Stihl MS 230 C-BE Vs MS 251 : worth buying?

Stihl MS 230 C-BE VS MS 251 are both chainsaws that are used by professional landscapers. The difference between these two chainsaws is that the MS 251 has a fully automatic chain oiling system, while the MS 230 C-BE does not have this function.

Detail Comparison

Technical specifications MS 230 C-BE MS 251
Displacement ­cm³ 45,4 45,6
Power output ­kW/bhp 2/2,7 2,2/3
Weight ­kg 4,9 1) 4,8 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 2,5 2,2
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 101 2) 103 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 111 3) 114 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 5/6 4) 3,9/3,9 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P .325″
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ Picco Micro 3 (PM3) Rapid Micro 3 (RM3)


STIHL MS 230 C-BE is a powerful, high performance shape cutter. It comes with a 4-stroke engine that’s easy to start, and features a lightweight design which makes it easier to maneuver. The saw has an anti Vibration system that reduces vibration by up to 50% so you can work longer without getting tired or sore.

Stihl MS 230 C-BE Vs MS 251

It also has an Auto return stop switch which automatically stops the engine if you release the trigger but don’t let go of the handle – this is very useful as it prevents injury when you are using the saw around trees or other objects. The saw comes standard with a 15 inch bar and chain, but can be upgraded to an 18 inch bar for more power and cutting capacity if needed. STIHL MS 230 C-BE includes a tool-less chain tensioning system that allows you to quickly change chains without any tools required, making maintenance simple and efficient.


The STIHL MS 251 has two speeds: 1,200 and 1,800 rpm. You’ll be able to cut through all types of wood with those speeds; however, if you want to make short work of your project, then you will want to use your saw at full throttle for as long as possible before needing to stop and restock fuel in the tank or change out a bar length. You’ll get more done faster by running your saw at full throttle rather than changing bar lengths back and forth throughout each project. Both models come with an adjustable grip handle that allows users to position themselves comfortably while.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251|Engine Displacement

Engine displacement is the swept volume of all the pistons inside the cylinders of a reciprocating engine in a single movement from top dead center (TDC) to bottom dead center (BDC). It is commonly specified in cubic centimeters (cc), liters (l), or cubic inches (in). Engine displacement does not include the total volume of the combustion chamber.

The STIHL MS 251 chainsaw has a 50.2 cc engine, which delivers 3.0 kW power at 9000 rpm. The STIHL MS 230 C-BE chainsaw has a 45.4 cc engine delivering 2.4 kW power at 9500 rpm. Both chainsaws have a digital ignition system and fuel pump, as well as an anti-vibration system with 4 springs to reduce vibrations and increase user comfort during operation.

Both are also equipped with an electronic water control carburetor that prevents flooding when cold starting in cold weather; a primer bulb for easy starting; a decompression valve to reduce the compression pressure while starting the saw; side-access chain tensioner for quick adjustments; and automatic chain lubrication with a transparent oil tank so you can quickly check oil levels without opening the cover.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251|Power output

MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251 On the surface, the STIHL MS 230 C-BE and the STIHL MS 251 appear to be very similar. Both are lightweight, easy-to-use trimmers that can handle both small and large tasks. They even have identical power output ratings at 1,600 watts. So what’s the difference between these two popular trimmers? To find out, we put them head to head in a detailed comparison below! Power Output The most obvious difference between these two models is their power output: the MS 251 has an impressive 2,100 RPMs of power while the MS 230 C-BE has only 1,600 RPMs.

This is a significant difference since it means that you’ll have to work harder with your MS 230 C-BE to keep up with larger areas or thicker weeds than you would with your MS 251. In addition, this reduced power also means that your cuts will take longer than they would with your MS 251 so you might have to spend more time trimming overall. Weight The STIHL MS 230 C-BE weighs 6 pounds less than its big brother at only 9 pounds total weight so it’s easier for smaller users like women or children to maneuver around.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251|Weight

STIHL chainsaws are a popular choice for both domestic and professional use. STIHL is Germany’s largest manufacturer of power tools and equipment and is famous for their high quality and reliability. The STIHL MS 230 C-BE and the STIHL MS 251 are both compact, lightweight chainsaws that can be used for a variety of cutting jobs. The saws are very similar in design, but there are some key differences between the two models. This article will go into detail about the main differences between these two models to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251|Power-to-weight ratio

When you’re tackling yardwork, the less strain on your body the better. That’s why a major advantage of the MS 230 C-BE is it weighs 11.8 lbs., compared to the MS 251’s heftier weight of 12.3 lbs. As a result, it can be less tiring over extended periods of time. The difference may seem slight, but every ounce counts when considering how much gravity will pull on you.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251|Sound pressure level

The STIHL MS 230 C-BE and the MS 251 are both powerful chainsaws that can handle tough jobs. However, there are some differences between these two models. The MS 230 C-BE has a sound pressure level of 103 dB(A) compared to the MS 251’s 96 dB(A). The higher the number, the louder the engine is, which may be an issue if you’re working in an urban environment or close to your neighbors’ homes.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251|which is better

STIHL MS 230 C-BE vs MS 251 STIHL MS 230 is a chainsaw that is designed to cut firewood. It is a 2-cycle, 2.2-gallon fuel tank, and it weighs about 9 pounds. The engine’s power comes from the company’s Easy2Start technology and it has an automatic lubrication system which ensures smooth operation regardless of the environment you are working in.

This chainsaw can be used by both professionals and amateurs because it has been made with safety features that protect you from accidents. The STIHL MS 251 is also a 2-cycle, 2-stroke model that has an automatic lubrication system to make sure that oil reaches all parts of the engine without having to stop and add more oil yourself.

The engine has a power of 0.95HP at 8500 RPMs, which makes it suitable for cutting trees as well as firewood. It weighs about 8 pounds so it is easy to carry around when you are working in different locations.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE and the STIHL MS 251 are both chainsaws that are designed for heavy-duty use. They are both made by STIHL and they both have a powerful engine that can cut through hard materials. The main difference between these two models is how they are designed. The MS 230 C-BE is a brushcutter while the MS 251 is a sawmill. The brushcutter has been designed to cut branches, shrubs and thick grass, while the sawmill has been designed to cut lumber.

Both of these machines are great at what they do but each one has its own unique purpose too. The MS 251 has a longer bar than the MS 230 C-BE does (21 inches compared to 20 inches). It also has an automatic oil pump which ensures that there is sufficient oil flow throughout operation so that the chain will not stick or wear out prematurely because of insufficient lubrication.

STIHL MS 230 C-BE and MS 251 are two powerful chainsaws that come with an impressive engine and a large cutting bar. They can be used for a variety of purposes including cutting down trees and clearing brush. While both models have similar features, there are some differences that make them stand out from each other. The STIHL MS 231 C-BE is the older model while the STIHL MS 251 is the latest model in the market.

The engines used in these two chainsaws are similar but not identical. Both use an easy start system and have an automatic oil pump for better lubrication during operation. However, the STIHL MS 231 C-BE uses a 2-cycle engine while the STIHL MS 251 uses a 4-cycle engine which makes it more powerful than its predecessor. Cutting Bar: Both models come with a 16 inch (40cm) bar but there are some differences when it comes to cutting power.


Both models are equipped with Quick Chain Adjusters, which allow you to adjust the tension on your chain without tools. This feature is super convenient if you use your chainsaw on a regular basis!