STIHL MS 181 Vs MS 251 : What’s The Difference

The STIHL MS 181 and STIHL MS 251 are both popular choices for homeowners because they’re powerful enough to get the job done, but still light enough that they’re easy to maneuver.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 181 MS 251
Displacement ­cm³ 31,8 45,6
Power output ­kW/bhp 1,5/2 2,2/3
Weight ­kg 4,3 1) 4,8 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 2,9 2,2
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 100 2) 103 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 112 3) 114 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 3,5/3 4) 3,9/3,9 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P .325″
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3) Rapid Micro 3 (RM3)


The MS 181 is a high-performance chain saw from the German company STIHL. It’s part of the company’s MiniBoss line of mid-range chain saws, which offers a mix of power, lightness, and affordability. The MS 251 is also in the MiniBoss line and has similar features to the MS 181.

STIHL MS 181 Vs MS 251

Both the MS 181 and MS 251 are equipped with an engine that uses STIHL’s 2-MIX technology. This means that both engines use a special fuel mixture that combines gasoline and oil together. By mixing fuel and oil together before introducing it into the engine, you get a cleaner burn that produces less emissions.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about remembering to add oil to your fuel tank every time you fill up the gas. The MS 251 has more power than the MS 181, which makes it better suited for more demanding jobs like felling trees or cutting thick wood.

The STIHL MS 181 engine is a compact, lightweight powerhouse that still has plenty of power to get the job done. This one boasts a fuel-efficient, low-emission engine that reduces your impact on the environment and saves you money at the gas pumps. This model includes a pre-separation intake air filtration system with long filter life, which means less work for you! 


It has the Easy2Start system and tool-less fuel and oil caps with retaining straps. The MS251 also has an advanced anti-vibration system and side access chain tensioner. Both the Stihl MS181 C-BE and MS251 are compact, lightweight saws that are ideal for medium applications like cutting firewood or felling small trees.

Both saws have a decompression valve, but only the MS 251 has an additional side access chain tensioner for easy adjustment of the chain. The MS251 also has a larger engine displacement, giving it more power than its smaller sibling at 2 horsepower vs 1.6 horsepower. The Stihl MS 251 is a better choice for users who want more power in their chainsaws and need to use it frequently or in difficult conditions like heavy snowfall or thick brushwood cutting.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|Engine Displacement

The STIHL MS 181 chainsaw is an ideal choice for users seeking a light-weight saw with excellent power-to-weight ratio. The MS 251 WOOD BOSS® is perfect for felling small trees, pruning and thinning, and cutting firewood simply and efficiently. It includes Easy2Start™ and LowVib® for comfortable operation. The MS 181’s compact design makes it the perfect choice for landscapers looking for a lightweight saw that’s easy to handle. This model features a low-emission engine, delivering 35% more fuel efficiency than previous models. Weighing in at just over 10 pounds, this model packs plenty of power and maneuverability.

And with the addition of our exclusive Quick Chain Adjuster, you can adjust the chain without tools or even touching the chain itself! If you’re looking for a powerful saw that delivers great performance but won’t bog you down, the MS 251 WOOD BOSS® is the right tool for you.

This model features an innovative stratified scavenging engine that cuts fuel consumption by up to 20% and exhaust emissions by up to 50%. It also includes our patented Quick Chain Adjuster for fast, easy chain adjustments on-the-fly and QuickStop Super™ inertia chain.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|Power output

MS 181 and MS 251 are two of the most popular chainsaws manufactured by Stihl. They are both lightweight, compact chainsaws with good performance and a host of innovative features. It can be hard to tell them apart as they look similar and have many overlapping features. This article will help you find the differences between these two chainsaws and make an informed decision on which one to buy. Size and weight The first thing to notice about these two chainsaws is their size and weight. MS 181 has a fuel tank capacity of 280ml.

It measures 68 cm in length, 28 cm in width, and 25 cm in height. It weighs 4 kg without the bar and chain. MS 251 is slightly bigger with a fuel tank capacity of 300ml. It measures 66cm in length, 31 cm in width, and 26 cm in height. It weighs 4.5 kg without the bar and chain. Power output The next thing to compare is their power output. The engine on MS 181 displaces 30cc whereas that on MS 251 displaces 45cc. The engine on MS 181 produces a maximum power output of 1.5kW at 9500 rpm whereas that on MS 251 produces 2 kW at 9500 rpm.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|Power output The STIHL MS 251 C-BE has an extra half horsepower over the MS 181. The MS 251 also uses a different engine that is more efficient and has better fuel economy than the MS 181. The new engine also reduces emissions, making the chainsaw eco-friendlier while still retaining the power you need to get the job done. The STIHL MS 251 C-BE also features a larger fuel tank, which allows you to run your saw longer without needing to refuel.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|Weight

The STIHL MS 181 chainsaw is a great entry-level model that’s perfect for small cutting jobs. This lightweight saw has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and excellent fuel efficiency, and it’s easy to start and operate. It also features the Easy2Start™ system, which allows you to start the engine with just a quick pull of the rope.

It comes standard with an Ematic™ guide bar, which helps reduce friction and keeps the chain on track during cutting. The MS 251 also offers professional performance, coming in at only 9 pounds (with an 18″ bar) but delivering high torque over a wide range of speeds.

You can work up to 20% faster than with the MS 181, without sacrificing fuel efficiency. An advanced anti-vibration system ensures comfort while you work, even on long jobs. And like its little brother, this powerful beast starts easily every time with the STIHL Easy2Start™ system.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|Power-to-weight ratio

The STIHL MS 181 and the MS 251 are similar in many ways, but there are several distinguishing characteristics that separate these two chainsaws. They’re both part of the STIHL MiniBoss family, which contains lightweight models designed for smaller tasks such as trimming, pruning and light cutting. 

The STIHL MS 181 chainsaw is a lightweight, versatile chainsaw that is perfect for homeowners looking to do general yard care and maintenance. It has a 16-inch bar length and weighs just 9.3 pounds, making it easy to handle. The MS 251 also has a 16-inch bar length but weighs 11.3 pounds—a bit heavier than the MS 181 because it has additional features that allow it to perform more demanding tasks.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|Sound pressure level

The Stihl MS 181 chainsaw is rated at 110 dB(A), while the MS 251 is rated at 112 dB(A). These ratings tell you how loud the chainsaw is when in use, so if you’re going to be using your machine in a residential area you may wish to opt for the quieter option.

Both saws feature anti-vibration technology, which reduces fatigue when using the machine over long periods of time. However, Stihl has redesigned how this technology works on their latest model. The MS 181 has three vibration dampeners integrated into the handles, while the MS 251 has four. This means that vibrations are reduced by 20% when compared to the older model, allowing for much more comfortable use over longer periods of time.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|Vibration level left/right

Both saws feature anti-vibration technology, an ergonomic handle and an automatic oiling system. Both saws also have an advanced combustion system designed to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. They both use STIHL’s 1/4″ PM3 saw chain, which offers an excellent balance of cutting speed and durability, but the two saws differ in a few important ways. 

Vibrations are an important factor to consider when evaluating chainsaws; prolonged exposure to vibrations can lead to “white finger disease,” numbness and tingling in your fingers and hands. The MS 251 is an easy-to-use and comfortable saw with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

STIHL MS 181 vs MS 251|which is better

The STIHL MS 181 is a lighter-duty version of the two, with a lower level of horsepower, a smaller fuel tank, and a smaller oil tank than the MS 251. However, both saws have an anti-vibration system designed to reduce user fatigue during extended use.

Both saws operate at about 11 pounds in weight—including their fuel tanks—and are equipped with STIHL’s Quick Chain Adjuster system which allows you to adjust the tension on your chain without any tools. The primary difference between these two chainsaws is that the STIHL MS 251 has more power than the STIHL MS 181. It has 2.8 horsepower and can handle bigger jobs than its smaller counterpart. This makes it ideal for hardwood like oak or hickory.

STIHL MS 181 The Stihl MS 181 is a small, lightweight chainsaw that weighs just under 10 pounds. It has a 2.8 horsepower engine and comes in several configurations. The standard model has a 16 inch bar, but there are also versions available with 14 inch and 12 inch bar lengths.

The fuel tank holds around 10 ounces of fuel, and the oil capacity is about 4 ounces. For those who want a slightly more powerful saw with more features, Stihl also offers the C-BE version of the MS 181. This saw features STIHL’s Easy2Start system which reduces friction on the starter rope to make starting easier, as well as STIHL’s Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA) which eliminates the need for tools when adjusting.

Both chainsaws are equipped with an electronic ignition system that allows you to start the engine easily and quickly. They also have a decompression valve which ensures that there is no back pressure on the piston when starting the engine.


MS 181 and MS 251 are two models of chainsaws manufactured by the German company STIHL. Both chainsaws are equipped with the same engine, but with different features and capabilities. While STIHL MS 181 is a smaller chainsaw and is suitable for cutting small trees and felling small trees, STIHL MS 251 is more suited to cutting larger trees.