Stihl MS 181 C-BE Vs MS 194 C-E : which is better?

The STIHL MS 181 C-BE and the STIHL MS 194 C-E are both perfect for part-time users and homeowners. Both saws feature easy-to-start STIHL Easy2Start™ systems, making them popular with anyone who wants to get started quickly. The STIHL MS 181 C-BE features a lightweight compact chainsaw that is ideal for pruning and thinning jobs around the home.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 181 C-BE MS 194 C-E
Displacement ­cm³ 31,8 31,8
Power output ­kW/bhp 1,5/2 1,4/1,9
Weight ­kg 4,6 1) 3,6 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 3,1 2,6
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 100 2) 101 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 112 3) 114 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 3,5/3 4) 3,6/3,6 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P 3/8″P
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3)


The STIHL MS 181 C-BE chainsaw is the perfect homeowner chainsaw. It comes equipped with advanced STIHL M-Tronic™ technology, which allows this powerful machine to manage its own fuel intake and adjust itself based on the conditions it’s performing in. This allows the saw to be a little more forgiving to the user and save fuel at the same time! It’s also equipped with an anti-vibration system that significantly reduces operator fatigue and the Ematic™ chain lubrication system that provides maximum lubrication and longer chain life.


Stihl MS 181 C-BE Vs MS 194 C-E

The STIHL MS 194 C-E is a lightweight, easy to use chainsaw that’s ideal for homeowner projects like trimming small trees, clearing brush or taking down a tree. This STIHL chainsaw features the STIHL Easy2Start™ system for effortless starting, along with the Quick Chain Adjuster and side access chain tensioner for quick adjustments. This model also includes advanced anti-vibration technology, a reduced-emission engine and “Master Control Lever” – a single lever that controls the choke, throttle and run/stop switch for easier operation.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Engine Displacement

The MS 181 C-BE is a lightweight chainsaw, powered by a 30.1cc engine that has enough power to handle most jobs around the home. The MS 181 C-BE engine is a 2-stroke gasoline engine that uses an air cooling system and a catalytic converter to meet emissions regulations. It has an idle speed of 2800 RPM and a max engine speed of 13200 RPM.

When the engine operates at maximum speed, it produces 2.6 bhp (brake horsepower) and 1.9 kW (kilowatts). The maximum power output of the MS 181 C-BE is 1.3 bhp/lbs. Weighting just 8 lbs (without cutting equipment), this chainsaw is very easy to maneuver and handle for long periods of time without tiring out your arms and upper body.STIHL has improved their engine design over the years, resulting in better performance from smaller engines with less weight added to the chainsaw.  

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Power output

The STIHL MS 181 C-BE and MS 194 C-E chainsaws are both lightweight, easy to handle, and versatile. Both are powered by the STIHL compact engine, but that’s where the similarities end. The STIHL MS 181 C-BE is a lightweight model designed for occasional use, while the STIHL MS 194 C-E is a higher-powered saw capable of taking on heavier tasks. Let’s break down the differences between these two saws to help you decide which one is right for you.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Engine The biggest difference between these two chainsaws is their engine power. The STIHL MS 181 C-BE has a power output of 2.1 kilowatts (kW), making it ideal for occasional cutting around the yard or garden. It also features an Easy2Start system, which makes starting your chainsaw much simpler—all you need to do is give the pull cord a light tug and your engine will start right up! The STIHL MS 194 C-E has slightly more power with an output of 2.4 kW. 

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Weight

The STIHL MS 181 C-BE is a lightweight chainsaw that packs quite a punch. Designed for both occasional and frequent use, this saw is ideal for felling small trees, cutting firewood, pruning branches and more. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new tool or you’re replacing the old one, you’ve probably wondered: how does the MS 181 C-BE compare to the MS 194 C-E? The answer is that they’re very similar in many ways. First off, both saws are designed to be lightweight and easy to control—especially if you’re using them for extended periods of time.

They also have similar engine sizes and horsepower output, so they’ll work just as well with the same types of woodcutting tasks. However, there are some key differences between these two chainsaws that could make all the difference when deciding which model will suit your needs best! The most notable difference between these two models can be found in their weights: while both weigh about 10 pounds, STIHL’s MS 181 C-BE weighs just 4 ounces less than its counterpart.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Power-to-weight ratio

MS 181 C-BE: STIHL MS 181 C-BE is a great chainsaw that offers a lot of power to weight ratio. It’s one of the lightest STIHL chainsaws with a bar length of 16 inches. This saw is very powerful, and you can use it for felling trees and pruning.

You will find this saw quite easy to start. It has an Easy2Start system that reduces starting effort by half. This chainsaw has a fuel-efficient engine that will consume less fuel, so you don’t have to worry about refueling too often when using it for extended periods. With the Quick Chain Adjuster, you can adjust the chain tension without using tools. This feature makes this saw more convenient and easy to use. The STIHL MS 181 C-BE also has a side chain tensioner, which allows for quick and easy adjustment of the chain tension.

With this feature, you don’t have to stop working when adjusting your chain tension. This chainsaw has an anti-vibration system that keeps vibrations from damaging your hands and arms when working with it for prolonged periods. The anti-vibration system also reduces fatigue so that you can work comfortably.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Sound pressure level

If you are looking for a chain saw that is powerful, easy to start and has great fuel efficiency, the STIHL MS 181 C-BE will be a great tool for you. It’s lightweight, at only 7.3 lbs., but is still powerful enough to cut through those difficult branches. The MS 181 C-BE can handle trees up to 16″ in diameter and comes with a safety trigger so it will not accidentally start when you don’t want it to.

The STIHL MS 194 C-E also comes with a safety trigger and also has an anti-vibration system that keeps your hands from getting tired while using it. This chain saw is perfect for cutting firewood or clearing out brush around your property. Both of these products have low emissions and are built with the same high quality components that STIHL is known for. Check out the rest of this article to learn more about the differences between the two tools and what makes them stand apart from each other.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Sound power level

The Stihl MS 181 C-BE is a 16″ chain saw, meaning it’s a good size for medium to large-sized jobs. The 164cc engine has enough power to handle just about anything you can throw at it, and its anti-vibration system helps keep the engine stable and makes your job easier.

The chain brake and small kickback guard make this chain saw safe to use even in more precarious situations. The Stihl MS 194 C-E is similar in size to the MS 181, but it’s designed to be lighter, making it a little easier to handle. It has a 13″ bar length and weighs 4 pounds less than the MS 181. Like the MS 181, it has an anti-vibration system and a chain brake. This chain saw is most ideal for those who need something lightweight that will still get the job done. Both of these chain saws are very similar, but there are some differences between them.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Vibration level left/right

The Stihl MS 181 C-BE weighs in at 11.3 pounds, and the MS 194 C-E is 9.7 pounds—both are pretty lightweight for their power. These chainsaws have a 2.5 cubic inch displacement, and a power output of 2.1 kW (2.8 bhp). The three big differences between these models are the anti-vibration system, the chain speed, and the fuel tank capacity—the MS 181 C-BE has a fuel tank capacity of 10.1 ounces, while the MS 194 C-E’s tank can hold 13 ounces of fuel.

The MS 181 C-BE’s vibration level is 4 m/s² on the left side and 3 m/s² on the right; that of the MS 194 C-E is around 5 m/s² on each side. The chain speed is more than twice as fast with this model: 20 meters per second vs 8 meters per second with the MS 181 C-BE. Despite these differences, both chainsaws share many features, such as an automatic oiling system, an easy-off cap for tool storage and a quick chain adjuster that lets you change the tension without tools. 

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|Saw chain pitch

The STIHL MS 181 C-BE and MS 194 C-E chainsaws both have the same bar length and weight, so it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two when looking at the specifications. However, one key difference between these two chainsaws is the saw chain pitch. The STIHL MS 181 C-BE chainsaw is equipped with a 3/8 inch saw chain Pitch while the MS 194 C-E has a 3/8 inch Low Profile (1.3 mm) saw chain. This means that the chain on the STIHL MS 181 C-BE will have more teeth in contact with the wood than a chain of the same length with a larger pitch, making it ideal for general purpose use.

The differences between these two chainsaws are minor. Both are lightweight for maneuverability and easy handling when working in a variety of conditions and locations. The STIHL MS 181 C-BE is equipped with an Easy2Start system that allows you to start your chainsaw quickly and easily, even if you have never used one before. The STIHL MS 194 C-E is equipped with an ErgoStart system designed to make starting your chainsaw as comfortable as possible. These features make both of these chains.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type

The MS 181 C-BE chainsaw is a member of STIHL’s line of lightweight chainsaws, which are perfect for homeowners who use their chainsaws once in a while or have smaller jobs to do. The MS 181 C-BE’s fuel efficiency and anti-vibration system enable you to operate it without wearing you out, and its Easy2Start™ system makes the start process as simple as pulling on the starter cord.

There is also a variety of safety features such as an automatically activated chain brake that will stop the chain from turning if kickback occurs. The MS 194 C-E is another member of STIHL’s lightweight chainsaw line. It has many features similar to the MS 181 C-BE, but it adds additional comfort features and an improved engine design with more torque.

STIHL MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E|which is more better

The Stihl MS 194 C-E is a lightweight, gasoline-powered chainsaw designed for wood carving, pruning trees and felling small trees. The Stihl MS 181 C-B is a compact, lightweight chainsaw designed for homeowners who have occasional need to cut small to medium-size branches and trees. Both saws are manufactured in Germany by the privately held company Andreas Stihl AG & Company. They feature the same engine design, but differ in construction and power output.

Engine The engines in both the MS 181 C-BE and MS 194 C-E are single-cylinder two-stroke units with an electronic quick stop chain brake. The chain brake automatically stops the chain movement if kickback occurs. There is no difference in horsepower between the two models, but there is a difference in engine displacement.

The 181 has a 30 cc engine with 2 horsepower, while the 193 has a 35 cc engine with 2.4 horsepower. Construction The chassis of both models is made of plastic and magnesium alloy for weight reduction without compromising strength or rigidity. Both models have automatic chain oilers to ensure adequate lubrication of the cutting chain under all conditions. Operators can adjust the oil level from outside of the saw body using controls located on.

If you have been looking for a perfect chainsaw, the Stihl MS 181 C-BE and the MS 194 C-E models are two solid options to consider. Both of these units come with a number of features that make them ideal for professionals and homeowners alike. Although both of these chainsaws come with some similar features, there are a few differences that you need to know.

To help choose which unit is right for your needs, we will be taking a look at the MS 181 C-BE vs MS 194 C-E models in this comparison guide.Read on to learn more about how these two chainsaws differ from one another. The engine displacement refers to the total volume of all the combustion chambers in each cylinder of an internal combustion engine. It is usually measured in cubic centimeters (cm3) or liters (L). The higher the engine displacement, the more powerful the engine.


Both the MS 181 C-BE and MS 194 C-E chainsaws are designed for homeowners who want to trim branches and small trees around their property. These lightweight saws are great for quick, easy cutting jobs on the weekend or in your spare time. They are also easy to start with STIHL’s QuickStop® chain brake and the STIHL Easy2Start™ system.