Stihl MS 211 Vs MS 230 : Which one do you like?

Stihl MS 211 Vs MS 230: STIHL MS 230 is a great chainsaw. This model is an upgraded version of the popular STIHL MS 210, which is one of the best-selling chainsaws from STIHL. The new version offers more power and has better features than its predecessor.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 211 MS 230
Displacement ­cm³ 35,2 45,4
Power output ­kW/bhp 1,7/2,3 2/2,7
Weight ­kg 4,3 1) 4,6 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 2,5 2,3
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 100 2) 101 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 113 3) 111 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 3,5/3,5 4) 6,4/7 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P 3/8″P
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ Picco Micro 3 (PM3) Picco Micro 3 (PM3)


The MS 211 has 2.1 cubic inches of displacement, hence the name 211. STIHL chainsaws are widely regarded as the best on the market. This reputation is well-deserved and has been earned through the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. MS 211 and MS 230 are two great examples of this dedication to excellence. They have a lot in common, but there are also a few important differences between them. It’s these differences that will help you decide which saw is right for you.

Stihl MS 211 Vs MS 230

The STIHL MS 211 weighs 10 pounds, while the MS 230 weighs 11 pounds. This means the lighter MS 211 will be less tiring to use over long periods of time. The MS 211 also has an engine with more horsepower than the one in the MS 230—just by looking at their names, you can see that the “MS” stands for “motorsäge,” which is German for “motor saw,” and that the numbers refer to engine power in cubic centimeters (cc).


The most notable difference between them is the addition of a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure and wind speed at various altitudes or locations on Earth, which allows this model to be operated in extremely high-altitude areas such as Mount Everest, where other chainsaws have difficulty operating due to lack of oxygen.

The MS 230 is lightweight and easy to handle and is designed with a low-emission engine to help reduce fuel consumption while providing excellent power for all your cutting needs. The MS 230 also features an adjustable automatic oiler on our STIHL Rapid Micro™ Chain for consistent chain lubrication during use. The ErgoStart (E) system also makes starting easier than ever!

STIHL MS 211 vs MS 230|Engine Displacement

Stihl 211 is powered by an engine with a displacement of 50.2 cc and has a power output of 3.0 bhp (3.6 bhp at the maximum power speed 7,200 rpm), while the Stihl 230 has a displacement of 64.1 cc and an output of 3.7 bhp (4.4 bhp at the maximum power speed 9,000 rpm). Both engines have electronic ignition and are equipped with the STIHL anti-vibration system that reduces the vibration levels to less than 2.5 m/s², enabling you to work longer without discomfort or fatigue.

STIHL MS 211 vs MS 230|Power output

STIHL MS 211 chainsaw is equipped with a 35.2 cc engine that puts out 1.8 kW power and 2.1 horsepower, while the STIHL MS 230 chainsaw has a larger displacement engine of 40.2 cc that produces 2.2 kW power or 2.9 horsepower. The air filter and cooling system of the engines are also different, with the MS 211 having a simplified filter and manual pump, while the MS 230 has an automatic filter and pump system.

Talking about fuel capacity, both machines have a 0.3 liter tank, but when you compare the fuel consumption rates, you’ll find that the fuel consumption rate of the STIHL MS 211 is lower than that of the MS 230 (0.5 kg/h vs 0.6 kg/h). When it comes to weight, the STIHL MS 211 weighs just 4.7 kg including the cutting tool, oil tank, and fuel tank (4 kg dry), so it’s lighter than its counterpart by about half a kilogram even in its full configuration (5.2 kg full). 

STIHL MS 211 vs MS 230|Power-to-weight ratio

There are two main chainsaw models developed by STIHL, the MS 211 and MS 230, that are both designed for heavy-duty jobs. These chainsaws are typically used for forestry, farming, and landscaping tasks. They share many similar features, but there are some key differences between these two chainsaws that may help you decide which one is best suited for your needs.

Both the STIHL MS 211 and MS 230 use the same engine displacement (35.2 cm3) and have a power-to-weight ratio of 1.8 kg/kW. That means that these saws can handle cutting large and hard logs with ease, because they use fuel efficiently to provide more power to get through tough logs quickly. The MS 211 and MS 230 also share a similar bar length at 14 inches and 16 inches, respectively, which gives them the ability to cut larger logs than smaller saws with shorter bars.

The MS 211 has a slightly lower chain speed than the MS 230 at 19 m/s compared to 20 m/s, so it may take a little longer to cut some bigger logs depending on their hardness. However, both of these saws are designed for big jobs and can handle large loads with ease. The biggest difference.

STIHL MS 211 vs MS 230|Sound pressure level

While both are excellent chainsaws, there are several differences between them that you should know about before making your purchase. The STIHL MS 211 and STIHL MS 230 chainsaws have similar features, but there are a few key differences to be aware of. The STIHL MS 211 has a smaller engine than the STIHL MS 230, so it does not have as much power. This means that if you are cutting thick wood or branches, this saw will take longer than one with more power.

The difference in weight between the two chainsaws is also noticeable. The STIHL MS 230 weighs 14 pounds while the STIHL MS 211 weighs 12 pounds. In addition, the difference in sound pressure level is noticeable: while the former emits 114 dB at 50 feet away from the operator’s face (based on our readings), the latter emits up to 120 dB.

If you plan on using your new chainsaw for hours at a time, then this may make all of the difference when choosing between these two models! It’s important to consider how much noise pollution you want around your home when selecting any tool that produces loud sounds over long periods of time like these do.

STIHL MS 211 vs MS 230|Saw chain pitch

Both the MS 211 and MS 230 are great chainsaws. While they’re very similar, there are some differences that you should be aware of when choosing one or the other. For starters, both of these chainsaws use a 3/8″ PM3 saw chain as their standard cutting equipment. However, a 3/8″ PM3 saw chain can be used on either model, so if you already own one of these models, you can upgrade to the other with little difficulty. The MS 211 features an economical and dependable 2-MIX engine, while the MS 230 has a powerful 2-MIX engine that is optimized for high torque and low emissions.

The Stihl MS 211 comes with a 3/8” Picco Mini 3 (PM3) saw chain as standard while the Stihl MS 230 comes with a .325” Picco Micro (PM) saw chain. The PM3 saw chain is a low-vibration design and has more teeth than the PM, which makes it easier to use for precise cutting tasks.

STIHL MS 211 vs MS 230|which is better

STIHL is a manufacturer of chainsaws and other handheld power equipment. It is based in Germany but has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Brazil. The MS 211 and MS 230 are both chainsaws manufactured by STIHL. Both models have the same length of the guide bar, at 16 inches, but there are some differences between them. The MS 230 was released in 2004 as a replacement for an older model, the 023. The MS 230 comes with an automatic oiler that applies oil to the chain to keep it lubricated.

It also has a larger fuel tank than the 211, giving it a longer run time. The 230’s engine runs on gasoline, while the 211’s engine requires a 2-cycle gasoline and oil mixture. Both units are designed to be used by homeowners rather than professional logging crews. The MS 211 was released in 2009 as a replacement for another older model, the 011 AVT. Like the 230, it has an automatic oiler; this is notable because many earlier chainsaw models did not have this feature. The 211 also comes with a decompression valve, which makes starting the engine easier, and a tool-free air filter cover that allows for more easy maintenance of its air filter.

The End

The STIHL MS 211 chainsaw is a mid-range model in the STIHL range. It is intended for cutting firewood, felling trees and also pruning of branches. It is a solid chainsaw with good power and performance. The saw is designed to be rugged and reliable. This model has been replaced by the MS 231, but the design is similar so this review will also apply there too.