Stihl MS 660 Review, Specifications and Problems

The Stihl MS 660 is a great chainsaw. It comes with a lot of features which are really helpful to the user. The chainsaw is designed for cutting through anything, and it is also very powerful. In this review, we will take a look at the features, specifications, and problems of the Stihl 660.

What is Stihl MS 660 Magnum?

The Stihl MS 660 Magnum is a powerful and versatile chainsaw that is perfect for a variety of applications, from felling trees to cutting firewood. It features a high-powered engine that delivers impressive cutting performance, and its low-vibration design helps reduce user fatigue.

Additionally, the Stihl MS 660 features an easy-to-use chain tensioning system and an automatic oiler that keep the saw running smoothly. It is a powerful saw that can handle even the most challenging tree felling jobs. The saw is also popular with hobbyists and homeowners who need a saw that can handle larger cutting projects.

stihl 660 chainsaw Review

The Stihl 660 is a professional-grade saw that is popular among those in the logging and tree removal industry. It is a large saw, with a powerhead that weighs over 11 pounds. The MS 660 has a 63.5 cc engine that produces 5.2 horsepower. It can hold up to a 50-centimeter bar, making it ideal for felling large trees.

Stihl MS 660


  • Model name: MS 660
  • Weight: 7.3 kg
  • Engine power: 7.1 HP
  • Engine power: 5.2 KW
  • Cylinder displacement: 91.6 cc
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.83 l
  • Decompression value: yes
  • Chain tension: side access
  • Oil pump: automatic, adjustable
  • Oil tank volume: 0.36 l
  • Access air filter: without tools


  1. Engine power: The Stihl MS 660 is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers up to 91.6cc of displacement, producing an output of 7.2 horsepower.
  2. Cutting capacity: The chainsaw has a cutting capacity of up to 36 inches, making it suitable for felling trees and cutting large logs.
  3. Easy start: The chainsaw has a decompression valve that reduces the effort required to start the engine, making it easier for users to start the chainsaw.
  4. Air filtration system: The chainsaw has a high-quality air filtration system that removes dust and debris from the air before it enters the engine, helping to extend the life of the engine.
  5. Tool-free chain adjustment: The Stihl MS 660 is designed with a tool-free chain adjustment system, making it easier and quicker to adjust the chain tension.
  6. Reduced vibration: The chainsaw’s anti-vibration system reduces the level of vibration, which helps to reduce fatigue and increase comfort during use.
  7. Automatic oiling system: The chainsaw is equipped with a fully automatic oiling system that ensures that the chain and bar are always lubricated, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of the chain.
  8. Magnesium housing: The chainsaw has a lightweight magnesium housing, which reduces the overall weight of the chainsaw, making it easier to handle and maneuver.

Pros and Cons


  1. Powerful Engine: It comes with a 91 cc engine that produces a maximum power output of 7.5 horsepower. This makes it one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market.
  2. Large Cutting Capacity: With a guide bar length of up to 36 inches, Stihl MS660 can handle large cutting tasks with ease.
  3. Easy to Use: Despite its power and size, MS 660 is designed to be easy to use. It features ergonomic handles and controls that are easy to reach and operate.
  4. Durable and Reliable: Stihl is known for producing durable and reliable chainsaws, and the MS 660 is no exception. With proper maintenance, this chainsaw can last for many years.


  1. Expensive: It is a high-end chainsaw that comes with a hefty price tag. It may not be suitable for hobbyists or occasional users who are looking for a budget-friendly option.
  2. Heavy and Bulky: The 660 is a heavy and bulky chainsaw that may not be suitable for extended use. It can be tiring to use for long periods of time.
  3. Loud: Like most chainsaws, Stihl 660 is loud and can be disruptive to those around you. It may not be suitable for use in residential areas or other noise-sensitive environments.

Price and Warranty

The price of this chainsaw is from $650 to $1,000, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Stihl MS 660

Customer Reviews Stihl MS 660

When it comes to customer reviews for the Stihl MS 660, there is a wide range of opinions.



Overall, the customer reviews for the Stihl MS 660 are mixed. Some people love their saw and others have had nothing but problems. If you are considering purchasing this saw, it is important to do your research and read as many reviews as possible before making a decision.

Best Deal and Where to Buy

Here ia the best deal of Stihl MS 660 and you can click this link to know more details.

If you want to buy the chainsaw online, there are a few different options. You can purchase it from the Stihl website or from an authorized Stihl online retailer. You can also find it on Amazon.

Stihl MS 660 alternatives

1. Husqvarna 395XP – Considered as one of the most powerful chainsaws in the market, the Husqvarna 395XP is a great alternative for the Stihl MS 660. It has a 93.6cc two-stroke engine that can deliver up to 7.1 horsepower. The chainsaw also has an excellent air filtration system that can extend its lifespan. The Husqvarna 395XP is ideal for heavy-duty work, such as felling trees and cutting large logs.

2. Dolmar PS-7910 – The Dolmar PS-7910 is a professional-grade chainsaw that can compete with the Stihl MS 660. It has a 78.5cc engine that can generate up to 6.4 horsepower. The chainsaw also features an outstanding vibration reduction system that can reduce operator fatigue. The Dolmar PS-7910 is perfect for demanding tasks, such as cutting thick branches and harvesting firewood.

3. Echo CS-800P – The Echo CS-800P is a powerful chainsaw that can be an excellent alternative to the Stihl MS 660. It has an 80.7cc engine that can produce up to 7 horsepower. The chainsaw also has a G-Force Engine Air Pre-CleanerTM that can maintain the chainsaw’s performance by filtering out dust and debris. The Echo CS-800P is suitable for cutting large and thick logs, as well as professional forestry work.

Stihl 660 Manual

Here is a user manual that can help you use Stihl 660 chainsaw properly and effectively. Let’s read it!


Chainsaw Parts list

Here are a few of the most popular Stihl MS 660 performance parts to get you started:

  1. Chains: A higher-quality chain can make a big difference in your chainsaw’s performance. If your current chain is dull or damaged, it can cause the saw to bind or kick back, making it more difficult to use. Replacing your chain with a new, sharp one can help you get better results with your saw.
  2. Bars: The bar is the part of the chainsaw that actually does the cutting, so it’s important to choose a good one. A longer bar can give you more reach for cutting larger pieces of wood, while a shorter bar may be more maneuverable for smaller projects.
  3. Sprockets: The sprockets are the parts of the chainsaw that drive the chain. Worn out sprockets can cause the chain to slip, which can be dangerous. Replacing your sprockets with new ones can help keep your saw running smoothly and safely.
  4. Files: A good file can help keep your chain sharp and in good condition. A dull chain can cause the saw to bind or kick back, and it can also damage the wood you’re cutting. Keeping a good file on hand can help you keep your chain in top condition.
  5. Oil: Chainsaws require a lot of oil to keep them running smoothly. If you’re using your chainsaw regularly, you may need to add oil more often than if you only use it occasionally. Adding fresh oil can help keep your saw running at its best.

Parts Diagram

If you’re looking for a Stihl 660 chainsaw parts diagram, you’ve come to the right place.



q1. Where to find new Stihl MS660 for sale?

There are a few different places that you can look for new Stihl MS660s for sale.

1. One option is to check with your local Stihl dealer. They should be able to tell you if they have any in stock or if they know of any other dealers who might have some.

2. Another option is to check online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Often times, these retailers will have a wider selection of chainsaws available for purchase, including the MS660 model.

3.Finally, you can also check classifieds websites such as Craigslist or Kijiji.

q2. What’s the Stihl MS660 max bar length?

The Stihl 660 max bar length is 36 inches. This saw is designed for professional use and has plenty of power to get the job done quickly and easily. It has a two-stroke engine that makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver.

q3. How many cc is the Stihl MS 660?

The Stihl MS 660 has a displacement of 79.5 cc (4.89 cu. in.), making it one of the most powerful saws in the Stihl lineup. It is capable of handling large cutting jobs, such as felling trees or cutting through thick brush.

q4. How big of a bar can you run on a Stihl MS 660?

The Stihl MS660 is a powerful saw that can handle a lot of cutting. However, there are some limitations on how big of a bar you can run on it. The maximum bar length that the MS660 can handle is 36 inches. If you try to use a bar that is too long, the saw will not be able to properly grip the bar and could cause the saw to kick back.

q5. Why did Stihl stop making MS 660 chainsaw?

The company stopped making it in 2013. There are several reasons for this decision.

1. The first reason is that the MS 660 was simply too powerful for most users. It was designed for professional loggers and tree surgeons, and most people who bought it didn’t need that much power. As a result, the saw was often misused and abused, leading to safety concerns.

2. Another reason is that the MS 660 was expensive to produce, due to its high-quality components. This made it less profitable for Stihl to continue making it.

3. Finally, newer models of chainsaws had emerged that were lighter and more efficient, making the MS 660 less attractive to buyers. For all these reasons, Stihl decided to discontinue the MS 660 and focus on other models.

Stihl MS 660


The Stihl MS 660 is a great saw for anyone in the market for a new chainsaw. It has plenty of power to get the job done, and is easy to operate. The only downside is that it is a bit on the expensive side. Overall, the Stihl 660 is a great choice for anyone in the market for a new chainsaw.