Stihl ms 251 c – Top Reasons Why I Chose It

When the time came time to replace the chainsaw, I bought the stihl ms 251 c. Given that I was an experienced saw user by then, it is no surprise that I chose that model.

It was not my first choice however. A friend recommended it to me and said that he had personally used it for several months without any issues. Upon testing it out myself with some practice rounds, I found that it performed excellently and is far superior than its smaller counterpart in every category.

To this day, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a product of quality and value. This article will take you through the many reasons why I chose this machine over others and what the most important features were.

Stihl ms 251 c is Easy to Start

The Stihl MS 251 C is a powerful, fuel-efficient chain saw designed for professional woodcutters. It features a variety of cutting attachments and accessories, including a chainsaw sharpener, which can be used to sharpen the chain for cutting or remove it for storage. With proper maintenance and care, the chain saw will last for many years.

I have been using the Stihl MS 251 C for almost a year now, and thought it would be helpful to provide my review of the saw. I’ve used it for light to medium woodcutting around the yard, cutting up logs into firewood, and even trimming tree branches. What I Like About The Stihl MS 251 C The first thing that you’ll notice about this saw is how easy it is to start. The Stihl Easy2Start makes starting a breeze! Simply pull on the cord, and the engine will start right up.

There’s also a decompression valve on top of the motor that makes it even easier. Simply press down on the valve before starting, and you’ll be cutting wood in no time. Another thing that I like about this saw is how lightweight it is. At only 10 pounds, this saw is easy to carry around with you, especially if you are using it in the woods or up in a tree. It’s also very quiet when compared to other chainsaws. This makes it ideal for any type of work that requires you to cut wood without disturbing your neighbors or making too much noise in general.

Stihl ms 251 c be: Low Emissions

stihl ms 251 c

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I run a landscaping business and I’ve been looking for a new chainsaw that would fit my needs. I needed one that was easy to start, had good power and was environmentally friendly. I have narrowed my choices down to three products but in the end, I chose the stihl ms 251 c be because of its low emission technology, which is good for the environment and it has a feature that allows me to adjust the engine speed manually depending on what kind of job I’m doing.

I have been using different brands and models of chain saws for over 20 years now so I know what features are important to me and what features are just extra bells and whistles that I can live without. When choosing my next chain saw I looked at all the major brands like Husqavarna, Echo, and Dolmar but ended up choosing Stihl because they have a good reputation for making quality products that are built to last. The Stihl ms 251 c be is a big step up from my old model but it has a lot of great features that make it worth the extra cost! 

Stihl ms 251 c: Light-Weight and Durable

With the Stihl MS 251 C, you get a comfortable and reliable saw perfect for working in the yard or cutting firewood.

The MS 251 C is compact and lightweight with just enough power to get the job done. Its improved fuel efficiency will save you money at the pump; this saw has up to 20% less fuel consumption and up to 50% reduction in emissions compared to STIHL two-stroke engines of the same class without 2-MIX technology. The pre-separation air filtration system keeps your air filter cleaner longer, lowering maintenance costs.

This engine is also easy to start with the standard STIHL Quick Chain Adjuster (B) so that you can adjust your chain tension quickly and easily without using tools. This model is equipped with a side access chain tensioner for safe and convenient chain tensioning. The anti-vibration system reduces vibration levels to the operator, which decreases fatigue. This saw also has a tool-free filler caps for fast and easy refueling and an adjustable automatic oiler for longer bar life by keeping proper oil flow on the bar and chain. In addition to its performance features, this saw is comfortable.

Stihl ms 251 c be: Exceptional Engineering and Design

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The STIHL MS 251 C-BE with Easy2Start™ technology is a lightweight fuel-efficient chainsaw that is easy to use and ideal for cutting firewood or felling trees.Additional features include the Stihl ErgoStart (E) system, which makes starting virtually effortless; and 2-MIX engine technology for a more pleasant sound, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Features: STIHL Easy2Start™ – The STIHL Easy2Start™ system makes starting STIHL outdoor power tools almost effortless, eliminating the need for a strong pull of the starting cord. STIHL ErgoStart – Cutting-edge technology makes pulling starts easier. Captive nut on the sprocket cover – No more searching for this necessary part when servicing the saw. Side-access chain tensioner – Makes it much faster and simpler to tension the saw chain.

Advanced combustion technology – Caring for Nature: The STIHL MS 251 C-BE features stratified charge engine technology that cuts fuel consumption by 20% and exhaust emissions by 50%. The chain saw thus achieves a satisfyingly high level of economic efficiency and can be used in urban areas without restrictions.

Stihl ms 251 c: Perfect for Homeowners

The stihl ms 251 c is perfect for homeowners and commercial use like other Stihl Chainsaws. The stihl ms 251 c is a powerful and reliable chain saw that is designed specifically for home owners as well as other users who may need it occasionally. It has been designed to provide maximum performance while still being easy enough to use by people with little or no experience using power tools like this one. The first thing that makes the stihl ms 251 c so special is its design; it has an ergonomic grip and handle which make it very comfortable to hold even when you are working with heavy loads or challenging conditions like cutting through branches that are high up in trees. 

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or just a homeowner who likes to keep their yard looking great, the Stihl MS 251 C is a fantastic chainsaw to have in your arsenal. It has the capability to handle any project you could need it for and is easy to use, even if you’ve never used a chainsaw before.

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The design also provides some additional safety features that make sure you don’t have any accidents while working on your project with this tool; there’s an automatic chain brake system that ensures that the chain doesn’t continue spinning when it’s not needed and a specially designed handlebar grip that prevents your hands from slipping off of the bars during operation. This makes it easier to control and lessens fatigue, allowing you to spend more time working on your project without having to stop because of how tired you feel.

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I chose the MS 251 c because I like the confidence I get from being able to hear everything. With my old MS 180 c, I had a hard time hearing from a distance because if there was any kind of wind it would just drown out the sound instead of helping me pinpoint my work area or stopping me early enough to avoid hitting something that didn’t want to. The balance on this saw is also a plus when it comes to precision. I like how easy it is to control this saw and use it for cleaner cuts and better accuracy, and I get fewer vibrations when cutting which helps me keep my work area and hands safer.