Which Is The Best Chainsaw, Stihl 362 Or Husqvarna 562xp

Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws dominate the market, so who makes the best model? Stihl 362 vs Husqvarna 562XP, which one is better? I’ll give you all of the details in this review. The Stihl 362 is a popular model that is great for home use.

The model has a long list of positive reviews online, but some users have had concerns with issues like the chain falling off or overloading of gas. Here are two of our best chainsaws to compare-  husqvarna 562 xp reviews  and stihl ms361 reviews . If you need more information please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

what is the Best Chainsaw?

Best Chainsaw? Stihl Vs Husqvarna. For many of us, our first chainsaw was either a Stihl or Husqvarna. Both chainsaws are some of the best and most reliable chainsaws on the market. In this article, we will be comparing two of the most well-known professional chainsaws around, the Stihl 362 and Husqvarna 562xp.

Stihl 362 Vs Husqvarna 562xp The Stihl 362 is one of the most popular professional chainsaws available today. It comes with a powerful 3.5 horsepower engine that has been used in many previous models before. This model of Stihl has been updated over time to include some new features such as an automatic oil pump, which will make it easier than ever for professionals who are constantly working in high demand situations with their chainsaws every day.

One thing that makes it stand out from other models is its ability to run off gasoline, making it much more convenient for those who need portability when working outdoors or cutting down trees at home. This model also comes with a new bar which can be adjusted from 12 inches up to 20 inches long depending on how much wood you need to cut down at once.

Stihl 362 

stihl 362

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I want to give you a little bit of a rundown on the Stihl 362. It was introduced in about 2000, 2001. It replaced the 361, which is still a great saw, and it’s still available out there. But it does have some different technology that I would like to talk about. It has the same type of technology as the 572, which is the piston port muffler, which makes it much quieter than what you might have experienced with other saws over time. The saw itself is very lightweight but very powerful.

You can see here this is a 20 inch bar, and it weighs just under 11 pounds with that bar and chain on it. So it’s very lightweight for all the power that it has. It has a four point vibration reduction system in the engine to keep it from shaking your arms off when you’re using it for an extended period of time. It’s got an electronic ignition system on there so you don’t have to worry about points and condensers going bad on you. And then also we have the easy start system, which makes it very easy to pull over and get started up every time.

Husqvarna 562xp stihl 362

In the world of chainsaws, there are two brands that really stand out for their quality and reputation. The Husqvarna 562XP and the Stihl 362 are both high-powered, high-performance saws built for professional use and can be found in the toolboxes of some of the most experienced lumberjacks in the world.

However, while they have a lot in common, there are also some key differences between these two saws. The Husqvarna 562XP has a little more power than the Stihl 362, weighing in at 3.7 horsepower compared to 3.5 on the 362. In addition, it’s a bit heavier at 12 pounds as opposed to 10.8 pounds on the 362. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a better saw — it all comes down to what you’re looking for in a chainsaw.

Husqvarna 562xp is great for professional use. It is designed with a powerful X Torq engine with high power and low fuel consumption. The X Torq engine reduces the emission of harmful exhaust gases, making it environmentally friendly. It also features a centrifugal air cleaning system that extends the time between filter cleaning, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

The Husqvarna 562 XP has an open handle design that provides excellent user access to controls and allows easy handling in all cutting positions. Husqvarna 562xp has a 3-piece crankshaft design that provides maximum durability. It has a two-stage air filtration system that ensures long operation and increased productivity even in dusty environments.

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Similarities Between The Stihl 362 and Husqvarna 562xp

Like most chainsaws, the Husqvarna 562XP and Stihl MS 362 C-M are similar in many ways. This is partly because both chainsaws belong to the same category and partly because they are made by competing companies that have similar goals.

The similarities between these two chainsaws include: Fuel Efficiency: Both chainsaws are equipped with the fuel efficient x-torq technology that reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and emissions by 75%. This technology helps save you money on fuel, but more importantly, it helps reduce your carbon footprint. Power: Both chainsaws have a similar power output of 3.3 horsepower. This is enough power for cutting through large logs and felling heavy trees with ease. Anti-Vibration: Both saws have incorporated anti-vibration systems that allow you to work longer without feeling tired or sore. The Husqvarna 562XP has an advanced vibration dampening system (AVS) while the Stihl MS 362 C-M has a 2-point vibration absorbing system.

Similarities Between The Stihl 362 and Husqvarna 562xp Both chainsaws put out about 3.4 horsepower, and both can push a 20″ bar, though there are bigger models available for both brands. Both chainsaws weigh about 13 pounds, and both have a side mounted chain oiler. Also, both saws have similar features like tool-less fuel and oil caps and the ability to change between the standard bar and ripping bar without tools. 

Differences: Stihl 362 vs Husqvarna 562xp

You may be wondering what the differences are between the Stihl 362 vs. Husqvarna 562xp. I have used both saws and they are similar in several aspects, but they do have some differences as well.

The first difference between these two machines is the engine power. The Stihl 362 has a 2-stroke engine while the Husqvarna 562xp has a 4-stroke engine. The 2-stroke engines produce more horsepower but they also consume more fuel than their 4-stroke counterparts.

The second difference between them is the size of fuel tank. The Stihl 362 has a 1 liter fuel tank whereas the Husqvarna 562xp has a 0.8 liter fuel tank. This means that if you want to use your chainsaw for longer periods of time without refueling it, then you should choose one with a bigger tank size.

The third difference between them is their weight and dimensions. The Stihl 362 weighs 8 pounds while the Husqvarna 562xp weighs 10 pounds.

The fourth difference between them is their price tag. The Differences Between the Stihl 362 and Husqvarna 562xp The price is probably the biggest difference between these two chainsaws. The Husqvarna 562XP retails for about $350 dollars less than the Stihl 362, which can make quite a difference if you’re buying several chainsaws at once. Another difference is that while the Husqvarna has an automatic chain oiler, the Stihl chain tensioner is automatic as well.The Stihl 362 costs around $350 while the Husqvarna 562xp costs around $550 So which one should you buy?

Verdict – Which Is The Best Chainsaw? Stihl 362 Or Husqvarna 562xp

Another great professional chainsaw from Husqvarna is the 562XP. It is a perfect tree felling tool for the professional arborist. The Husqvarna 562XP Chainsaw is a powerful 60cc chainsaw that delivers great results with the lowest possible cost of operation. This is a very heavy duty saw and will stand up to the toughest conditions, it also has excellent ergonomic features which makes it easier and more comfortable to use than other similar saws.

The Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw has an X-Torq engine that reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and exhaust emissions by up to 75%. The Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw comes with a Smart Start feature which makes starting this saw effortless. The starter cord resistance has been reduced by 40% so you don’t have to pull as hard or as many times to get it started. The Husqvarna 562XP Chainsaw has an automatic chain oiler which keeps the chain lubricated while you work. The oil tank holds 0.36 liters of oil and this is more than enough for any task that needs completing! The Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw also features Low Vib technology that minimizes vibration levels during operation.

The Husqvarna 562XP is a great option for the person who uses their chainsaw for long periods of time. It’s lightweight, ergonomic and has a large fuel tank so you can work longer without the need to refuel. This is a professional chainsaw, meant for people that are in the forestry industry or who own a lot of land and use their chainsaws regularly. It’s not too expensive but you can expect to pay more than $500 for it.

Unfortunately, this chainsaw is a little more complex than other models because it has more features and a higher power output. This can be intimidating if you’re new to chain saws or have never owned one yourself before. I would only recommend this saw to someone that already owns a chainsaw or has experience with them because of its high power output. The Stihl 362 is another great option if you don’t want something as powerful as the Husqvarna 562xp or want something cheaper than $500.

There is no clear winner between the Stihl 362 and Husqvarna 562XP. They are both excellent saws. Buy the Stihl MS 362 if you want a professional-grade chainsaw that is versatile for home or farm use. The MS 362 is about $200 cheaper than the 562XP, but does not have quite as much power. It’s still a powerful chainsaw with the same features as the Husqvarna 562XP. The Stihl MS 362 also has a few more features like an adjustable oil pump and easy access to adjust the carburetor and ignition timing. Buy the Husqvarna 562XP if you’re looking for a powerful chainsaw with just a little more punch. I would choose this saw if you’re looking for maximum power without breaking the bank on an even more expensive saw like a 365 or 372xp. The 562XP is only about $200 more than the 362, but it has plenty of extra power to make up for it.


When you want to buy the best chainsaw, you have to consider the price and these are two of the highest price chainsaws. These saws use similar technology, the Husqvarna uses a professional-use engine and the Stihl uses a pro series engine. Both engines are 40 cc using Professional Chain Performance™ technology designed for extended run-time with lower fuel consumption. Even though they are pretty equal in terms of quality and power, you should consider other factors such as price, warranty, cutting speed, weight and even aluminum construction.

The Husqvarna has only one advantage over the Stihl, and that’s price. If you don’t have much money to spend on a chainsaw, go with the Husqvarna. But if you can spend a little more, it is worth it to get the Stihl. The 362 will cut better, run smoother and make your outdoor work easier while giving you more safety at the same time.