Stihl ms 180: BE Best For Pruning?

If you are looking for a small, powerful and inexpensive pole saw, you may be interested in checking out the Stihl ms 180. This manual pole saw is a great option for those that want a saw to prune or cut tree branches or limbs.

The price of this unit is quite low which makes it quite attractive to those on a budget who just need a simple manual pole saw for light duty use. However, does the low price make it too good to be true? Keep reading to find out if this manual pole saw is right for you.

General Information about Stihl MS 180

Stihl ms 180 guide

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The Stihl MS 180 C-BE chainsaw is part of the company’s “Farm & Ranch” line of equipment. As such, it is designed for homeowners who want a dependable chainsaw that can tackle a variety of tasks. The Stihl MS 180 C-BE line includes four different saws with varying bar lengths, engine sizes and features. All the saws in this series have Easy2Start technology, which makes starting the saw as easy as possible, and a patented Quick Chain Adjuster that allows the user to adjust the chain tension without tools.

The MS 180 C-BE is an example of a mid-range chainsaw from Stihl. It has enough power to be useful in cutting firewood or pruning large trees, but it doesn’t have the same grunt as some of the larger models in its lineup. The manufacturer claims that it can handle jobs up to 20 inches in diameter, but if you’re cutting down trees this size on a regular basis – as opposed to just pruning them – you may be better off with something more powerful.

The Stihl MS 180 is a lightweight chainsaw that is ideal for pruning and cutting small trees. This chainsaw can be used for tasks such as pruning trees, cutting wood, and felling trees. The Stihl MS 180 has a rugged design and can handle almost any job you put it up against. The Stihl MS 180 has a powerful engine that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. This chainsaw has a powerful 16-inch blade that is capable of cutting through thick branches with ease.

The Stihl MS 180 has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and use. This chainsaw is designed to be comfortable to use and will allow you to work longer without feeling tired or sore. The Stihl MS 180 comes with a 25-foot cord that will give you plenty of room to work with when you are working on larger trees or other projects. The cord can be extended if needed so that you have more room to work with when cutting larger branches or logs.

Reasons to Choose the MS180

The MS180C-BE is a lightweight, compact, and reliable chainsaw that can be used by novices and professionals alike. It is equipped with STIHL’s Quick Chain Adjustment (B) and Ematic chain lubrication system. The Ematic chain lubrication system ensures pinpoint lubrication of the saw chain links and guide bar rails when working. It can reduce bar oil consumption up to 50 percent, meaning you save on bar oil while prolonging the life of your STIHL saw chain.

This Stihl chainsaw also features an Easy2Start system for effortless starting, an anti-vibration system for comfortable operation, and a master control lever that combines start, choke, run, and stop functions into one easy-to-use lever. It’s also equipped with 2-MIX technology for increased fuel efficiency. Features The MS180C-BE is powered by the STIHL HomeScaper Series engine — the most popular engine in the world — which produces 1.5 horsepower with an idling speed of 2800 RPM. 

The MS 180 also works very well in tight spaces simply because of its size. The compact design allows you to work with ease in tighter areas between trees or bushes or where there is limited room for movement. Because of the low weight and compact design of the Stihl MS 180, this chainsaw is great for beginners who are looking for a more powerful chainsaw than their electric model but don’t want a large, heavy model that may be difficult to control. It’s easy to learn how to use and easy to handle as you gain more experience with it.

The MS 180 chainsaw is a mid-range model that features a 31.8cc engine and a 16″ guide bar. It’s an excellent choice for many home users, especially those who need a light-duty saw but also want to use it for pruning. If you’re looking for a chainsaw in the mid-range category, the Stihl MS 180 is worth your consideration. This model offers many of the same features as the smaller MS 170, but with more power behind it.

The MS 180 offers several advantages over other models in this size range. First, it’s equipped with the Easy2Start system, which makes starting much easier than on most other small saws. Second, it’s designed to have less vibration than similar models from other brands. In fact, Stihl advertises that it has up to 50% less than comparable models from other manufacturers. Lastly, this saw is known for having excellent fuel efficiency and low levels of emissions.

Why is the Stihl MS 180 C so popular?

The Stihl MS 180 C is one of the most popular chainsaws on the market. It is a small saw that packs a lot of power. It is also very efficient and has a lot of great features that make it a good choice for all types of projects. We will take a look at some of these features in this article so you can decide if this is the right model for you. The first thing to note about the Stihl MS 180 C is that it has a very powerful engine. This means that it will be able to cut through thick branches with ease.

You will also find that it has an easy start system which makes it very easy to get started. There is also an automatic oiling system which helps keep your chain from getting too hot during use. Another great feature of this model is its anti-vibration system. This helps reduce the vibrations that can occur when using any chainsaw, especially one like this one which has such high power output. 

The Stihl MS 180 C is one of the smallest chainsaws in the Stihl range. It’s perfect for pruning and light logging. Stihl is one of the most popular brands of chainsaw, and has produced a number of very successful models over the years. But what makes the Stihl MS 180 C so popular? The MS 180 C is one of Stihl’s smallest chainsaws. It’s not a heavy-duty saw by any means, but it can handle jobs that are too much for hand pruners or loppers. It can be used to fell small trees and to clear brush, but it really shines as a pruning saw. With a 10-inch guide bar (12 inches is also available), it can easily reach into shrubs or trees to cut off branches up to about 6 inches in diameter. If you’re tired of wrestling with manual pruning tools and want to move up to something a little more powerful, it could be just what you need.

The Stihl MS 180 is a powerful chainsaw that is perfect for cutting small trees and pruning. This chainsaw has been the best seller for the company for the past ten years because of its reliability, performance, and price point. The saw is small enough to be used by one person but has enough power to cut through large trees with ease. The saw also has an automatic oiler which keeps the chain lubricated while it’s being used so you don’t have to stop every five minutes to fill up on more oil. The chainsaw is lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for those who want something they can take with them on their next camping trip. If you’re looking for a great way to cut down small trees or prune larger ones then this would be an excellent choice!

Drawbacks of Choosing the Stihl MS 180

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You can rely on the Stihl MS 180C-BE to perform well in all situations, but there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing the chainsaw.

First, the cost. The Stihl MS 180 is much more expensive than other chainsaws. It costs $289, which is a steep price to pay for a gas-powered chainsaw. However, it is worth the price since it is made with high quality materials and performs well in all situations.

Second, you have to mix oil with gasoline when using this chainsaw. This means that users have to be careful about how much oil they use when filling up their fuel tank. It can be difficult for people who don’t know how to mix oil and gas properly or those who don’t want to buy two different types of fuel at once.

Thirdly, it has a reduced noise level compared to other chainsaws. This means you won’t disturb your neighbors when working outside on weekends! Finally, it also doesn’t come with any accessories such as an extra chain or bar so make sure you purchase these separately if needed.

Stihl MS 180 is one of the best gasoline-powered chainsaws

The Stihl MS 180 is a gasoline-powered chainsaw that’s made for tough cutting jobs around the home, farm or garden. It has a range of features that make it easy to handle and a powerful engine for getting through thick wood. However, Stihl does not offer an extended warranty on this model.

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is designed for medium-sized cutting jobs around the home, farm or garden. It’s available in a variety of configurations, including one with a 16-inch blade and another with an 18-inch blade. The smallest configuration has an automatic chain oiler, while larger models have an adjustable oil pump that can be set according to your needs. 

The Stihl MS 180 is one of the best gasoline-powered chainsaws you can buy. It’s not as powerful as some of the other chainsaws in this review, but if you’re looking for a saw to cut firewood and prune your trees, it certainly has the power to do that. One of the first things we noticed about this chainsaw was how lightweight it is. You can easily move it around without straining yourself, and it doesn’t feel too heavy when you’re working with it.

It’s also very easy to start up and use, thanks to its simple design and comfortable handle grip. We found that this model cuts through wood like butter – even thick pieces won’t take too long for you to get through them with this saw. The only thing we’ve noticed is that sometimes it struggles a bit when cutting wet logs or trees, but overall we were impressed by its performance in this regard. The Stihl MS 180 is available for around $250-$300 which makes it one of the more affordable models on our list. It has a 12 inch bar length and weighs just 8 pounds so you won’t have any trouble carrying it around with you wherever you go!


If you’re looking for an electric saw to handle smaller jobs like pruning around the house, I’d easily recommend the ms 180 BE. It might be on the pricier side, but it’s one of those tools that has enough quality and precision to make up for the cost, and probably a little more. If you want to save some cash, there are some other models that can suit your needs as well at lower prices, but if you’re really into pruning then this is one tool you won’t regret getting.