Stihl MS 362 CM, Best Chainsaw? Myths & Facts

The Stihl MS 362 CM is the most powerful chainsaw in its class. This Stihl chainsaw is powered by a 61 cc engine with air-cooled 2-stroke technology that gives you more power, less weight, and less vibration. With Stihl’s innovative chain management system, you can change your chain in a fraction of the time of other brands because it automatically releases the old chain once you have screwed on the new chain.

Introducing stihl ms 362 cm

Stihl MS 362 CM

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Here’s the best chainsaw for you: Stihl MS 362 CM. The best chainsaw for most people is the Stihl MS 362 CM, an all-around yard workhorse that serves as a dependable companion for home and farm owners alike. It has a 20-inch bar, runs on a fuel mix, and has an automatic oiler to help keep your chain from getting stuck. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, and its engine isn’t too loud, either. It’s not cheap — expect to pay about $850 for the saw alone — but if you’re looking for a versatile tool that will hold up season after season, it’s hard to beat.

The STIHL MS 362 CM was introduced in 2006, as a lighter weight version of the MS 460 CM. It has a power to weight ratio that makes it an excellent all round chainsaw, suitable for limbing, felling and milling. It is powered by the same engine initially built for the MS 441C-M. The engine has been further lightened by being built with magnesium components, and is cooled by a specially designed fan.

The new muffler design incorporates two resonator chambers to reduce noise levels, while an advanced anti-vibration system reduces operator fatigue – even on extended shifts. A decompression valve simplifies starting, while the choke control has been relocated to make it easier to operate this model with one hand. The MS 362 CM is available in 14 or 20 inch bar lengths, and can be fitted with a variety of guide bars from STIHL’s Optimum bar range.

Stihl ms 362 cm parts Diagram

Stihl MS 362 CM uses an automatic chain lubricator to keep the rails lubricated during operation. The unit also has a manual fuel pump and a purge light bulb to activate the carburetor. The Stihl MS 362 CM has:

  • Air filters
  • Oil filters
  • Spark plugs

The MS 362 is powered by a two-stroke, two-cylinder engine. The engine has a bore of 45mm and a stroke of 35mm. The engine displaces 2.7 cubic inches and produces 3.1 horsepower at 9,500 rpm.

The MS 362 is equipped with a single lever master control that combines the chain brake, chain tensioner and start/stop control into one unit. It also features a digital ignition system, tool-less entry air filter and fuel cap, and an anti-vibration system that reduces vibration levels by 50 percent.

A single piston connects the crankshaft to the connecting rod in the Stihl MS 362 chainsaw. The piston has three rings held in place by pins attached to the piston skirt. The piston is held by the cylinder head and connected to the crankshaft by connecting rod bearings at the top of the crankcase.

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Stihl ms 362 cm problems

You can buy the Stihl MS 362 CM at any local hardware store, but did you know that there are multiple myths and facts when it comes to this chainsaw? This article aims to clear up these myths and enlighten you on how it works. Here are several Stihl MS 362 CM problems:

  1. The chainsaw is difficult to start. In order for the chainsaw to function properly, you need to make sure that it’s truly powered on. Some people have the tendency to only think that the chainsaw is powered on after starting it, which is wrong because Stihl MS 362 CM problems include not being able to start if it’s not turned on properly.
  2. The chainsaw makes a screeching sound when you use it. Stihl MS 362 CM problems also include making screeching sounds when used for a long time. However, this problem can easily be solved by cleaning the air filter once in a while or tightening the screws of the chainsaw’s powerhead assembly. If the problem persists though, you may want to consider taking your chainsaw to your local hardware store for maintenance or repairs.
  3. The cutting teeth of your chainsaw get dull easily. You should always carry a sharpening stone with you.
  4. Your engine is running too hot, as evidenced by hard starting and smoking while in operation. Your carburetor may require cleaning or adjusting, which you can do yourself by following the instructions in your operating manual.

Where to buy stihl ms 362 cm for sale

The best place to buy this saw is online. There are many places on the Internet where you can find different models and styles of this saw.

If you do not have access to the Internet, then you will still be able to purchase one at your local home improvement store or hardware store. You will also be able to find them at several local dealerships or chain stores throughout your area. You can even purchase them from several different chain stores if you would like. You can buy a new Stihl MS 362 C-M Chainsaw at one of your local Stihl Dealers.

There are a lot of places you can buy Stihl MS 362 CM chainsaws. You can go to a local home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot and find them. Or you can check with your local Stihl dealer if they have one in stock. I would recommend going with the dealer because they will be able to answer any questions you might have about the chainsaw and also to get it serviced when needed.

I know some people don’t like dealing with dealers, but a good dealer is worth their weight in gold. They have been trained by the company and know all about the products that are sold at the store and how to fix them when there is a problem.

Stihl ms 362 cm vs husqvarna 562xp

Featuring a 208 cc engine, the husqvarna 562XP has plenty of power to handle just about any yard task you throw at it. The hydrostatic transmission provides one touch operation along with adjustable rotating handlebars and seat allowing you complete control during operation.

While husqvarna 562xp is not bad, Stihl ms 362 cm is better.

The cm designation in the name stands for compression release which helps reduce kickback force and makes this saw easier to start than some other popular models including the MS 361 cm or MS 271 cm. Stihl made several improvements to the Stihl ms 362 cm over previous models like the MS 362 pro and MS 362 rcm. Stihl ms 362 cm chainsaw is an awesome device for cutting tree limbs and twigs for people with small to medium sized properties. It also has a very good fuel efficiency since it runs on gas and oil mixed together. 

Stihl ms 362 cm review

Stihl MS 362 CM chainsaw is one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market. It is a great choice for people who are looking to cut down large trees, cut firewood, or even do some woodwork. Stihl MS 362 CM has a lot of useful features that make it such an effective tool. One of the main advantages of this particular saw is that it can be used with any kind of chain.

The chainsaw comes with two different types: a standard chain and a professional chain. This gives users more options when they need to replace their chainsaw chain and ensures that they have access to high quality replacement parts. Another advantage is that this product has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use and prevents users from getting tired easily. It’s also worth noting that these saws are durable and long lasting since they’re made from high quality materials. They will last for many years without any problems whatsoever!

After owning a Stihl MS 362 CM chainsaw for 5 years, I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best all around saws for most users. I use this saw everyday and it does everything I ask it to do. It is easy to start, has plenty of power for any tree work, and is well balanced. The only complaint I have with this saw is that it doesn’t like to run in cold weather (below 20F).

This saw is a great all around saw because of its weight and power ratio. It has a very comfortable weight and balance at 12 pounds when filled with fuel and bar oil. It doesn’t get too heavy when used for long periods of time. The power output on this saw is also impressive weighing in at just under 5 horsepower. This saw will take down trees up to 24 inches in diameter without any problems. 


If you are looking for the best chainsaw, the Stihl MS 362 CM offers a lot of value. It is lightweight, easy to start and has plenty of power for most jobs. That said, this chainsaw is not for everybody and not every job. It excels as a brushcutter and lighter tree pruning but it can also be used for logs up to 12 inches thick. As long as your trees are only 12 inches or less in diameter, the MS 362 is more than capable of being the only saw you need in your woodshop.

For those who have experience in cutting trees with saws, they will appreciate that this model has some features that are often only found on premium chainsaws like solid construction and an anti-vibration system. All told, the MS 362CM is one of the best 18 inch chainsaws available in this year. Packed with power while keeping weight to a minimum, there is very little to dislike about this machine!