The stihl ms 291 gas chainsaw––Stihl’s Best Model To Date?

The stihl ms 291 gas chainsaw is part of the M-Series, a powerful chain of chainsaws known for their fuel efficiency and durability. This saw features a pre-separation air filtration system – extending the cleaning life of the air filter for less maintenance. It also features an advanced anti-vibration system that reduces operator fatigue and makes this saw more comfortable to use. The MS 291 comes standard with an IntelliCarb™ compensated carburetor, which maintains the correct RPM level when the air filter is restricted or when high density altitudes are encountered. It also includes a side chain tensioner for quick adjustments and a side-mounted chain tensioner for easy chain tensioning.

Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw Overview

stihl ms 291 gas chainsaw

The Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw is the second most powerful chainsaw that Stihl makes. Built on the same design and technology of the MS 311, this Stihl chainsaw features a 3.8 horsepower engine and an 18″ bar. The MS 291 comes in two varieties, one with a 16″ bar, and the more popular 18″ bar. The 18″ model is used by professional lumberjacks due to its heavy weight and power. This model is often used for cutting firewood or for felling trees. It’s also a popular choice among farmers who need a powerful chainsaw for clearing fields or dropping trees near their property lines.

The Stihl MS 291 gas chainsaw is a powerful tool that’s ideal for cutting firewood and felling trees. It features a rugged, fuel-efficient engine that delivers 20% longer run times between refueling. Weighing just 12 pounds, this saw is surprisingly portable, while its anti-vibration system keeps it comfortable to operate all day long. With a 50 cc engine that delivers 3.2 HP, the Stihl MS 291 chainsaw is perfect for getting the job done no matter what you’re cutting. The brakes are integrated with the clutch and stop the chain when you release the trigger or if there’s kickback. Plus, the side access chain tensioner allows users to easily adjust their chain without tools.

It is built around a high-performance stratified scavenging engine technology which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and fullfils all emission regulations without sacrificing power or performance. Based on this concept, the MS 291 can run up to five tanks of fuel before needing refueling! With its rugged durability and outstanding power-to-weight ratio, it’s no wonder why this saw was named after one of Mother Nature’s most feared predators – The Grizzly Bear!

You can tell by the name that Stihl designed the MS 291 for people who own or manage a farm or ranch. This gas chainsaw is a very powerful chainsaw, which makes it great for cutting large trees and trimming branches. However, the MS 291 is not just for commercial purposes. In fact, this saw is perfect for homeowners with large properties, because it is small and light enough to maneuver through tight areas. Furthermore, while it’s powerful enough to cut down trees in your yard, you won’t have any trouble cutting up firewood with the 291 either.

MS 291 has a 2-stroke engine with a 50.2cc displacement. The engine produces 3.5 bhp (brake horsepower), which is more than enough power to cut down trees. It also has a 20″ bar and chain, which gives you plenty of room to work with when cutting through large pieces of wood. The MS 291 isn’t just powerful – it’s also very easy to use as well. This model comes equipped with an anti-vibration technology feature, which reduces vibrations so that you can use the saw for an extended period without experiencing any fatigue or soreness in your hands or arms.

A Brief History of the Stihl Brand

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Stihl has been producing high-quality chainsaws for commercial and residential use since the 1920s. The company began with a single product, the electric motor-driven chain saw. In 1926 Stihl patented their first two-man model, and in 1929 they began to produce one-man chain saws. During the 1930s, Stihl focused on creating chainsaws that were more efficient and easier to operate. After World War II, Stihl developed a way to manufacture chainsaws without using welded joints or rivets, making their products lighter and more durable. In the 1960s, Stihl created the first compact chain saw designed for easy handling by professional foresters and arborists.

They also introduced the Trimcut 25-2, which was their first trimmer for lawn edges and shrubs. By 1976 the company was selling products in more than 120 countries around the world. Stihl continues to be a leader in chainsaw design and innovation. They are dedicated to creating products that make work easier while also reducing emissions and noise pollution.

Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw Specifications

The MS 291’s engine specifications include a 3.2 horsepower engine that runs on a 50:1 fuel mix with 2% oil, which provides optimal performance in high altitudes or when cutting hard woods. The saw also has an optional 20-inch guide bar for larger jobs along with other accessories such as a precision sharpener that allows the operator to sharpen the chain easily without removing it from the saw.

The saw comes equipped with an advanced anti-vibration system to keep you comfortable when in use. A side-access chain tensioner makes it easier to tighten the chain when needed. The saw also includes an advanced fuel pump that allows for easy starting, a great air filtration system and a decompression valve to ease starting up on cold mornings. The fuel tank has been redesigned from previous models, allowing for more fuel capacity and longer run times between refueling stops.

Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw Features

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Stihl MS 291 Gas Chain Saw is an extremely powerful chainsaw that will be able to handle even the largest jobs. It’s one of the most popular Stihl models, and has earned itself a reputation as an extremely durable and dependable saw. When you’re working with a heavy-duty saw like the Stihl MS 291, there are certain features you’d want to see.

The MS 291 has a number of features that help to make it very easy to use and maintain, such as: A Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA) which allows the user to adjust it quickly and easily without the need for tools. The chain can also be tensioned while running, which is useful when the chain starts to stretch out during use. A quick chain tensioning system which means you can adjust your chain without having to stop working or use any special tools. It also lets you tension your chain while it’s running so there is no need for extra downtime.

Here are some of its highlights: Engine – The 50cc engine on this chain saw is built for performance. It has high torque, so it can handle tough jobs with ease. Air Filtration System – The air filter on this chain saw is designed for extended use in dusty conditions. It’s made from high-quality foam, and keeps out debris that could damage the engine. Starter – The “QuickStop Super” starter makes starting the engine fast and easy. Chain Brake – This feature stops the chain within fractions of a second if needed, providing excellent safety protection for the operator.

Stihl MS 291 Gas chainsaw Price

It’s not often that a gas chainsaw receives rave reviews for its excellent performance, user-friendly features, and reasonable price. However, the Stihl MS 291 gas chainsaw has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers. To be fair, all of the Stihl saws are well-made and receive high marks from users. But there are several features of the Stihl MS 291 that make it stand out from other models manufactured by the company. Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw Specifications: The Stihl MS 291 gas chainsaw is priced at approximately $500 (USD) and comes with a 16-inch OREGON® PowerMatch™ guide bar that is designed to withstand heavy use while providing easy maneuverability.

Why is the Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw So Popular?

Why is the Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw So Popular? There are several reasons why this model is so popular, but some of its best features include: Power and Fuel Efficiency. The 3.4 horsepower engine on the Stihl MS 291 gives it enough power to cut through almost any material up to 2 feet thick.

The Stihl MS 291 is an award-winning chainsaw that is the successor to the popular MS 290. It was released to the market in 2011 and has been a hit with customers ever since. The saw has a number of improvements over its predecessor, including better performance and fuel economy, reduced emissions and a higher level of safety. 

MS 291 is part of Stihl’s lineup of “professional” chainsaws, which are designed for those who use them on a regular basis. These models are often more expensive than consumer-grade chainsaws but they typically offer superior performance and durability.

The Stihl MS 291 chainsaw scores high marks for consumers and professionals alike. Here’s why: A larger fuel tank means less time spent filling up, and more time cutting. The MS 291 offers a 20% increase in fuel efficiency from previous models, and the two-stroke engine burns cleanly for less smoke.

How to Use Your Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw

The Stihl MS 291 gas chainsaw is the best model that Stihl has to offer. One of the most important things in using a chainsaw is safety; so before you start, read your manual and understand how to use your chainsaw safely.

  • Step 1: Make sure your saw’s chain brake is engaged (on), and remove any debris from the cover.
  • Step 2: Hold the saw firmly with both hands and stand with your feet apart.
  • Step 3: Open the fuel cap by turning counter-clockwise, fill it up with fuel, then close it.
  • Step 4: Place the choke lever in position 1 (on) for cold starts or 0 for warm starts.
  • Step 5: Move the stop switch to on position.
  • Step 6: Grip the chain saw handle with one hand and pull sharply on starter cord several times until engine fires up.
  • Step 7: If engine will not fire up, push in choke lever to close air filter passage and repeat Step 6 until engine fires up.
  • Step 8: Turn choke lever to off position once engine fires up. Push stop switch down to run position.

How to Maintain My Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw?

How to Maintain My Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw? Wipe the chain and guide bar clean of sawdust with an oil-soaked cloth after each use. Use a commercially available chain cleaner or a clean cloth to remove dirt and oils from the chain. Clean the air filter’s foam cover and air filter cartridge with warm water and a mild detergent, then rinse them in clean water.

Safety Tips for Operating a Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw

Make sure the saw is operational to factory specifications: Check that all screws are properly tightened and that there are no loose parts in the engine bay. The chain should also be free of cracks or excessive wear; if it needs replacement, contact an authorized Stihl dealer for assistance. Never start the chainsaw indoors: The combustion engine inside the saw produces dangerous fumes which can cause serious injury or death if inhaled. Make sure you’re in an open space with plenty of air circulation before starting up your saw.

When you’re using your Stihl MS 291, you need to make sure that you’re following general safety protocols and guidelines. These are important to follow with any chainsaw that you use, but they’re particularly important when you’re using such a powerful model like this one. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to ensure your safety while operating your Stihl MS 291 Gas Chainsaw: Always Wear All Of Your Protective Gear When operating a chainsaw, it’s absolutely vital that you wear protective gear at all times.

This includes heavy-duty clothing, gloves, boots and eye protection. You should also consider wearing hearing protection if you want to prevent hearing.

Do not let anyone else stand near where you are working while the chainsaw is on and running. Make sure that everyone else stays away and away from where the chain on the saw could reach them. It is also helpful to use protective.Don’t let children use your chainsaw.


The MS 291 is a powerful, versatile, and feature packed chainsaw with a lot to love. From its accessible low vibrations to its superior anti-vibration system, it will make quick work of any job that you need to cut through. Plus, it’s extremely quiet and efficient, allowing you to work without generating excess noise or exhaust emissions. But what really makes it stand out is the convenience of its integrated start stop function, making it one of the best gas pruning saws around. If you’re looking for a powerful gas model that doesn’t sacrifice for portability or ease of use, we would recommend the Stihl MS 291 Gas chainsaw as a solid choice.