Stihl ms180c Chainsaw Chain Full Guide

Choosing the best stihl ms180c chain for you! The chainsaw chain is one of the most important parts on a chainsaw due to the fact that it is responsible for spinning the teeth which creates the cutting surface. If you have ever used a dull chainsaw chain, you know how hard they are to push and struggle with. Most homeowners will change their chainsaw chain every 100 hours of use or every season.

The Stihl ms180c Chainsaw Chain

stihl ms180c chain

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The Stihl ms180c Chainsaw Chain is one of the most popular chainsaws on the market. It is used for cutting wood and other materials like stone, metal, glass, etc. These chainsaws are available in different sizes and designs. They come with either a gas or electric motor. The Stihl ms180c Chainsaw Chain is made from high quality steel which allows it to cut through almost anything without any problems.

It has been designed to last for years without needing replacement parts or maintenance. The Stihl ms180c Chain comes with a 3 year warranty which means if anything happens then you’ll be covered! You’ll need to buy some safety gear before getting started though because these saws are extremely dangerous if used improperly. You’ll also want to get yourself some hearing protection since they produce noise levels up to 110 decibels while operating at full throttle (which isn’t recommended). The Stihl ms180c Chainsaw Chain is a very powerful tool that can make short work of most jobs around your house or property. It’s also great for cutting down trees and other large objects like logs, lumber etc.

Stihl Ms180c Saw Chain Size – Type and Pitch

Stihl Ms180c saw chain is a good choice for mid-level users and homeowners. It’s also a great choice as an upgrade or replacement chain on your Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. The Stihl ms180c chainsaw has a 16 in. (40 cm) bar length and features a 1/4 in. PM3 saw chain that has modified cutter with small-radius working corners and is designed to reduce kickback.

In the Box: Chain, Bar, File and Guide 843-6 1/4″ Pitch, .043″ Gauge, 56 Drive Links Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 16-Inch Bars Fits Stihl Chainsaws This Oregon 56 drive link chain saw chain replaces Stihl 26RS68 and 26RS56 chains. This saw chain may also be known as the SpeedCut 56. It is the low-kickback replacement saw chain for the Stihl MS 171, MS 181, MS 211 C-BE, MS 193 C-E, MS 211 and MSE 140 C-Q models equipped with 16-inch (40 cm) bars.

The 3/8″ low profile pitch/gauge combination makes it ideal for use on smaller guide.

Which Is The Best Chainsaw Chain For Stihl MS180C?

Stihl ms180c chainsaws are great for cutting firewood or cutting down tree trunks. The MS180C-2 is designed for professional use, and therefore it comes with a forged chainsaw chain that has a much higher tensile strength. The MS 180C-2 also comes with a power brush bar, which helps in cleaning the surface of the workpiece as well as smoothing it out.

Which is the best chainsaw chain for Stihl ms180c? If you have just bought your first chainsaw and planning to use it to cut firewood and logs, then you need a good quality chainsaw chain. A metal chain can be very expensive and difficult to replace if it snaps while you are cutting wood.

So before buying your new chainsaw, you need to consider what type of chain will suit your needs. Below is the list of types of chains used on Stihl ms180c: Brand Model Tensile Strength Price Stihl ms18c-1 16.8 N/A Rs 1,000/- Stihl ms18c-2 17 N/A Rs 2,000/- Stihl ms18c-3 18 N/A Rs 3,000/- Stihl ms18c-.

How To Replace The Chain On A STIHL MS180C Chainsaw

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Maintaining the chain on your STIHL MS180C chainsaw is important to ensure that it runs smoothly. Check out our how-to guide for changing the chain below. How To Replace The Chain On A STIHL MS180C Chainsaw It’s important to change the chain on your chainsaw when it gets worn or damaged.

We show you how to do this in the following guide: Warning: Always switch off and disengage the motor before performing any work on a chainsaw. 1. Use the quick release button to remove the rear handle from the shaft. 2. On the left side of the chainsaw, use a screwdriver or hex key to remove one screw holding in place a cap over the sprocket cover. Remove this cap. 3. Use a screwdriver or hex key to remove another screw that holds in place a plastic ring located behind and above the sprocket cover.

This will allow you to remove this plastic ring, giving more space to remove the tensioning nut and bar nut later on.  4. Hold down the sprocket cover with one hand while using an 8mm socket wrench or socket spanner to loosen off and unscrew tensioning nut located behind and above it.

How to measure stihl ms180c chainsaw chains

How to measure stihl ms180c chainsaw chains Chain size is determined by drive links, or the number of teeth on the chain. Measuring your current chain can be tricky as it has been sharpened many times, but you can get a close approximation: 1. Count the drive links on your chain. This will give you an idea of what size chain you should buy next time. There are several ways to do this: – One way is to move the saw blade back and forth while counting how many teeth move past a fixed point in one direction only.

This method gives a more accurate count than most other methods since it accounts for all of the teeth on the blade. – Another method is to hold the bar with one hand, then with your other hand, run a finger down each groove in the blade. Count how many fingers fit into each groove and then multiply by 2 (most blades have grooves that are evenly spaced). – You can also use a tape measure and count every 3rd rivet (the metal link that holds together each section of chain) starting from where the bar meets up with the body of the saw.

How to sharpen stihl ms180c chainsaw chain

A STIHL chainsaw chain needs regular maintenance in order to keep it sharp and healthy. Sharpening a chainsaw chain is not rocket science, but the process is different from that of a standard hand saw. So if you are planning on sharpening your chainsaw chain for the first time, you should read this article so that you know how to go about it.

Step 1: You will need a flat file, a round file and a depth gauge tool. Step 2: Sharpening the chain is done by filing each cutting link (or tooth) perpendicular to the guide bar. When you look at the cutting link from above it should be sharpened so that both the top and bottom of the tooth are sharpened at a 90 degree angle to the guide bar. The cutting links are cut in pairs, one on each side of the guide bar.

After you have filed one side of every tooth using your flat file, turn your saw over so that you can file the other side of every tooth. Step 3: When you are finished filing each side of every tooth on your saw’s chain, you must then file both sides of each depth gauge, which is located behind each cutting link.

Each depth gauge is cut in half so that there is one set on each side of the guide bar. Use your depth gauge tool to check and adjust the height of all depth gauges equally by filing them down (if needed). You must always keep both sides of each depth gauge at an even height so that they are parallel to the ground while running.

If these gauges are not even they will cause uneven wear on.


Stihl Ms180c chainsaw spare parts are not only easily available, but are also affordable. At Sears PartsDirect you can search through our inventory of MS180C chainsaw parts and find exactly the part you need for your Stihl ms180c chainsaw whether it is a coil or air filter, or even a spark plug.Given a choice, I would always stick to Stihl. That doesn’t mean that the other manufacturers are inferior. It just means that over the years, I have come to have every confidence in my Stihl Saw. So much so that if the Saw breaks down or doesn’t start, I know that the fault lies with me and not the machine.

For the homeowner that needs a chainsaw from time to time to tidy up a few branches or to cut up a couple of smaller logs for the fire, the Stihl Ms180c will provide a true and diligent servant.