Stihl MS 171 Vs MS 211 : What’s The Difference

Stihl MS 171 Vs MS 211: While both saws have similar displacement (the amount of fuel they take in), they are not identical machines. The MS 171 has an air-cooled, two-stroke engine with a single piston while the MS 211 uses an air-cooled, four-stroke engine that uses two pistons. Both saws are capable of cutting through wood up to six inches thick, but because the larger displacement of the MS 211 means it can produce more power than its predecessor, it will cut through thicker pieces with greater ease than its smaller sibling.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 171 MS 211
Displacement ­cm³ 31,8 35,2
Power output ­kW/bhp 1,3/1,8 1,7/2,3
Weight ­kg 4,3 1) 4,3 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 3,3 2,5
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 99 2) 100 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 112 3) 113 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 4/4,5 4) 3,5/3,5 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P 3/8″P
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3) Picco Micro 3 (PM3)


The STIHL MS 171 has an air cooling system, while the STIHL MS 211 has an additional water cooling system to aid in temperature regulation. This best Stihl ms chainsaw is lightweight yet powerful, with a standard anti-vibration system, easy starting system and side chain tensioner. It also has a single lever master control so you can operate the choke, start throttle lock and on/off switch with one hand.

Stihl MS 171 Vs MS 211

It comes with an adjustable automatic oiler to reduce oil consumption by up to 50%. STIHL MS 211 also features a single lever master control and reduced-emission technology for user convenience and environmentally responsible performance. Like the STIHL MS 171, it comes with a side chain tensioner and long-life air filters for less frequent cleaning.


The Stihl MS 211 is a chainsaw that is designed for professional use. It has a lot of features and functions that make it a very attractive option for anyone who needs to do heavy cutting on a regular basis. The MS 211 is also much more powerful than its predecessor, the MS 171. The biggest difference between these two models is their engine size.

The major advantage to using either model in your business would depend on the type of work that you do. For example, if you need something like this saw for trimming trees then it would probably be better for you to go with one over another. However, if your job requires large amounts of cutting then both options may be suitable choices depending upon what exactly your current needs.

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|Engine Displacement

While some may say there’s not much difference between the STIHL MS 171 and the MS 211 chainsaw, the truth is that their engine displacement sets them apart. A chainsaw’s engine displacement tells you how much fuel it can hold and how much air it can suck in while it’s running. It’s measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and is a direct indicator of how powerful your chainsaw will be. Every STIHL chainsaw has a different engine displacement, which means that they all have different power levels as well. Read on to learn more about engine displacement and why it matters when comparing chainsaws to one another. Each STIHL Chainsaw Has Its Own Engine Displacement The MS 211 has a larger engine displacement than the MS 171, which means it will be capable of cutting through thicker pieces of wood.

It also means that you’ll be able to go longer without having to refuel your saw since the motor is bigger and can therefore hold more fuel. The MS 211 has an engine displacement of 50 cc/3.0 cu inch, compared to the MS 171’s engine displacement of 45 cc/2.6 cu inch. While this might not seem like a big difference, it translates into more power for the MS 211 when cutting.

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|Power output

The STIHL MS 171 chainsaw is a lightweight, easy-to-use saw that’s perfect for a wide range of homeowners and their occasional use. The 2-MIX engine and Quick Chain Tensioning are just two of the many features that make this little chainsaw an excellent choice. The MS 211, on the other hand, is built to be even more powerful and reliable than its little brother. It has an advanced anti-vibration system and ErgoStart technology to make it as comfortable as possible to operate. 

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|Weight

There are some differences between the STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211 that you should be aware of when selecting your next chainsaw. Weighing in at 11 pounds, the MS 171 is about a pound lighter than the MS 211 which weighs in at 12 pounds. This may not sound like a lot of weight, but it could make a difference if you plan on using the saw for extended periods of time or at different elevations.

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|Power-to-weight ratio

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable chainsaw, STIHL is a great brand that should be at the top of your list. They offer a wide range of products that can handle any job. Two of their most popular chainsaws are the MS 171 and the MS 211. While they are both excellent saws, they have some differences you should take into consideration before making your purchase. In this article, we’ll take a look at the similarities and differences between these two chainsaws to help you decide which one is right for you. We’ll start with the similarities between these two models: Both of these saws have a 2-MIX engine which provides more power with less fuel consumption, reducing emissions by up to 70%.

The lightweight design makes them easy to work with and carry around for extended periods of time without getting tired or fatigued. Both saws also feature an anti-vibration system designed to reduce fatigue from operating vibrations while still allowing you to feel what you’re working on. They both come with automatic chain lubrication and side-mounted chain tensioning for easy maintenance as well as a built-in tool compartment so there’s no need to carry extra tools around when using either model. 

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|Sound pressure level

Both the STIHL MS 171 and STIHL MS 211 are lightweight, compact chainsaws that have a lot to offer. They share features like easy-to-operate controls, fuel efficiency and low emissions. Both also come with an anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue during extended use. But there are some differences between these two chainsaws—let’s take a look at them! STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211 – Sound Pressure Level The first difference between these two chainsaws is the sound pressure level (SPL). The SPL is the decibel output of a chainsaw’s engine when it’s idling.

The STIHL MS 171 has an SPL of 100 dB(A), while the STIHL MS 211 has an SPL of 104 dB(A). So if you’re looking for a chainsaw that runs more quietly, you may want to go with the MS 171. STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211 – Fuel Efficiency & Tank Capacity Both of these chainsaws are fuel efficient and have a large fuel tank capacity to keep you working longer before needing a refuel. You can expect about 50 minutes of run time between fuel refills for both models. The ST.

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|Sound power level

If you’re in the market for a gas powered chainsaw, you may have noticed that there are quite a few options to choose from. Two of the most popular models available right now are the STIHL MS 171 and STIHL MS 211 chainsaws. Both saws are lightweight and easy to use, but they also have some important differences. Let’s take a closer look at both models to see what makes each one special. STIHL MS 171 The STIHL MS 171 is a gas powered chainsaw that’s ideal for homeowners with small to mid-sized land. It’s designed for light cutting jobs around the yard, as well as firewood cutting and storm cleanup.

The MS 171 is a great option for those who want a chainsaw that’s powerful enough for small jobs but still lightweight and easy to maneuver. The saw weighs just 10 pounds, so it will be easy to hold up and work with for extended periods of time. It comes with a 30.1 cc engine that provides enough power for regular use around the house without being too much for an inexperienced user to handle. It’s also equipped with an anti-vibration system, which will help make it easier to operate this saw over long periods of time without experiencing discomfort.

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|Vibration level left/right

The MS 211 and the MS 171 are both mid-range chainsaws with several similarities. Both are equipped with a 2-MIX engine, meaning that they use a mixture of gasoline and oil to fuel the engine. In contrast to STIHL’s 2-stroke engines, which require you to mix gasoline and oil yourself, our 2-MIX technology takes care of that for you. As a result, both chainsaws release fewer emissions into the environment while consuming less fuel and less oil than our regular 2-stroke engines. The MS 171 also comes with STIHL’s Quickstop® chain brake, which stops the chain within fractions of a second when it encounters an unexpected obstacle—a big plus when it comes to safety! Both saws also have an economical fuel consumption rate and are easy to operate.

Both come with a carrying case as well as an instruction manual, making them easy to transport and use. The MS 211 is a step up from the MS 171 in terms of performance. It has more power and is able to handle longer cutting attachments than its smaller sibling; it can run with guide bars that measure up to 30 inches in length (the MS 171 can only support guide bars up to 20 inches).

STIHL MS 171 vs MS 211|which is better

It is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and it directly affects the power output of an engine. The higher the displacement, the more powerful an engine is likely to be. Air Filter The air filter is an important part of a chainsaw, as it keeps dust and debris from entering the carburetor and damaging its internal components. A clean air filter allows your machine to run at optimum levels. Anti-Vibration System In a chainsaw, anti-vibration systems include shock absorbers between the engine and chassis which reduce vibrations produced by the machine during operation.

These systems help reduce fatigue for the operator, which makes working with a chainsaw easier for extended periods of time. Bar Length Bar length determines how much cutting area.

Both of these chainsaws are designed to be lightweight and compact. They both weigh around 5kg when empty and have a length of just over 30cm. The main difference between these chainsaws comes down to their power output. The Stihl MS 171 has a power output of 1.5kW while the Stihl MS 211 has a 2kW engine. This extra 0.5kW gives it extra grunt while also making it slightly heavier at just over 6kg when empty (while also being slightly longer at nearly 32cm).

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Depending on your design needs, either of these templates can be the right choice for you. The MS 171 is a more basic template option and is geared towards simple, text-based designs that need little else to make them pop. The MS 211 template, however, is geared towards anyone looking for a more advanced, multi-layered template with all of the latest design elements.