. This model has two fuel tanks: one for gasoline and one for oil. The gasoline tank holds enough fuel to run the saw at full power for about 25 minutes before it needs to be refilled. 


Ultimately, the MS 170 is a solid chainsaw for homeowners. It’s a powerful buy that comes with all of the features that you would expect from a professional saw. However, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t interested in taking proper care of their chainsaw. It’s designed for dealing with large trees and doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of more advanced saws. Additionally, the price will be too high for many homeowners to justify.

We’re going to say it clear and simple: the Stihl MS 170 is a solid chainsaw for homeowners. It should be able to handle just about any kind of tree removal job you throw at it. It’s powerful, efficient, capable, and comfortable—and it won’t break your bank. If a professional-quality chainsaw that’s still reasonably affordable seems like a good fit for your needs as a homeowner, you have to consider the MS 170. It might be exactly what you need.