Stihl MS 251 Vs MS 230 : Which is the best?

Both Stihl MS 251 and MS 230 models are effective rotary mowers, specially designed to offer excellent cutting power. These models are designed to be used by professionals and weekend gardeners alike. You should take your time when choosing one of these products as it’ll help you choose the best one for you.

MS 251

Technical specifications MS 230 MS 251
Displacement ­cm³ 45,4 45,6
Power output ­kW/bhp 2/2,7 2,2/3
Weight ­kg 4,6 1) 4,8 1)
Power-to-weight ratio ­kg/kW 2,3 2,2
Sound pressure level ­dB(A) 101 2) 103 2)
Sound power level ­dB(A) 111 3) 114 3)
Vibration level left/right ­m/s² 6,4/7 4) 3,9/3,9 4)
Saw chain pitch ­ 3/8″P .325″
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type ­ Picco Micro 3 (PM3) Rapid Micro 3 (RM3)
1Without fuel, without bar and chain
2K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 (dB (A))
3K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
4K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2m / s ²

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STIHL MS 230 Chainsaw


The MS 230 from STIHL is a lightweight and easy to use saw that can handle large branches and logs up to 30 cm diameter. It has a power output of 230 W and can cut through wood with ease.

The chain tensioner is built into the body of the saw and can easily be adjusted without having to remove it from the machine. It also features an automatic chain oiler which lubricates the chain after every cut, keeping it running smoothly and preventing it from wearing out too quickly.

The MS 230 also includes an optional chain guard which protects your clothing and equipment against splinters when cutting branches that are thin or soft enough to fly off as you cut them.

STIHL MS 251 Chainsaw


The STIHL MS 251 is an entry-level, low-cost chainsaw that features a 10.4cc engine and a cast iron muffler for quieter operation. Its cutting capacity is 1/2 in and it comes with a 20-inch bar, which makes it suitable for small trees and shrubs. The MS 251 also has an anti-vibration system and an adjustable chain tensioner to minimize kickback on the bars.

The MS 251’s bar is made from steel that’s hardened and tempered so it doesn’t bend as easily as other bars made of softer materials. The chain is made from high quality steel, which can be adjusted to different lengths to meet your needs. It’s easy to change the oil filter, spark plug, air filter and fuel filter on the machine itself.

Stihl MS 251 Vs MS 230|Engine Displacement

Comparing the STIHL MS 230 and the STIHL MS 251 is a good way to familiarize yourself with two of the most popular chainsaws for sale today. These are both compact mid-range models designed for occasional use around the home, whether it’s cutting firewood, clearing brush or limbing trees.

But there are some important differences between them that should be considered before you make your final purchase decision. Engine Displacement The biggest difference between these two models is in the engine displacement: The MS 230 has a 3.0 horsepower, 30.1 cc engine, while the MS 251 has a more powerful 3.4hp engine with 49.4 cc displacement—the largest engine size in this class. This means that in addition to being heavier by about 3 pounds (10 pounds with bar and chain compared to 13 pounds), the MS 251 delivers more torque than its smaller sibling. 

Stihl MS 251 Vs MS 230|Power output

The STIHL MS 251 is a bit more powerful than the STIHL MS 230. It offers a maximum power output of 13.0 kW, while the STIHL MS 230 has a maximum power output of 11.0 kW. This means that you can use the MS 251 to cut through thicker branches and logs more easily than the MS 230. The difference in power can also be seen when comparing both chainsaws when starting up; it takes less time for the STIHL MS 251 to start up compared to the STIHL MS 230 due to its higher power output.

Stihl MS 251 Vs MS 230|Weight

The another difference between these two saws is weight. The MS 230 weighs in at 11.2 pounds, whereas the MS 251 is about 1 pound heavier at 12.3 pounds. This may not seem like much of a difference, but when working with a chainsaw all day long, it can start to take its toll on your body. For most homeowners who aren’t running their chainsaw all day long, however, this likely won’t be an issue.

Stihl MS 251 Vs MS 230|Power-to-weight ratio

The power-to-weight ratio is one of the most important factors that should be considered while purchasing a chainsaw. The higher the power-to-weight ratio, the better it is for cutting down trees or any other object. In this comparison article, we will compare both machines and see which one has a higher power-to-weight ratio.

The MS 230 has a power-to-weight ratio of 0.24 HP/lb while the MS 251 has a power-to-weight ratio of 0.30 HP/lb. This means that the MS 231 is slightly less powerful than the MS 251 because it weighs less than it does and thus needs less power to operate effectively. However, both models can handle most tasks around home or farm without any problems at all due to their excellent fuel economy and easy maintenance requirements (they both use bar oil, which can be added without having to take apart anything).

STIHL is one of the leading manufacturers of chainsaws worldwide for good reason: their products are well-made, durable and affordable (especially compared to other brands). They also offer a wide range of models with different features depending on your needs (smaller ones for.

Stihl MS 251 Vs MS 230|Sound pressure level

Sound power level is a measure of the intensity of sound. The STIHL MS 230 and STIHL MS 251 models have sound power levels that are within 0.1 dB of each other. A difference of 1 dB is equivalent to approximately 10% more or less sound pressure level. This means that users will not notice any audible difference between these two machines when using them for work.

Stihl MS 251 Vs MS 230|Sound power level

The STIHL MS 251 is a much more powerful engine, with a sound power level of 137 dB(A). It will have no trouble cutting through thicker wood and stumps. The MS 230 has a sound power level of 124 dB(A), which is still loud enough to do the job, but not as powerful as the MS 251. 

STIHL MS 230 vs MS 251|Vibration level left/right

The STIHL MS 230 and MS 251 have different vibration characteristics. The MS 230 is a 3-speed model that has a high speed of 5,000 RPM, while the MS 251 is a 4-speed model with a low speed of 2,300 RPM. The STIHL MS 230 has better vibration control than the STIHL MS 251. It is more effective in reducing vibration levels during operation because it provides higher resistance against vibration as compared to its predecessor.

STIHL MS 230 vs MS 251|Saw chain pitch

The saw chain pitch is the distance between the teeth of the blade. The larger the number, the lower the velocity and power required to cut through wood. A smaller number means a higher velocity, which translates into faster cutting speed.

  • STIHL MS 230: 4mm
  • STIHL MS 251: 5mm

STIHL MS 230 vs MS 251|STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type

The STIHL MS 230 and the STIHL MS 251 are both chain saws, but they do have some differences. The STIHL MS 230 has a bar-chain drive, while the STIHL MS 251 has a direct-drive chain. This means that the teeth of the chainsaw will run on separate links that are not connected together by a common shaft. The direct drive is more efficient because it uses less energy to turn the wheel located at the end of the transmission assembly. It also allows you to make smaller adjustments as you work around obstacles or trees with branches that are too big for your needs at this time.

The bar-chain drive is also safer because there is less chance of accidentally striking an object with this type of equipment than there is with direct drive chain saws. The bar-chain will stop running if there is any kind of damage to its links or teeth, which can prevent injury or death if someone were using it without realizing what was happening.

STIHL MS 230 vs MS 251|which is much better?

STIHL MS 251 Vs MS 230

If you are a professional landscaper, then STIHL MS 230 or STIHL MS 251 are both excellent tools for your professional landscaping job.

STIHL MS 230 and STIHL MS 251 are two models of the same product line that has been on the market for many years. Both products have an identical design and have been improved over time to make them more efficient and easier to use. The only difference between these two products is their price.

Both STIHL MS 230 and STIHL MS 251 are powered by a gas engine, which makes them easier to start than electric lawn mowers, as they don’t need batteries or electricity to operate. This makes them much more convenient for owners who live in areas where there’s not enough sunlight during the day or who are away from home during work hours.


Having both been designed to hit the sweet spot between portability and power, there’s no doubt that MS 230 and MS 251 are powerful machines with plenty of capabilities…but which is right for you? If you plan on using one quite often, then it might be worth the extra cost to get the more professional model. If you need something more portable that you’ll use only occasionally, however, then you don’t really need to think much further than which one is cheaper.