Stihl MS 311 Vs Husqvarna 460 Review: Specs, Features, Price

The Stihl MS 311 and Husqvarna 460 are two powerful chainsaws that have gained a significant reputation in the market. When it comes to tackling tough cutting tasks, both these machines have proven their reliability and performance. In this comparison review, we will take a comprehensive look at the specifications, features, and pricing of the Stihl MS 311 Vs Husqvarna 460 to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s dive straight into the details!

Stihl MS 311

Stihl MS 311

With its powerful engine, the Stihl MS 311 chainsaw is ideal for falling huge trees and splitting through dense branches. Its chain is made to stay sharp for extended periods of time, and its powerful engine can tackle severe cuts. Additionally, this chainsaw has several safety measures that make it simple to operate, especially for inexperienced users. All things considered, the Stihl MS 311 is a great chainsaw for anyone looking for a strong and dependable instrument for their outdoor tasks.

Husqvarna 460

Husqvarna 460

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a versatile and widely sought-after chainsaw with a 60 cc engine, making it suitable for various applications. While it does not belong to Husqvarna’s professional chainsaw series, the Rancher chainsaws are considered the top-tier models within the Farm and Ranch range. This chainsaw delivers impressive performance for tasks such as cutting firewood and clearing debris after storms. For individuals seeking a reliable chainsaw for everyday tasks, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher proves to be an excellent choice.

Stihl MS 311 Vs Husqvarna 460 Comparison Detail


Stihl MS 311 Vs Husqvarna 460 Specs Sheet:

Key Factor Stihl MS 311 Husqvarna 460 Rancher
Horsepower 4.2 bhp 3.62 hp
Weight 13.67 pounds 13.2 pounds
Fuel Capacity 20.3 oz. 14.88 fl oz.
Displacement 59.0 cubic centimeters 60.3 cubic centimeters
Fuel Consumption The percentage of fuel efficiency is not specified. 20% reduction in fuel consumption.
Emissions Does not lower emissions. Up to 60% reduction in emissions.
Recommended Bar Length 16 inches 24 inches


key features of the Stihl MS 311:

  • Powerful Engine: The Stihl MS 311 is equipped with a robust 4.2 bhp engine, providing ample power for various cutting tasks.
  • Automatic Chain Oiler: This chainsaw features an automatic chain oiler, simplifying maintenance and ensuring efficient lubrication of the chain.
  • Side-Access Chain Tensioner: The MS 311 includes a side-access chain tensioner, allowing for easy adjustment of the chain tension without the need for additional tools.

Key features of the Husqvarna 460:

  • X-Torq Technology: The Husqvarna 460 is equipped with X-Torq technology, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Low Vibration: This chainsaw boasts low vibration levels, allowing for extended periods of use without causing discomfort.
  • Centrifugal Air Cleaning: The Husqvarna 460 features centrifugal air cleaning to prevent dust and debris from entering the engine, thereby improving its longevity and reducing maintenance needs.


In the realm of chainsaw performance, the concept of displacement plays a pivotal role, representing the volume of air that an engine can draw in during a single cycle. Typically measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or cubic inches (ci), this metric directly influences a chainsaw’s power output. In the comparison between the Stihl MS 311 and the Husqvarna 460, displacement emerges as a critical factor.

The Husqvarna 460 takes the lead in this aspect, boasting a displacement of 60.3 cubic centimeters, signifying a formidable engine capacity that empowers users to effortlessly tackle even the most substantial trees. On the other hand, Stihl’s MS 311 remains a strong contender with a displacement of 59.0 cc, positioning it as a competitive alternative for demanding cutting tasks.


When assessing a chainsaw’s power output, some individuals place greater emphasis on horsepower rather than displacement, deeming it a more precise indicator of overall performance. In this context, the Stihl MS 311 emerges as a compelling choice for those who prioritize horsepower as a key metric.

Despite earlier indications favoring the Husqvarna 460 as the more potent option, it is surprising to note that the Stihl MS 311 actually delivers superior horsepower, generating approximately 4.2 brake horsepower (bhp) compared to the Husqvarna 460’s 3.62 horsepower (hp).

Emissions And Fuel Consumption

In the context of chainsaw usage, environmental impact is a crucial consideration, particularly in light of findings indicating that chainsaws and strimmers contribute a significant portion of airborne particulate emissions. Recognizing this issue, the Husqvarna 460 incorporates X-Torq engines specifically engineered to mitigate emissions, with the potential to reduce environmental harm by up to 60%. In contrast, the Stihl MS 311 lacks comparable emission-reducing technology, raising concerns about its environmental footprint.

Beyond environmental considerations, fuel consumption emerges as a practical concern for chainsaw users. In this regard, the Stihl MS 311’s relatively high fuel consumption becomes noteworthy, potentially impacting both operating costs and environmental sustainability. Conversely, the Husqvarna 460 stands out by offering superior fuel efficiency, consuming up to 20% less fuel compared to the Stihl MS 311.

Fuel Capacity

When evaluating chainsaws, the fuel capacity plays a pivotal role in determining the operational duration before requiring a refill. In this context, the Stihl MS 311 stands out with its generous fuel tank boasting a capacity of 20.3 ounces, providing users with an extended runtime that facilitates the completion of extensive firewood-cutting tasks without the need for frequent refills.

Conversely, the Husqvarna 460’s fuel capacity of 14.88 fluid ounces falls short of expectations, potentially necessitating more frequent refilling during sustained cutting operations. However, it’s essential to consider the Husqvarna 460’s superior fuel efficiency, which offsets the smaller fuel reservoir by minimizing the frequency of refills, underscoring the nuanced interplay between fuel capacity and efficiency in the overall operational experience.

Bar Length

A chainsaw’s bar length is an important consideration, especially when trying to cut through dense wood and trees. This is where the Husqvarna 460 excels because of its large 24-inch bar, which makes it capable of handling even the hardest cutting jobs. This makes it an excellent option for professional use.

On the other hand, the Stihl MS 311 has a 16-inch bar that is somewhat shorter, which reduces its effectiveness while working with heavier timber. Though 16 inches is the suggested bar size for the Stihl MS 311, it’s important to remember that the saw is adaptable and works with bars that are 18, 20, and 25 inches long, giving users the freedom to customize the tool to meet their specific cutting needs.


Weighing in at 13.2 pounds for the Husqvarna 460 and 13.67 pounds for the Stihl MS 311, there is a slight difference between the two models. Considering the small difference, it becomes sense to declare the weight element as a tie between the two chainsaw models, meaning that none has a weight advantage over the other that would prevent users from having comparable handling and maneuverability.


Between the Stihl MS 311 and the Husqvarna 460, there is a discernible price difference. While the Husqvarna 460 costs less at $499.99, the Stihl MS 311 is priced at $639.99. Given that the Husqvarna 460 is priced lower than the Stihl MS 311, this price difference could be a major consideration for prospective purchasers. And you can check the latest price from here.

Stihl MS 311 Vs Husqvarna 460: Which One Should You Buy?

Stihl MS 311 Vs Husqvarna 460: Which One Should You Buy?

Evaluating your unique needs is crucial when deciding between the Husqvarna 460 and the Stihl MS 311. The Husqvarna 460’s 24-inch bar might be a better option if you need a chainsaw with a longer bar to chop through dense trees. However, the Husqvarna 460 may be more enticing to you if you’re on a tighter budget because of its lower price of $499.99.

Fuel capacity is an additional consideration. Because the Stihl MS 311 has a bigger fuel tank, you can cut for longer periods of time between refills. The Husqvarna 460 may still be a good choice, though, if its other benefits outweigh this drawback for your intended use.

In the end, the choice is based on your personal needs and priorities. Evaluating variables like bar length, cost, and fuel capacity will assist you in selecting the chainsaw that best meets your requirements and tastes.


Is the Husqvarna 460 a pro chainsaw?

No, it is not a pro chainsaw.

How does Husqvarna compare to STIHL?

The heavier construction and larger engines of Husqvarna chainsaws typically mean they’re priced a bit higher than a Stihl chainsaw.

How much horsepower does an STIHL MS 311 have?

An Stihl MS 311 have 4.2 bhp.

How much horsepower is a Husqvarna 460 chainsaw?

It is 3.62 hp.


After closely examining the Stihl MS 311 and Husqvarna 460, it is clear that both chainsaws are excellent options for heavy-duty cutting tasks. Each model possesses unique features and specifications that cater to different user preferences. Whether it’s the robust power output of the Stihl MS 311 or the user-friendly design of the Husqvarna 460, both chainsaws offer exceptional performance.