stihl ms 290 bar and chain replacement and buying guide

If you’re looking for a replacement for your Stihl MS 290 bar and chain , we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll teach you about the different types of bar and chain available, how to replace them, and what to look for when purchasing one. Let’s get started!

Why do you need to buy a new bar and chain for your Stihl Ms290?

When it comes to your Stihl ms290 chainsaw, it is important to keep it in good working order. This means that you need to replace the bar and chain on a regular basis. Here are some reasons why you should do this:

  1. The bar can wear down over time, which can cause the chain to become stuck or bind in the saw. This can lead to serious accidents.
  2. The chain can also rust, which can make it difficult to operate the saw.
  3. The bar can also become damaged, which can cause the chain to break. This can lead to serious injury.

So, it is important to keep your Stihl Ms290 chainsaw in good working order by replacing the bar and chain on a regular basis.

stihl ms 290 bar and chain

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How to choose the best bar and chain combination for your Stihl Ms 290

Bar length 

Bar length: 20”, 22”, 24” The bar length is the distance from the center of the sprocket to the tip of the bar. It is important to choose the right bar length for your height and weight. If you are tall, you may want a longer bar so that your hands will be in a more relaxed position when holding the chainsaw. If you are short in stature, then it may be a good idea to go with a shorter bar so that you can have better control of your chainsaw.

The bar length of the Stihl MS 290 Chainsaw is 16 inches. This is a standard size bar for this model and can be found at many stores. The chain used in the Stihl MS 290 Chainsaw is a .325 pitch, 3/8″ links, and .058 gauge (1.4mm) chain.


The gauge of your bar and chain is the thickness of the bar and the size of the cutting teeth on the chain. It’s important to match your gauge with your engine, as too small or too large of a diameter can cause problems.

When replacing your bar and chain, make sure you have the correct gauge for your engine.

The replacement bar and chain for the MS 290 is a 0.325″ gauge, 520 chain and 0.050″ pitch bar. The bar is an extension of the clutch cover on the engine and contains a sprocket that meshes with the chain to drive it from the engine pulley. The chain is made up of individual links that connect together to form its length.


Chain pitch is important because it has a direct relationship with cutting speed and power output of your saw. A lower pitch means more power output at low RPMs (rpm stands for revolutions per minute). This is good for cutting through hard or dense materials like logs or stumps. A higher pitch means less power output at low RPMs but better cutting speed at high RPMs (because there are fewer links).

Pitch refers to the distance between links in a chain and can be measured in inches or millimeters. The lower the number, the more links there are per inch or millimeter (the thicker the chain). 

This makes chains with higher pitches better for cutting softer materials like firewood or brush because they don’t have as much torque at low RPMs but they have higher top speeds which means they can cut faster than lower pitched chains when you’re working fast and need maximum efficiency.

Drive links 

The drive links can be found in the bottom of the bar. They are made of metal and they connect the chain to the sprocket. The drive links are usually made of metal, but you can also find them in plastic or carbon. These materials are used to make them more durable, so they will last longer.

It is very important to keep these parts clean and lubricated, as they will give you more power when you need it most. If there is any dirt or dust on your chain, then you should clean it before using it again. You can use a rag or brush to remove all of the excess material from the chain, but don’t use any harsh chemicals on it because this could damage your chainsaw.

The drive links and bar and chain are the most important parts of a chainsaw. The drive links are what connect the chain to the bar, and they’re made of high-quality steel with an anti-friction coating. The bar and chain are what make the saw work. The bar is the part that you hold, while the chain is what cuts down trees or brush.

Number of teeth

The number of teeth on the chain is a critical consideration when buying a chainsaw. The more teeth, the sharper and stronger the chain will be. The fewer teeth, the less likely the chain will become dull and break. The best chainsaw chains have anywhere from 14-24 teeth per inch (TPI). These are usually referred to as “full skip” chains, meaning they have every other tooth missing.

It determines the speed at which your chainsaw will cut through wood. The more teeth you have, the faster the chain will cut through wood. However, this comes at a cost: more teeth also means more stress placed on the motor and other parts of your chainsaw.

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Aftermarket vs OEM

First, it’s important to understand the difference between aftermarket and OEM parts. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” These are parts made by the company that originally made your chainsaw. Aftermarket parts are made by another company and can be much cheaper than OEM parts. When it comes to bar and chain replacement there are pros and cons for both types of products. The best option will depend on your needs and budget.

The biggest advantage of aftermarket chainsaws is cost. They’re usually less expensive than their OEM counterparts because they don’t have to be licensed or certified by the manufacturer as a genuine products. OEM chains cost around $50 while aftermarket chains cost around $30. Both brands offer free shipping if you buy online but sometimes they run out of stock very quickly so if you want them right away it might be worth paying extra for expedited shipping if needed.

OEM refers to replacement parts that are made by the same company as the original component. OEM parts are typically more expensive than aftermarket options, but they also tend to be of higher quality. Aftermarket chainsaw parts are produced by third-party manufacturers and can be significantly cheaper than OEM parts. They may also offer more variety than what’s available from OEMs, which can be a benefit if you’re looking for something unique or hard-to-find.

How to Replace the Ms 290 Bar and Chain?

Replacing the chain on a Stihl MS290 is an easy process, but there are a few things to consider.

  1. The first thing that you need to do when replacing a chain on a Stihl MS290 is to make sure that you take off the spark plug. You don’t want to start your chainsaw in a way that could damage your motor or cause injury to yourself.
  2. You will also want to make sure that you wear safety goggles or glasses when working on your chainsaw. You don’t want anything getting into your eyes while working on your chainsaw! Once those two things are taken care of, it’s time to get started with replacing the chain.
  3. Remove the old one by using your wrench and turning it counterclockwise until it comes off.

Where to buy stihl ms 290 bar and chain?

Here are the top places to buy stihl ms 290 bar and chain:

Amazon is the most popular website in the world, and they also sell replacement parts for all types of tools. You can find your MS 290 chainsaw parts by searching for your model number or by entering the part number into the search bar. If you don’t find what you need on Amazon, it’s best to check out other online retailers before going to a local store because the price may be higher at an actual store.

eBay is another good place to shop for replacement parts because there are many different sellers who list their used items for sale on this site every day. The key here is finding someone who sells high-quality used parts instead of buying something that’s been sitting around outside collecting dust for years!

Where to buy stihl ms 290 bar and chain? Buy directly from Stihl or Amazon. Stihl is the best brand for chainsaws, and they also have an excellent customer service. They offer a 2-year warranty on their products, which is better than most other brands. You can also buy replacement parts for your saw from them easily.

The replacement chain can be purchased from most hardware stores, or from online retailers like or You can also find them at your local dealer if you prefer to buy locally rather than online.


The MS290 is a great little machine that will do everything you ask of it. However, if purchased you should be aware of the costs associated with any repairs or parts due to the price of these machines and their often not so common parts and items generally.