Stihl MS 881 Problems and Easy Solutions

The Stihl MS 881 chainsaw is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. However, like any other tool, it can also have problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the common Stihl MS 881 problems and how to solve them.


When did the Stihl MS 881 come out?

The Stihl MS 881 was first introduced in 2012. It is a powerful saw that is designed for professionals who need to cut through thick wood. It plays an important role in the industy and forestry.

What CC is a Stihl MS 881?

It comes with 121.6 cc and it is perfect for felling large trees, cutting through thick brush, and even for precision work such as carving. The MS 881 is also equipped with a anti-vibration system that makes it more comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time.

What’s the MS 881 specification?

  • Displacement: 121,6 cm³
  • Performance: 6,4 kW
  • Weight:  9,9 kg
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 1,5 kg/kW
  • Sound pressure level: 106 dB(A)
  • Sound power level: 118 dB(A)
  • Vibration level left/right: 8,9/8,9 m/s²
  • Saw chain pitch: .404″

How many horsepower does a MS 881 have?

The Stihl MS 881 is a powerful saw that can handle a variety of tasks. It has an engine that produces 881 horsepower. This means that it is capable of cutting through wood quickly and easily.

Stihl MS 881

How much does a Stihl MS881 weight?

The Stihl MS 881 is a professional-grade chainsaw that is built for heavy-duty use. It is one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market, and it is also one of the heaviest. The MS 881 weighs in at 9.9 kg or 21.8 pounds.

What chain does the Stihl MS881 have from the factory?

The MS 881 comes with a PMI 4618 double action chain. Other chains that could be used on this saw include the 4612 and 4613 single action chains. These circles should be evenly spaced and about 1/8 inch in diameter. If they’re not present, your chain may be a generic alternative, such as the Husqvarna 630E or D2 Chain.

What’s the Stihl 881 max bar length?

The Stihl MS 881 is a powerful chainsaw that can accommodate bars up to 36 inches in length. This saw is designed for professional use, and can handle even the most challenging cutting tasks. With the right bar and chain, the MS 881 can make quick work of large trees and logs.

How much is a Stihl MS 881?

The MS 881 is currently retailing for around $2100. This price may vary depending on where you purchase it from, as well as any promotions or discounts that may be available. However, even at full price, the MS 881 is still a great value for the money. It’s a high-quality saw that will provide years of service, and it comes with a host of features that make it worth the investment.

Where to find Stihl MS 881 for sale?

If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful MS 881 chain saw, Stihl has you covered. These saws are built to handle even the most challenging tasks with ease, and can be found at many reputable retailers. Here are five places to find the Stihl MS 881 for sale:

  1. Home Depot: This retailer is a great place to start if you’re looking for a quality MS 881 chain saw at a reasonable price. They offer a wide selection of models, all of which come with a one-year warranty.
  2. Lowes: Another great place to look for a quality MS 881 chain saw is Lowes. They carry both professional-grade and consumer-grade chainsaws, so you’re sure to find the right option for your needs. Plus, they offer a generous two-year warranty on all their chainsaws.
  3. Amazon: If you’re looking for an affordable option, Amazon is definitely your best bet. They carry both professional-grade and consumer-grade chainsaws, so you’re sure to find the right model for your needs.
  4. ChainSawGuide: ChainSawGuide is an online retailer that specializes in selling quality chainsaws of all types.

Does the MS 881 come with a case?

The MS 881 is a great saw for the money, but it does have its problems. One of the biggest problems with the MS 881 is that it doesn’t come with a case. This can make storage and transport difficult, and can also lead to damage if the saw is dropped. If you’re planning on buying an MS 881, be sure to get a case to go with it.

Stihl MS 881


How to replace bar oil pump for MS 881?

Replacing the bar oil pump on a Stihl MS 881 is an easy job. Here are instructions:

  1. Remove the engine cover. There are four screws that hold it in place.
  2. Remove the oil filler cap and disconnect the hose from the pump.
  3. Remove the three screws that attach the pump to the engine block and remove it.
  4. The camshaft may be damaged, so be sure to replace it if necessary. Look for a part number online or in a manual. If you don’t have one, you can usually find an aftermarket replacement at your local hardware store or tractor dealership.
  5. Clean all of the old grease and crud off of the new pump with a wire brush or a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a dowel rod. Apply new grease using a syringe and inject it into all of the bearing surfaces using liberal strokes. Install the pump by replacing the three screws and reconnecting the hose to the filler cap.

What fuel mix to use for the Stihl MS881?

The Stihl MS 881 is a gas-powered chainsaw that can use either a 50:1 or a 40:1 fuel mix. The 50:1 mix is a blend of 50 parts gasoline to 1 part 2-cycle oil, while the 40:1 mix is a blend of 40 parts gasoline to 1 part 2-cycle oil.

The 50:1 mix is the recommended fuel mix for the Stihl MS 881. This fuel mix will provide the chainsaw with the best power and fuel economy. The 40:1 mix can be used if the chainsaw is being used in very cold weather, as it will help the chainsaw to start more easily.

How tight should the chain be on Stihl MS881?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on a number of factors, including the type of saw, the type of chain, the size of the bar, the type of wood being cut, and the user’s personal preferences. However, as a general rule of thumb, the chain should be tight enough that it doesn’t sag when the saw is running, but not so tight that it binds.


Stihl MS 881 suddenly stop while cutting

If your Stihl MS 881 suddenly stops while cutting, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. First, check to make sure that there is fuel in the tank and that the fuel line is not clogged.
  2. Next, check the air filter to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  3. Finally, check the spark plug to see if it needs to be replaced.

If none of these things fix the problem, then you may need to take the saw to a qualified technician for further diagnosis.

The chain of Stihl the MS 881 tends to be loose

There are a few things that can cause the chain to become loose on your Stihl MS. The most common issue is a worn or weak link in the chain. Another possibility is that the chain has been stretched too far and can no longer fit snugly around the sprocket. 

If you experience these problems, there are a few easy fixes you can try.If the chain is loose, you can fix it by tightening up any of the links in the chain. You can do this by hand or with a tool like a wrench or screwdriver. Be sure to tighten each link evenly so that the chain is tight but not too tight as to damage it.

If the chain has been stretched, you will need to replace it. To do this, take apart your machine and remove all of the parts except for the sprocket and chainwheel. Then, using a wrench or screwdriver, stretch out one end of the chain until it’s almost destroyed. Once it’s about half-stretched, connect one end of new chain to this broken end and continue stretching until it fits snugly around the sprocket.

Oiler on the Stihl 881 is not working

If your Stihl MS 881 chainsaw is not oiling correctly, there are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the issue. First, check the oil tank to make sure it is full. If it is not full, add more oil until it reaches the full line. Next, check the oil pump to see if it is working properly. To do this, remove the air filter and look for oil on the inside of the housing. If there is oil present, the pump is working.

If the oil tank is full and the pump is working, the problem may be with the oil delivery lines. These lines can become clogged with sawdust and other debris, preventing the oil from reaching the bar and chain. To clean the delivery lines, remove them from the saw and flush them out with solvent. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the oil pump. This is a relatively easy repair that can be done with basic hand tools.

Stihl MS 881

The End

If you’re experiencing problems with your Stihl MS 881 chainsaw, don’t panic! There are a few easy solutions that will help get your saw back up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. We’ve listed some common problems and provide some solutions for you, so you don’t need to worry just follow these tips. We hope this article can help you and improve your experience on your chainsaw.