Where Are Stihl Products Made?

When one thinks of Stihl, images of chainsaws and power equipment that stand the test of time often come to mind. This global brand, recognized for its commitment to quality and durability, has a rich heritage that begins in Germany. Over the years, Stihl has expanded its operations far beyond its German origins, leading many to wonder about where are Stihl products made.

The Overview of Stihl Chainsaws

The Overview of Stihl Chainsaws

Stihl chainsaws are known for their power and reliability. They come in a variety of models, designed for different tasks. From lightweight chainsaws for home use to powerful options for forestry work, Stihl has a wide range. Each chainsaw features durable parts and advanced technology. Safety is also key in their design. Stihl chainsaws are used by professionals and homeowners across the globe. They are built to last, making tough jobs easier.

Who Makes Stihl Chainsaws?

Who Makes Stihl Chainsaws?

Stihl chainsaws, initially exclusive to German manufacturing, now have a global production footprint. The brand’s commitment to quality remains, with the most robust and professional-grade chainsaws, such as the 880, 881, 660, and 661 models, still being produced in Germany. Despite this, Stihl sources materials from an international pool to construct these top-tier tools. Stihl Group Manufacturing operates with cutting-edge facilities across several countries, ensuring that each location specializes in different ranges of its product line.

Each Stihl manufacturing hub has a distinct role; for instance, China focuses on crafting entry-level saws primarily for the Asian market, while Brazil produces saws meeting non-EU emission standards. In the United States, the mid-level and certain professional saws come to life, particularly at the Virginia Beach plant where many gas-powered products below the professional MS261 level are assembled, albeit with components from various origins.

To identify the birthplace of a Stihl chainsaw, one can reference the serial number: ‘1’ denotes German craftsmanship, ‘2’ or ‘5’ indicates American production, ‘3’ signals Brazilian origin, ‘8’ is for Chinese-made saws, and ‘4’ points to Austrian manufacturing.

Where Are Stihl Products Made? Stihl Made In The USA

Stihl products are made from the Virginia Beach facility in the USA. The Virginia Beach facility is situated on a sizable 150-acre site and is still growing. Not only is it a finishing plant, but it also produces a large number of separate parts and components.

The Virginia Beach Stihl plant:

  1. was founded in 1974;
  2. has structures totaling more than 2 million square feet
  3. now employs over 2300 people
  4. actively recruits ex-military personnel
  5. Provides products to more than 9000 dealers nationwide in the United States
  6. exports to more than 90 businesses worldwide
  7. has manufactured more than 50 million pieces in the last forty years.
  8. uses a lot of robots in a highly automated production process.

The US plant continues to operate at the highest standards of quality and innovation and has won numerous honors.

Where Are Stihl Battery Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Stihl Battery Chainsaws Made?

Stihl’s battery chainsaws are primarily produced in Austria and the United States, aligning with the company’s strategy to manage its battery product lines within these regions. This approach ensures that Stihl can maintain quality control and efficient distribution to its main markets.

Despite some discussions suggesting that Stihl has diversified its manufacturing base far beyond Germany, with significant parts of its production occurring in China, the brand’s commitment to quality persists. The intricate global supply chain includes components like Ukrainian wiring harnesses and batteries from China, Taiwan, and Brazil, reflecting a complex network of international partnerships and sourcing.

The perception of Stihl’s products often hinges on their place of assembly, with many customers showing a preference for items finished in traditional manufacturing strongholds like Germany or the USA. However, the essence of Stihl’s reputation for reliability and quality transcends borders; the company’s global manufacturing system allows it to label its saws as made in specific countries, though they are, in reality, the result of a worldwide production effort.


What STIHL products are made in China?

STIHL produces chainsaws, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers in China.

Are STIHL tools made in Germany?

STIHL manufactures products in seven countries worldwide: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Brazil, China, and the Philippines.


The narrative of Stihl’s manufacturing locations is a complex tapestry that demonstrates the company’s strategic expansion and adherence to standards that have solidified its market position. As Stihl continues to produce a wide range of power tools and equipment across various countries, it remains steadfast in its promise to deliver high-quality products. Regardless of where these items are crafted, the Stihl name is synonymous with excellence, ensuring that professionals and hobbyists alike can rely on their equipment to perform when it matters most.