Know Every Detail About The stihl ms 391 chainsaw

The Stihl MS 391 chainsaw is a machine designed for domestic/commercial use in cutting down trees, as well as other related woodwork. This chainsaw has a 3.44 horsepower engine and is capable of both medium-intensity and heavy-duty jobs when you need to cut back your brush or takedown large limbs or trees. This particular model is characterized by a very smooth running engine of 4stroke type with AUTO choke which makes it very easy to start the saw at all times, no matter the conditions.

What is more, the high precision of this device makes it ideal for working on the most challenging tasks, thus making it ideal for both professionals and beginners alike.

The STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw is the Best Rated Gas Chainsaw

stihl ms 391 chainsaw

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The STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw is the Best Rated Gas Chainsaw. The Stihl MS 391 chainsaw is a great option for those who are looking for a top of the line, high performance saw that will be perfect for homeowners and professional alike.

The MS 391 chainsaw features a long list of innovative features, designed to make your life easier. This all around chainsaw can be used for a variety of applications ranging from cutting firewood, or clearing trees and brush. Stihl has been manufacturing high quality products for over 80 years, and their dedication to quality and innovation shines through with this chainsaw. The Stihl MS 391 chainsaw is powered by a 50.2cc two cycle engine that will deliver power reliably, even in extreme temperatures and altitudes. It also has an anti-vibration system which reduces operator fatigue significantly. 

The STIHL MS 391 chainsaw is one of the best rated gas powered chainsaws on the market. It has a lot of power for a saw in this price point, but it is also easy to use, so even people who are new to using a chainsaw can handle it.

This chainsaw has a chain brake that activates either manually or automatically if the kickback becomes too much to handle. The MS 391 comes standard with 16 Inch Bar and chain combination, but it can accept longer bars if you want to do more serious logging. The STIHL Easy2Start system makes starting this saw a breeze, just one pull and you are ready. This model features anti-vibration technology which will reduce muscle fatigue and make this saw much more comfortable to operate.

STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw – Power

STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw is a great tool for jobs of high demand. This is the best choice for professional foresters, felling trees and harvesting trees in dense forests. This saw is designed with a chain that can be adjusted and replaced without tools. The engine has been developed with STIHL 2-MIX technology and the STIHL M-Tronic technology, which makes this saw extremely powerful, efficient and easy to start.

The STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw has a wide range of technical features, some of which include: Optimum engine performance – STIHL chainsaws are constantly being improved upon by our engineers. The MS 391 Chainsaw takes advantage of an advanced engine technology that gives you better fuel economy, less vibration and lower emissions than a conventional 2-stroke engine; even while providing higher performance than previous models.

STIHL M-Tronic – It is an electronic management system that automatically adjusts ignition timing and fuel metering in all operating modes. With this technology you have constant maximum power output, excellent throttle response and improved fuel efficiency over previous versions.

STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw Cutting Capacity

stihl ms 391 chainsaw detail

The STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw offers the best power to weight ratio of the STIHL chainsaw lineup with a 3.9 bhp engine and 30.1 lbs! The MS 391 is the perfect choice for felling, trimming and all other mid-range jobs.

The MS 391 was designed by professionals for professionals who require a high performance, high speed chainsaw that is fuel efficient and low maintenance. The anti-vibration system absorbs vibration to protect the operator from fatigue while working long hours. The single-lever master control allows you to adjust the choke and stop switch in one motion while the decompression valve makes starting easier on the operator’s arms and shoulders.

The MS 391 also has an advanced 2-MIX engine technology which cuts fuel consumption by 20% and exhaust emissions by 50%. The Quick Chain Adjuster (B) allows for fast chain adjustments without tools which increases productivity and efficiency.

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STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw Engine

stihl ms 391 chainsaw review

The STIHL MS 391 chainsaw is a great all around professional saw for the landowner or commercial cutter. The MS391 has improved engine air flow and cylinder design that results in 20% more power when compared to the STIHL MS 311. The increased displacement of 59.0 cc provides better torque over the previous model and this higher torque makes it ideal for cutting hardwood.

The MS 391 also has a longer run time when compared to the MS 311 allowing you to get more work done on a single tank of gas. In addition, the fuel pump allows for easier starting and reliable operation at high altitudes.

The MS 391 has a quick chain adjustment tool free system so you are never looking for tools to adjust your chain tension. The decompression valve makes starting this saw easier than ever with just one pull every time you start it.

There is also an electronic ignition system that provides faster starts and easy starts in cold weather. A side-access chain tensioner makes adjusting or tightening the chain easier without having to use any tools at all. A combination of high power and low weight make this saw a very powerful tool with less fatigue while using it throughout the day.

STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw Bar and Chain

The STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw is a professional chainsaw that has many more features than the STIHL MS 311 Chainsaw. The MS 391 chainsaw comes in at the top of the STIHL “farm boss” range. This makes it suitable for heavier cutting tasks like cutting firewood or felling trees. It is sold with a 16 inch bar as standard, but you can fit anything from a 13 inch to 20 inch bar on it. This chainsaw has an anti-vibration system, which is designed to reduce fatigue and make it more comfortable for you to use for longer periods of time. It also reduces the amount of noise it produces making it more environmentally friendly.

The STIHL Chainsaw has an advanced combustion engine that can run on even low octane fuel (91 RON). It is recommended that you use 89 RON fuel if this type is available locally though. It uses less fuel than other two stroke engines and will not produce any smoke when starting up – only when using full throttle once started.

For the professional who requires a high performance, heavy-duty chainsaw, STIHL delivers with the MS 391. It features an impressive power-to-weight ratio, excellent fuel economy and an advanced anti-vibration system. The MS 391 also has a fuel-efficient engine for longer run times and less refueling. A side-access chain tensioner allows for easy adjusting of the chain without removing the side cover. The MS 391 has an advanced combustion system that ensures fuel efficiency while reducing exhaust emissions.

STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw Reviews

STIHL MS 391 chainsaw is perfect for firewood cutting, storm cleanup and felling trees up to 24″ in diameter. Featuring the same great fuel efficiency and ease of use as the MS 311 but with more power, the STIHL MS 391 is a mid-range chainsaw that’s ready to take on just about anything you throw at it!

This chainsaw comes standard with an advanced anti-vibration system, a side-access chain tensioner, and Intellicarb™ Compensating Carburetor. It also features our long-life air filter system with pre-separation and professional-grade air filtration that helps extend engine life.

The STIHL MS 391 is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. The bullhorn handle allows for natural body positioning, while the ergonomic trigger handle reduces operator fatigue so you can work longer with less strain on your body. Plus, this chainsaw starts easier than any STIHL in its class!


There are quite a few different types of chainsaws out there. So, if you want the best model available, you need to know exactly what you are looking for.

In fact, a cheap chainsaw might end up costing you a lot more in the long run. You don’t want to rush your purchase, either. That’s why it is so important to do some research first. You’ll learn plenty here about different models and options. It will not only save you time but get you the right product as well. You can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to chain saws, since they cost so much money. One mistake could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!